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Spunk Worthy


  Get your spunk on !!!


     Score: 90.0 Superior 
     Billing: CCBill
  • $19.95 @ month, rebilling same
  • $24.95 @ 30 days, non-recurring
    $50.98 @3 months, non-recurring 


The Lowdown:  San Diego is evidently a great town to meet guys. Spunk Worthy sitemeister Jason got his start in the adult biz as a talent scout. Then, "I started shooting guys that were just for me. Or, at least, they were scouted without the idea that they were potential models for other companies. And Spunk Worthy was born! From military dudes, frat boys, skaters & surfers, to the guy next door, I search high and low to bring you real amateur straight guys for their first time showing off their stuff on camera. The naked stuff that only their girlfriends have seen before. All amateur guys, shot by me." Starting in 2007 as a site to sell his DVDs, in 2009 Spunk Worthy evolved to what it is today. The one guy shooting amateur straight boys in his living room - and giving them some help while they're filming, if they're willing to go a step further - is not a unique concept. The seemingly endless supply of straight military and other guys in the San Diego area who want to do porn fuels a number of other pornsites. But we won't compare. Spunk Worthy is a sexy site where sexy straight dudes have fun getting naked and blowing their loads in front of the camera.

Thumbs Up:  A recent redesign literally gives the site a SoCal beachy vibe. There's more than 130 straight guys on Spunk Worthy who not only get off getting off, but get off knowing that they'll be watched by horny gay men. Although some of 'em even take home a tape of their performance to show their girlfriends. They're smiling because doing porn is a secret fantasy that they get to fulfill. Or they're smiling cuz they're a little nervous. And being straight doesn't mean they're not curious - almost half of 'em let Jason give a helping hand, or a warm mouth, or they play with toys, and they play to the camera. Spunk Worthy is filled with models of various physical types, good-looking guys with hot bodies and instantly hard cocks. The site has a nice design with excellent, easy, and intuitive navigation. The preview is pretty comprehensive without being overwhelming. Videos are shot with two cameras so you get two views of cumshots. There are multiple easy viewing options and videos are i-compatible. The site is now shooting vids in high definition. There are interesting sorts for models and videos. The bonus scenes are fun behind-the-scenes vids to watch.

Thumbs Down:  Older videos are usually no bigger than 640x480, sorta medium-large size and okay in fuller screen. Individual pictures from photo galleries are not saveable, you have to download the zip file of the set, and that's where photos will be larger - the galleries are really for browsing. And this might be my computer - when I go for the first time to the last page in the video index, I get a 'compatibility view' error message' - not sure what that means.



Preview:  Spunk Worthy definitely lends itself to easy and comprehensive browsing, and there are plenty of ways to do it to preview the site. And the preview does mirror the membership site. Go at it via the toplinks; the guys at top; the rotating pix,; and the updates, guys, and videos sections of the home page, all with 'more' links. Read the About page for some background on Spunk Worthy. The Videos, Photos, and Guys indexes all click over to individual pages where you can at least read descriptions of the guys and shoots and check out key and thumbnail photos. Only the most recent 9 videos have one-minute preview trailers. But it is a fun browse through the site, and you'll see how easy the navigation is, plus what viewing options there are.

Joining:  I can't wait to see that dick in action! Echoing info from the home page, membership bennies are listed on the join page. You'll get a new video every week (plus matching photos and any behind the scenes vids); no download restrictions; three download formats; Flash streaming; Mac device compatible; and two-camera filming. Membership rates are $19.95 a month, rebilling same; $24.95 for 30 days, one-time-only; and their "best deal" 3 months for $50.98, but curiously, non-recurring. Hmmm. The payment processor for all options is CCBill. You can pay by credit card, online check, EU DirectPay, or by phone. Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Discover. The CCBill page is translatable to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese – though the Spunk Worthy T&C excludes memberships to Japan, Korea, and China; as well as Germany which I'm sure isn't true. Hmmm. They'll also convert rates to euros, pounds, Canadian and Australian dollars, and Japanese yen. EU DirectPay only accepts the one-time-only rates, and are the same rates, but in euros. The phone rate is only the 30-day OTO.


Inside:  The home page short-cuts to the 4 Latest Updates, 5 Popular Guys, and 3 Hottest Videos. Updates go up weekly. Links to More Videos and More Guys can keep you going, otherwise toplink it. The Videos index pix are naked, hard, with relevant hand or mouth action. They're 12 per page, currently on 19 pages, totalling 228 vids back to January 2009. An individual video page has a screenwide key pic that is NOT a streaming screen like on other sites, description, pic-link to model page, running time, viewing options, and screen-grab thumb gallery. The Photos index is 15/p on 9pp, 131 total. A gallery page has key pic, model link, and digital photo thumb gallery. The Guys index is also 15/p, 9pp, 132 total. Model pages have key pic, stats, description, and pic-links to vids and photos. Bonus Scenes are 60 behind-the-scenes vids plus pix of mostly pre- and post-, auditions and showers. All the indexes are chronological, newest back. They have Search by Niche dropdown boxes to sort by sexual activities or physical characteristics; models just by the latter. The Guys also has a name dropdown box. And all individual pages - vids, pix, models, bonus - navigate directly to the next or previous page, rather than having to return to the index.


Tech Stuff:  They stress downloading videos rather than streaming, if only cuz they're concerned you may have buffering issues. See the Support page for basic info. All videos have the same options: download Windows Media (.wmv) large or small; download Quicktime (.mov) large or small; play Flash large or small; play Apple Device large or small (.m4v). The latter is for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and maybe even iTunes (you figure that one out), and according to them, those are for download and streaming. Our usual left-click WMV to watch is kinda pointless as it will open only the entire file, so it takes the same time as to right-click to download. Videos are said to run 15-20 minutes, with some less or more. My download times are about 3 to 7 minutes for small to large. Streaming and downloads seem to screen the same size in all options, about 6”x5” for small, and 8”x7” for large. That's like 640x480; and going full screen loses a little quality but is do-able. Those are the older vids - they've been shooting in HD for updates since May 2012. These are screen-wide and sharp, streaming at 15"x8".

Photos are mostly medium sized, different for vertical and horizontal, about 4”x6.5” to 6.5”x9” and in between. The images in the galleries are not individually saveable. You can only save a zip file of the whole gallery. But the images easily navigate one-by-one or via a slide show. Now the Screen Grabs gallery on a video page will zip save, but the galleries on a bonus scene page won't save. And of course the regular photo galleries zip save. My zip software is having some problems but I'm sure it can work somehow. The unzipped pix size large enough at about 600x900 and nice and sharp.


Camerawork:  Typical of the genre, there's just the one guy, Jason, filming each model. It's intimate and less intimidating for the guys, but it puts certain limits on videography. Spunk Worthy films with two cameras. They might be both stationary or one fluid, depending on what's going on. When the action consists of the interview or the solo, the stationary cameras, framed well, will capture what's going on. When the model stands up or moves around, the camera-dude can zoom or follow. When there's a 'helping hand' or a helping mouth involved, then that cameraman is otherwise occupied (it's him jerking or sucking) and the cameras have to remain stationary, recording all the action for subsequent editing. When it's time to cum, the camera gets up close, and two cameras = two cumshot views. Jason films at home, I guess, and his décor has been upgraded since the earlier scenes. He films in his living room and bedroom. He's got a roomy black leather couch and armchair where many of the solos are shot. And he does vary the color of his bedspread, just for a change.


The Guys:  The men onsite are niched as: uncut, hung, hairy, redhead/ginger, blonde, muscular, stocky/husky. Not that they all fit those terms, but it's an interesting selection. Searchable activity terms: helping hand, duo j.o., Fleshlight, oral, anal toys, big cumshots. These at least show Spunk Worthy isn't your average solo pornsite but goes for that much extra to spice things up. I like how the 3 indexes picture the models for a varied browse – The Guys headshots, Photos standing with glimpses of dick/pubes, Videos naked and hard. And y'know, most of 'em are smiling, or at least grinning, so they're there to have fun, not just for the cash. The boys are 18-25, a few older. All Caucasian, sorry no Blacks, Asians, or Latinos (quizás 1). But it's still a diverse bunch. While sitemeister Jason was scouting the stereotypical collegiate types for other sites, he kept the ones he liked for Spunk Worthy. "I liked seeing the guy-next-door types - the frat boys, military men, skaters and surfers that you see all over the streets every day. Got some tats, a hairy chest? Fuck yeah! Sign 'em up! 99.9% of the guys are genuinely straight and are showing up for their first time ever on camera. Some are nervous; some are natural show-offs. Some do one scene and are never heard from again. Others come back for more - and some push their boundaries with a sex toy or a Helping Hand [or mouth] from yours truly." More than half the guys do take a hand, mouth, or toy. There's a few guys self-labelled bisexual, and even two gay guys as well, and if you look hard enough, two brothers doing a side-by-side. If the guys are interviewed at the beginning, some are actually quite well-spoken, like Elvis-looking Ari, for example. No white trash here. It'll be easy to pick out your faves, but I'll add a few of mine like 20yo Aron with a slammin' bod and big smile, innocent-looking Bo, Marine hottie Lane, inked redhead Darren, 18yo boy-slut Corey, gay college boy Ryan, slim crew-cutted first-timer Michael, and well, lots more. And you'll enjoy the behind-the-scenes vids too, where the guys get a chance to relax - naked. The dictionary defines spunk as "spiritedness or eager willingness." These guys are definitely totally spunky that way, plus they're all x-ratedly Spunk Worthy as well. They have fun shooting their saved-up hot loads, so we can get our own spunk on. Thanks guys!








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