Rikiya Reams Kurosuke

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Rikiya Reams Kurosuke Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

If you're looking with hot guys obviously having fun hooking up, this might not be the first video you'd run toward. These studs have a different way of expressing themselves. Tough muscle top Rikiya stares off into the distance more often than connecting directly with Kurosuke, who often wears a grimace that serves as universal expression of pain, pleasure, concentration and intensity. But don't be fooled, their sexual connection is real and hot. Kurosuke really wants that big cock of Riki's and is very motivated to take it, even if it's hard to keep up with Rikiya's deep drilling. He pants and groans like he's on fire, and his hard cock burns with intense pleasure while his ass is struggling to take it. Finally both Asian studs hit their groove and their bodies collide together like a well-oiled machine.

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