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Brent Corrigan's Summit - Movie Review

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Brent Corrigan's Summit
 - Dirty Bird Pictures (2008)

Run time: 101 minutes
Format: DVD-Video

Active Duty Productions and its porn guru Dink Flamingo have long been successful in filming amateur, straight military men having man-on-man or at least hand-on-man sex, providing those fantasies for the gay male audience. Last year, that success led  them to branch out and start Dirty Bird Pictures, producing gay erotica with feature length plots and hardcore sex. This new production came from the friendship built with Brent Corrigan during the filming of The Porne Ultimatum. The collaboration resulted in Brent starting his production company, Prodigy Pictures, and this premiere production of Brent Corrigan's Summit, filmed on location in the winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe.

Brent’s concept was to bring 10 models to a secluded cabin in the mountains and film “reality style,” to catch the interaction and excitement that comes with a group of guys left alone to have fun. Several of Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty models, known for being straight military men, joined Brent Corrigan’s hand-picked gay models to add more interest and some possible tension on the set. The models bonded quickly and the mix of straight and gay made for a very interesting atmosphere that soon turned to heated sex and one of the best directorial debuts any young director could hope for. As Dink said, "We want young directors to have the opportunity to showcase their own talents beyond just being a pretty face or big dick in front of the camera." Brent adds, "Looking back, it's been nearly a 3-year journey, fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, setbacks and scandals. But the paramount was reached - the Summit is here. It's one of the sweetest victories of my life. More than anything else, for me Summit is one long overdue step in the right direction - FORWARD. Though Summit was a labor of love, I sincerely look forward to implementing my own ideas as a director and producer. We were lucky to work with some of the finest industry professionals on this project. I want to thank them for lifting me up as a director on my very first feature!"


In the beginning - Sitting in front of a blazing fireplace in and out of his red pajamas, star/director Brent Corrigan introduces himself and welcomes everyone to his directorial debut; and goes on the describe the action that follows.


Scene 1-
Damien White and Jacob Powell

Damien is a totally masculine stud with short-cropped hair and hazel eyes. His perfect complexion and laid-back attitude contrast sharply with Jacob. Jacob is tall and lean with long hair and one unmistakable trait - a huge dick. At the outset of their pool game Damien suggests a wager, and Jacob quickly responds, “the loser gets fucked.”  Jacob makes quick work of the balls on the table before banging his on Damien’s ass. Damien's a bit surprised that Jacob cleaned up the table so fast, and as soon as the eight ball fell Jacob says he wants to start by getting his dick sucked. “You’ve got a big one,” Damien says as he opens wide and swallows an already rock hard cock. After feasting on Jacob’s massive meat, Damien sits on the pool table so Jacob can return the favor. He then turns around and kneels so Jacob can rim his ass in preparation for the upcoming hole widening. The two move over to the sofa, where it is simply amazing to see Jacob’s long and thick shaft make its way into Damien’s cute and tight butthole doggie-style. Damien flips over on his back after a bit and cums as his hole is deep-fucked. He then kneels on the floor and lets Jacob spurt his load on his ass. Damien’s reaction? "I think we both won."



Scene 2- Keegan Kemp, Damien White and Brooklyn Ray
Keegan and Brooklyn are fooling around in the bedroom they share with a few other guys in the cabin. On the bed next to them Damien is taking a nap. The two can’t resist, so they climb over onto the other bed with Damien, who has no objection to their advances. Keegan pulls out Damien’s dick and starts to suck it as Brooklyn face fucks Damien. The boys seem insatiable as they rub their faces into each other’s crotches and suck their balls and lick their nipples and make out. Brooklyn goes down on Damien, Damien sucks Keegan, and Keegan starts to finger Damien’s ass. The three daisy-chain suck, but Keegan makes his way to Damien’s ass again, this time with his mouth. Brooklyn decides he wants to rim Keegan as well, and before long Damien simply says he wants to get fucked. Brooklyn is happy to oblige but only after Damien sucks his cock until it's throbbing. As Brooklyn pounds Damien’s ass, Keegan fucks Damien’s mouth. Brooklyn’s fat cock does the trick, and Damien pops a load as he is bent over getting fucked doggie-style. He tells the boys it was fun but he's going to get cleaned up, leaving the two frisky roommates to themselves. Keegan shrugs his shoulders and invites Brooklyn to continue topping, which he does until they both explode.



Scene 3- Mason Wyler and Brent Corrigan
In the steam room, Brent’s ass is smashed up against the glass door as Mason is busy shoving his face into Brent’s crotch. As the two mess around, groping each other and kissing, dicks and asses wonderfully press against the glass. Then the two young hunks cool off with a dip in the pool. While the temperature may have cooled down, their passion for sex heats up. Mason sucks Brent as he floats on his back, and they make one more trip to the steam room before they find a poolside bench for their poolside fuck. Mason, the ever-horny, multi-talented sex demon has his mouth on Brent’s hard cock and his fingers up his ass in a matter of seconds. Brent sits up and goes to town on Mason’s big uncut cock. Mason then rims and fingers Brent’s ass like he is going to fuck him, but Brent is the one who wants to hear Mason groan as he takes a big fat cock up his ass. Brent slowly slides his beautiful cock in and pleasures Mason who, after a while, switches places with Brent. Kneeling on the bench doggie-style, Brent gives his ass up to Mason. After several gasps from Brent, Mason’s cock is in, and Brent is squirming in pain and pleasure. Just when you think he’s hurting, Brent starts to take control and turns into a power bottom. Brent switches onto his back and cums while getting power fucked.  Mason stands up and cums on Brent’s face to complete the fun.



Scene 4- Brent Corrigan, Adam Wells, Reese Reynolds, Jacob Powell
Brent and Adam are in the loft fooling around naked. Things get heated and before you know it Brent’s cock is all the way up Adam’s ass. On his knees, Adam is wincing in pain but asking Brent to pound his ass harder. As they fuck away, Reese and Jacob return to the cabin to find the two fucking like dogs. Reese says, “Looks like we got back at just the right time,” as he takes off his clothes, and sucks Brent’s dick. Jacob goes to work on Adam, sucking him off as Brent watches. Reese invites Jacob to switch partners, and before you know it Brent’s ass is in Jacob’s face and Reese is face-fucking Adam. Next, things get switched up again with Reese pounding Brent’s ass doggie-style and Jacob doing missionary on Adam. Flip again and Jacob’s huge cock is pounding Brent’s ass. As Reese fucks Adam on his back, Adam makes a waterfall of cum flow onto his stomach. Reese pulls out and shoots his load on Adam, and then Brent really goes for a ride on Jacob’s piston. Brent spreads his legs and climbs onto the couch so he can raise and lower his ass like a machine. While Jacob’s pipe is ramming up Brent’s hole, Brent pumps a load onto Jacob’s stomach. Jacob then pulls out and sprays a load of cum onto Brent’s ass. Good timing and good times all around!



Director:  Brent Corrigan

Starring:  Brent Corrigan, Keegan Kemp, Kodie Payne, Jacob Powell, Brooklyn Ray, Reese Reynolds, Justin Tyler, Adam Wells, Damien White, Mason Wyler


Themes:  Anal Sex, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Cumshots, OrgiesStraight Guys, Threesomes, Twinks

New sex act of the day:  Rusty Trombone

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