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Men - Update

Saturday July 04, 2015

Not Brothers Yet (Pt. 7)

Dimitri Kane’s mom is marrying Patrick Isley’s dad in just a couple of hours. They have to hit the road if they want to make it to the wedding on time but they are having serious car trouble. When Patrick takes his shirt off to examine the engine, Dimitri can’t help but reach for his future stepbrother’s hot cock.

Spunk Worthy - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

Nevin: qwicky

As "open" as the guys in the barracks are with each other about beating off, every once in a while I get a call asking if it'd be okay if they can swing by to watch some porn and get a nut. There might be a couple cameras pointed at them, but at least there's no worry about a roommate walking in. This time, it was Nevin who wanted to rub one out away from the confines of base. This was actually from a while ago-- last summer, I think, just based on how much Nevin was covered in sweat once he dropped trou' and started stroking. And if you've seen any of his previous scenes, you know how "into it" he can get.

Naked Sword - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

El Rancho

Carlos Montenegro is a horse rancher who realizes that life with his wife isn't where his fantasies lie. At night he dreams of the hot ranch hands who surround him. Until one fateful day, Carlos is finally raptured by a group of horny ranch studs who initiate him into the world of man to man sex. Meanwhile, you'll see Jean-Franko being gang-banged by a group of international hunks.

Gay Hoopla - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

Jimmy Bona

We have a new baseball player in town fellas and we're really hoping he's a catcher with his fat ass. Jimmy Bona is here to give our cocks a pillow to put our heads on. Jimmy even puts on a jock strap to help accentuate that voluptuous smooth ass. Next time you're hungry and need a full entrée, hit up Jimmy Bona's ass for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Workin' Men XXX - Update

Friday July 03, 2015


I met this ruggedly handsome guy outside my grocery store, while he was riding a bike. James called a few days later and we did this shoot. He surprised me halfway into the session by informing me that he liked to get fucked. I was so excited by this, when I came, it shot all the way up onto the pillow. This hairy man really turns me on!

Broke Straight Boys - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

Vadim and Brady

When these boys are both hard and horny as fuck, Brady pulls his legs up and lets Vadim inside of him, letting him get good and deep with his thick bareback dick. They both moan for more as Brady’s tight little ass wraps around Vadim’s throbbing prick as his precum drains into Brady. When Vadim needs a break from thrusting he lets Brady climb on top and sit on his cock, riding it hard so that Vadim can lean back and enjoy the show, watching Brady slide his ass over that big dick. Vadim pauses to eat Brady’s ass, rimming and fingering Brady’s sore hole before going back inside of him and pounding him raw until they both unleash their cum all over!

English Lads - Update

Friday July 03, 2015


Teddy is a very handsome young lad - he has a very handsome, boyish face, very cute, which belies his well developed body. Although a young lad, Teddy is a very active Personal Trainer, and his upper body is really muscular, with strong shoulders and arms. He legs too are rock solid and thick - this guy looks great! After taking off his clothes he plays with his uncut cock and gets hard for us - wanking it hard and showing off his bum as well, leaning over with his bum in the air! When he shoots its a great shot - thick cum splatters up to his chest and almost his neck! That's what we like!

Men - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

Ass Bandit (Pt. 2)

Will Braun returns to the scene after receiving a note left by “Jack.” To his surprise, he is confronted by the sexy Johnny Hazzard who has given him specific instruction to fuck him, and Will takes full advantage. Will fucks Johnny’s face as he touches himself until Will decides to drill his sweet hole.

Chaos Men - Update

Friday July 03, 2015

Lorenzo Live!

Our second attempt at a live Cam, and it went a bit better. We diminished the chat sounds, but I hear them now and again, so will have to work on that. The audio is highly compressed and sounds like a bad Skype connection, but that I think I can fix. Lorenzo found himself in the same position as Vander. He had shot a video earlier that day, and also had another first thing in the morning. This is about 90 minutes, which is a bit too long to rebroadcast these. The files get huge! So gonna try to limit future shows to about an hour. The first hour with Lorenzo was more of an interview. Since it was not explicit, we also broadcast that portion on Periscope. Questions came in from the chat room and some via Periscope. There were some really great questions too! Lorenzo did a great job of repeating the question before answering so the re-broadcast would be less confusing. He truly thought about is answers and I think you get a better idea of what kind of guy he is. The last half hour he got naked and showed-off for the cams. His cock really wanted to play as it got hard as soon as he was naked. But he was a good boy and held his nut for the next day's shoot. Which was worth doing, because his nut was HUGE! That video was with Truman, so that will air in October. Sorry guys, I tend to run 3 months ahead juuust incase I get sick or can't get models in. Anyway, let me know what you think. We are still trying to figure out how to splice the cam shows into the current version of the site for the best navigation.

Workin' Men XXX - Update

Thursday July 02, 2015

Dale - 2nd Session

Dimpled darling Dale returns for another marathon jack off session. For those that find him as sexy as I do, we can never get enough of this hairy man. It is common for Dale to drop by, after an all night party. I'm totally amazing by how much stamina this guy has.

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