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Darron Bluu has his eye on Zach Murphy and his mouth waters when he gets the chance to hook up in the storage closet at work. They make out for a brief minute before Darron is on his knees and ready to take whatever Zach has to offer. Darron's eyes light up when he sees Zach's big hairy cock and balls just waiting to get serviced. After huffing on Darron's ripe pit, and getting his balls sucked hard, Zach is hard as a rock and ready to fuck Darron's throat. He face fucks his hungry new buddy until his hairy sack is taught against the cocksucker's chin and forehead. Darron can't get enough and when it's time for Zach to bust a nut, Darron sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and collects all the cum he can swallow. It's a good day for both dudes because the back room at work just got a whole lot more interestin

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