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Mateo Tomas just recently started training for his first Gran Fondo and he's taking the scenic route through agricultural pastures. These roads-less-traveled are an excellent opportunity to eat up some miles. But, when his front tire suddenly goes flat, he quickly faces the reality of spotty rural cell service. Luckily, Only Matt is a mechanically inclined local boy with a good sense of humor, a kind heart, and keen eyesight. And, catching sight of the gorgeous stranded stud as he walked his bike across his property, he does not let the opportunity go to waste. It's not every day a stunning spandex-clad cyclist goes by these parts, and this horny dirt bike aficionado invites him over to his shed for some help fixing his flat. Mateo may have had a hard time riding the country roads but Matt will get an even harder ride if he's lucky.

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