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Raging Stallion signs D.O.

to long-term exclusive


San Francisco, CA - Raging Stallion Studios president Chris Ward announced today that the porn giant has just signed superstar performer D.O. to a long term exclusive contract. D.O., who is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been an exclusive performer with Black Scorpion for the past several years, heading up such films as Obsession of D.O., Cuma Sutra, and Sex Hiker.
When asked why he chose to come to Raging Stallion, D.O. noted that he had been a long-time fan of the studio. "I have been following Raging Stallion for a long time. They have the hottest guys, the best directors, and the best film-making capability. To be an even bigger star I needed to join the top studio. And Raging Stallion movies are the kind of movies I want to make at this point in my career."

"D.O. is a superstar and we are very, very lucky to have him join our stable of stars" commented Ward. "I have long admired his performances and now that we have shot him in his first two scenes for RSS, I am even more impressed. D.O. also has the look and feel of a RSS major star - tall, dark, and handsome. He is also a delightful guy who looks GREAT with a full beard!"

D.O.’s first two scenes were with RSS exclusive Angelo Marconi and newcomer Chris Porter. Both scenes went very well, confirming for director Tony DiMarco that D.O. is a top level star. "He is a dream to work with, like perfection. He knows how to have sex on film and looks amazing. What more can I say?" D.O. will be returning to San Francisco to shoot every few months and will be part of the annual Raging Stallion blockbuster film shoots scheduled for mid-summer. Sultry D.O. is a super star, and he has never looked better. We're really excited to have him as our new long term exclusive. His first movie will release this fall in a military-theme flick directed by DiMarco.



The following interview with D.O., and the pix, are courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios:

Q: Tell us about D.O. You live in Buenos Aires, you were an actor and a fashion model, right?
A: Yes, in fact I keep modeling but now in the US and Europe, to be honest I didn't expect that after starting an adult career. To my surprise, clients like Rufskin and Sterone, from Paris, or magazines like Pier (Italy), Maenner (Germany) or Genre in NY keep trusting me as a new image in the fashion market. It's a lot of fun.

Q: What made you decide to do porn?
A: What made me decide to get into the adult industry was the need of a new challenge to my life, and I knew this was a professional and growing business around the world, so I took the risks and just stepped forward.

Q: You made some pretty amazing movies over at Black Scorpion. What were your favorites?
A: My favorite was Sex Hiker. Cuma Sutra is a good one, and Obsession of D.O. of course, my first movie has personal meaning.

Q: What made you decide to come to Raging Stallion?
A: I want to become a big star in the business, and to get to that, I felt I should work for a major studio. I love Raging Stallion. I was following their movies for many years. They have the hottest guys in the industry, the best directors, themes, equipment and locations. It was a good decision.

Q: Tell us what turns you on? What kind of guy do you like to fuck?
A: What turns me on most is a power bottom, a boy who likes to get a deep tongue up his ass, then fingers and then a powerful fuck! Then I like to put my tongue again on that open hole, and my cock again, and more fingers. What kind of guy do I like? The one that really appreciates a hard hole play! Short guys, with big butts, and a deep throat. I like big guys and boys, black with a white, tall top with a small guy. I like defined roles.

Q: What is it like being a world famous porn actor?
A: It is a great thing, but apart from the sex, being a porn actor is not so different than being a successful fashion model or a TV actor. There's always an audience for everything and everyone. If you put all the careers together that makes a great combo. You must keep being who you are no matter what you do in life.

Q: You look very different today from what you looked like in your Black Scorpion films. We love that black beard! Is this the new D.O.?
A: I love changes! Starting with the way I look, so in this moment of my life a big new challenge is coming, so I decided to get an aggressive look and I like it.

Q: What is your life like in Argentina? Do people there recognize you as a porn superstar?
A: When I'm at home I love to be in my place, having my friends near to me, my family and taking care of my career from my desktop. Working in my new projects, being online all the time, and of course my man, a relationship of 4 years. He is a great guy who supports me in all senses. In Argentina everyone knows me from my original career, modeling. After that I was in a couple of TV shows and in the mainstream spotlight. This, and my first few years in the adult business. Yes, they already know who I am. But I also know it is important when people get to know you beyond what you do for living, because we all are much more than just a job or a profession, we are human beings with a heart, life, and feelings.

Q: If you could tell you fans one thing, what would it be?
A: I will love them to remember me as a fighter. A person who against all judgments, keeps trusting on my self. If I have the chance to say something to my fans, I will tell them to feel free and have the confidence enough to do whatever they want, even if everyone around says you are wrong. You must respect yourself and believe in what your heart says. Trust yourself no matter what. Sex is an emotion and we are basically emotional human beings, so don't let your self down. Push harder and harder until you get what you want.




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