2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 2

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2069: The Military InFILLtration Ep. 2 Visit Peter Fever

By Peter Fever

While QBoys commander Jay Wu is busy getting some afternoon head from his main boy Ander, Pierce breaks the mood, bringing in hot intruder Tony Genius. As he strong-arms Genius into the interrogation room, Pierce grabs his opportunity to get his OWN afternoon head from Ander's talented mouth. In a darkened room with brushed metal walls, Jay begins psychologically breaking down Tony. "You wanna piss on OUR bridge? You think you can sneak around our complex?" he taunts, then strips off his shirt. "You're gonna kiss me, and you're gonna like it! You're gonna be my personal toy?!" He spits on Tony as he grabs a deep slobbering kiss. With Tony's hands cuffed behind him, Jay peels down the intruder's undies and begins sucking him off. Tony's cock has a mind of its own, springing to life in Jay's hot mouth.

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