Joel, Torsten & Raf Pt 2 Orgy Blog Post

Joel, Torsten & Raf Pt 2 Orgy Visit Bel Ami Online

By Bel Ami Online

Part 1 features 3 of our BIGGEST guys fooling around together. None of them seem to want to bottom for each other though so they decide that they need to call in a buddy with a more elastic hole for part 2 and the fucking action. Tiny Torsten Ullman (we are joking here) is the first to step up and take his turn with Claude Sorel, followed by Raf Koons, and culminating with Joel Birkin and his ICBM of a dick. The scene is from our CapeTown collection and was filmed about 3 trips ago and filed by GD under 'good scenes to keep for a rainy day'.

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