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Mar 03, 2024

My Step-Dad is A Chore


Andrew Delta just doesn't get along with his step-dad Greg Dixxon. He's always barging in and they don't seem to share any of the same hobbies. But when a cleaning project uncovers an old wrestling singlet, the guys discover they might have something in common after all.


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Mar 03, 2024

Hairy Young Muscular Hunk

by English Lads

Milo Fitzroy returns this week hairier than ever as he has let his thick bush and body hair grow out despite his girlfriend asking him to trim it! Milo looks very fit in his tight footballer shorts; his muscular bum looks well-defined and he has extremely muscular hairy legs! He soon whips off his top and flexes his biceps showing off his big muscles and hairy chest! His thick treasure trail leads down to a big bush as he flashes his uncut cock through his boxers! He windmills his cock to a semi and wanks himself to a big hard erection! He even pops outside and has a wank before getting comfy on the chair! With his big hard-on poking out of his shorts, he wanks himself to climax and unloads his cum all over his blue footballer shorts!

By English Lads

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Mar 03, 2024

Marc & Nate Tickle Wrestle

by Tickled Hard

Franco gives straight buddies Marc and Nate porn to watch while they undress each other. With their pants around their ankles, Franco tells the guys to start tickling. Marc is the first to receive, but when Franco joins them, the tables turn on Nate. They tickle him so roughly that they break the window! Franco has the guys take off each other's size 10 shoes and smell them before pulling over a blow-up mattress for them to tickle wrestle on. Marc and Nate go head-to-head until Franco joins them and turns the focus back on tickling Nate. He screams wildly as they tickle him in his inner thighs and armpits, then Franco has the guys lie next to each other and stroke it while he grabs a bowl of nuru massage gel. Once the guys are coated in gel, they slip and slide all over the mattress and each other, tickling as they go.

By Tickled Hard

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Mar 03, 2024

Brooke Bangs Jon

by Hot College Fucks

Hot, ripped Jon lets loose with Brooke. He slides that big dick of his into her and takes charge of body, placing her where he wants and drilling into her- but first, she needs to suck his cock! Watching her pierced tongue work around his head and seeing her struggle to fit all of him in her mouth makes Jon feel like a stud. She practically melts on his cock moaning, “Oh yeah, that feels good.� In reverse cowgirl he spreads her ass apart to watch his cock pump into her. Then he takes her up against the wall before finishing off underneath her. Jon definitely earns the hearty load he unleashes!

By Hot College Fucks

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Mar 02, 2024

Sumner & Joseph

by Sean Cody

Blond hunk Sumner and mustached Joseph have some fun in the sun, then return to the house to undress each other and make out. Sumner tells Joseph to suck him, and the bottom marvels, "It's so big!” "Do you like it?" the top asks. "I do!” Sumner rims Joseph on the couch and gets him ready to take that big cock in doggystyle. He fucks the bottom in missionary and piledriver, then Joseph rides Sumner till he cums and gets to his knees for a facial.

By Sean Cody

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Mar 02, 2024

Reality Porn 12: Axel, Magnus & Lucio

by Kristen Bjorn

With a room to let, Magnus Loki is holding a contest to see who is best qualified, will it be Lucio Saints or will it be Axel Rockham. May the best cock, I mean may the best man win! The first challenge is kissing. Lucio is first up and gives Magnus a sampling of his kissing skills, while Axel looks on, plotting his technique and style. Axel is up next and makes sure that Magnus is left breathless after his passionate kiss. Unable to make a decision, Magnus wants to see how Lucio and Axel are with kissing each other. Magnus gets pulled into the middle, just where he likes it best. Next challenge, cock sucking. Magnus takes both men’s cocks into his hands to get a feel for the competition then leans over and takes Axel’s hard cock into his mouth, feeling it fill his mouth, throat, and his senses.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Mar 02, 2024

Jawbreaker: A New Vigilante

by Men

The city's bottoms can rest easy knowing vigilante Jawbreaker is keeping them safe. When Foxy Alex gets held up in an alley, burly Jawbreaker (Chuck Conrad) appears behind the mugger, knocking the gun out of his hand and chasing him away. The grateful twink wants to reward Jawbreaker and brings him into a nearby building to suck his big cock. Jawbreaker pounds Foxy against a wall as the bottom begs for more, then hoists him up for a stand and carry. The flexible twink takes that dick in ballerina and doggystyle, then rides the vigilante on the floor till he orgasms and begs for Jawbreaker's load on his tongue.

By Men

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Mar 02, 2024

Greyson & Braxton

by Cocky Boys

CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles again proves he's a top tier bottom with Braxton Cruz who's already shown he's the tops in tops. They're happy to finally meet but, knowing what's in store for them, they just go for it with Greyson gulping down Braxton's huge cock and Braxton lapping at Greyson's hungry hole. Braxton also playfully cock teases Greyson's hole and get him to beg for it before plunging it in. Greyson can take a big dick in any position, but here there's the bonus of Braxton's passionate, giving style as he kisses Greyson and gives him a sensuous blowjob. After fucking Greyson in the window, Braxton lets him ride his hole-stretcher then thrusts even deeper until he finally makes him cum. In turn, Greyson lovingly coaxes a load out of Braxton for a huge facial that leaves both guys totally content from this long-waited hook-up.

By Cocky Boys

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Mar 02, 2024

Czech Hunter 731

by Czech Hunter

Heavy snowing is a rare thing to see in Prague. When it happens, it's usually a terrible mess with all pavements being slippery as hell. This young man experienced it at first hand when he landed on his face right in front of me. I couldn't stop laughing. He was a bit annoyed at first but then we had a very nice chat. Soon I was in his flat touching his bulge. This dude had to be super horny because he got an instant boner. He gave me an amazing blowjob and really enjoyed me sucking his massive dong. I wanted to fuck him but was out of luck. This guy was no bottom material, he wanted to fuck me and hard. And wanted to get paid for it! Well, I was horny too and his cock looked so thick Of course, I agreed. I bet he fucked plenty of chicks up the ass because this ride was something amazing.

By Czech Hunter

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Mar 02, 2024

Blindfolding Cameron

by Bi College Fucks

As Cort, Olivia and Cameron sit on the bed, Cameron says he's feeling open to new experiences. Cort tells him he "has something for him." Olivia takes charge and instructs the guys in what to do. Cameron and Olivia remove Cort's shirt before going to work kissing Cameron's naked chest. Cort and Olivia make out while Cameron strips completely. The guys make out while Olivia unzips Cort's jeans, then removes her denim shorts. Cameron and Olivia lay Cort back against the mattress and kiss up and down his torso. Cameron eagerly swallows Cort's cock. Cort tells Olivia to remove some more of her clothes. Cameron attempts to deep throat Cort's entire dick but gags. Olivia sits on Cort's face, allowing him to lap her pussy. Cameron strokes Cort and again attempts to deep throat him, then takes both of Cort's balls into his mouth.

By Bi College Fucks

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Mar 02, 2024

Big Dicked Twink Breeder

by Extra Big Dicks

Shy Andy Adler is in the locker room with Sean Duran about to take a shower. When Andy undresses, Sean gets turned on by his sexy underwear and it's not long before his tongue and cock are in the twink's ass. It gets steamy in there and it's definitely not for the hot water.

By Extra Big Dicks

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Mar 02, 2024

Cheering Up The Goth Girl

by Trans Angels

Sizzling hot cheerleaders Haven Rose and Avery Lust put on a sensational performance in this explosive scene. When sexy goth Avery is feeling left out, big-boobed Haven makes a special effort to welcome her into the cheerleading squad: The heavenly blonde feeds her thick shenis to all-natural Avery, who graciously gobbles it up in a sneaky blowjob, and then the horny babes passionately kiss before raven-haired Avery eats out Haven’s tight butthole! Wanting to fuck, the gorgeous t-girl penetrates Haven from behind in standing doggystyle, and then tattooed queen Haven hops on top to ride the gothic trans hottie in cowgirl. To finish, Avery drills the nymph’s curvy ass in missionary position before the pair mutually jerk themselves off until they both cum hard!

By Trans Angels

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