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Lawrence Knight is a Shibari pig who loves nothing more than being tied and immobilized for a session of hot kink. To give Lawrence what he so desperately needs, Yoshi enlists Shibari master Encho to bind him up perfectly. The pig's wrists are knotted and cuffed with rope up behind his head. His cock leaps into gear and swells from the attention. His knees are wrapped in knots, pulled back and splayed open, leaving Lawrence's ass wide open for a deep punching. Tied up and defenseless in a wall-sized window, he opens his holes for all Tokyo to see. Yoshi gives Lawrence's thighs and buttocks a series of healthy smacks, licks his quivering asshole. Yoshi's gloved fist is swallowed up in the ravenous hole, slicked with a gob of slippery lube.

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