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Valerie loves to get fucked especially by lean, handsome guys like Rudy and Philip. And today she's going to her fill from both ends at least until Philip makes Rudy fuck him as well! All three kiss each other passionately. Rudy kisses his way down Philip's chest and then Valerie does the same to Rudy. She kisses his nipple and Philip tweaks hers. Rudy kisses Valerie's huge breasts. Philip lays down and becomes the center of attention for Valerie and Rudy. As Rudy sucks Philip's cock, Valerie kisses him. Valerie works her way down to Philip's cock and has fun switching off, first sucking Philip, then Rudy. She strokes and sucks, making each guy even harder. Rudy eats out Valerie's hot pussy as she sucks Philip's dick. Not wanting Rudy to get left out, Philip bends down to stick Rudy's cock in his mouth.

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