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European Merchandise: It was French-Spanish Gentleman Buyer Master Adrii's opinion that his latest Slaveboy purchase, Boy Bastian, was one hell of a cocksucker. While Master Adrii drove his merchandise home, plotting how to carnally utilize and plant his seed into his purchase, he warned The Boy that if he slipped up, even once, the belt would come off and who knows what might happen after that. Boy Bastian's twink dick got rock-hard at the thought. As he serviced his Master with a juicy, warm, sloppy blowjob, The Boy silently worked out a way in his mind for that belt threat to come to fruition. Later on that night at Master Adrii's flat, the belt did indeed come off and Boy Bastian was harshly and thoroughly yanked around with it by the Master. The sex slave loved every second of the abuse although he never once let on!

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