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Bathed in the surreal glitter of city lights through skyscraper windows, Axel and Yoshi bring their insatiable "curse" to an unsuspecting public. Clad in glossy latex, these two sexual entities go through an erotic tableau that starts with slobbery cocksuckers and escalates to rosebud rimming. Yoshi buries his face in the abyss of Axel's world-famous hole, replaces it with a glove-clad fist. His deep hard punches hit the mark as Axel moans out his guttural response. Yoshi offers his own hole for Axel to open with both agile fists. Panting for breath, drenched in lube and spit, Yoshi and Axel slide into the furthest reaches of unbridled sexual excitement. Rubber Gear supplied by Regulation.

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