Old School Gus & Paull

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Old School Gus & Paull Visit Kristen Bjorn

By Kristen Bjorn

Are you tired of being ghosted and all the other games played on apps, Gus Torres and Paull Bradd find out that the Old School way is much more affective with guaranteed results. Meeting out in public has its own stimuli and their voyeur/exhibitionism kicks in and gets their hook-up off and running. Paull follows Gus back to his flat and the seduction of kiss, touch, and striptease begins. Both men’s lean, smooth, muscular bodies are tempting, but it is their hard cocks that are demanding the most attention. Paull takes Gus’ cock into his hungry mouth and slowly runs his thick lips up and down the Gus’ long cock shaft. Not a single word has been exchanged, yet every desire is understood as Gus bends Paull over and rams his raw cock deep inside his beautiful bubble butt. Gus’ legs are spread wide, allowing him full access as his cock invades Paull’s hot ass.

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