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Straight Off Base - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

PO Jacob Solo

Petty Officer 2nd Class Jacob, is a tatted and fuzzy 24 year old salty Sailor stud from Michigan who stands at 6' and weighs in at 173 lbs. He's been keeping busy "swabbing the decks and dicks" on his ship after being underway for several weeks and swings by the Major's quarters to bust his nut for the Major's ever-ready camera. PO2 Jacob played football throughout his high school years and sports a nice 6 inch cock. Jacob expertly flogs his dolphin and shoots his thick salty seaman's semen onto his hand and pubes.

CMNM - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Mikhak Storms In

Mikhail stormed into Mr Swallows' office full of accusations, but this thuggish Russian is the guilty one now. His spunk is puddled on the headmasters' floor and his arsehole yields to the men's prodding fingers till his sphincter is stretched wide. No matter how reluctant this proud married man is to submit, his aching hard cock and full balls need to be appeased. Look like Mikhak will learn a life long lesson with a career move in store.

Cocky Boys - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018


In ALL SAiNTS part 3 The Banker (Ricky Roman) from Answered Prayers returns, with his life (or what's left of it) again infiltrated by a celestial creature, this time by François Sagat. At the same time tortured soul Carter Dane continues his work at the religious studies institute awakening to the hidden realities of his own existence. He's nudged forward by a vision of a centuries old past life and his connection to Puck (Levi Karter) and by those at the institute: the priest (Adam Ramzi) who opens his eyes to visual perception; his unexpected bond to associate Adrian (Calvin Banks); and by Troy Accola, the student who is more than meets the eye.

Bear Films - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Good Morning Boy

Daddy Dante Kirkdale works the night shift and this particular one has been rough. But that's okay because he's home now, and ready to blow off a bit of steam with the help of his ever ready, ever willing and ever able boy, Sebastian Sax. Dante greets him with a face full of cock, fucking Sebastian's face before fucking his tight and hungry hole. Then, with the tattooed cub's ass in the air, Dante slides into him raw, down to the balls, and gives Sebastian a steady bareback fuck, stretching him out before rewarding Seb with a huge load of jizz. And like the good sub that he is, Sebastian eats some of that cum straight from daddy's dick in a way that will make you sing.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Elijah Takes On Two

Dawson and Connor have waited for a long time to get Elijah alone. Once they do, they're going to see just how well this cowboy can ride both of them. The three make out passionately, suck each others' cocks and then Dawson and Connor stuff Elijah from both ends. After switching sides and positions, all three of them fuck and suck their way through some insanely hot action before Dawson and Connor take turns seeing who can shoot - and lick up - the most cum!

Debt Dandy - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Debt Dandy 244

Sometimes a helpful friend can be your worst nightmare. This cute guy was in serious financial problems and his friend told him about our lending company. You see, his buddy already had some experience with our special offers and wanted to help his friend in need. Unfortunately, he didn’t mention any embarrassing details. He just told our guy to give me a call. You can imagine his surprise when I explained him why our company is so popular amongst young men. He was shocked but I could see he was also tempted. He would get rid off all his debts in 30 minutes.

Drill My Hole - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

The Heist 1

Diego is in the slammer! He got caught while performing a not so elaborate heist and now he's being questioned by the cops. He's feeling the pressure and when asked about what he'd be doing if he were out; the only thing he can think of is another heist and reuniting with his hunky husband for much-needed round of ass eating and pounding. The first part of the hot Heist gay sex series is just the beginning with much more to cum.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Lex & Chad

Lex and Chad are chilling out and needing to jerk off, but these straight boys are never shy about it. The boys are talking shit and Chad shows off his scars again, they look like they're healing nicely. His dick still works, and that's the main thing. The guys get stroking, facing each other and rubbing themselves off until Lex starts the cum pumping by splashing his load from his hairy cock. Chad isn't too far behind, pumping his thick dick in his fist and making hot white cream spurt out of the tip. Wouldn't you want to hang out with these guys and enjoy some stroking?

Deviant Otter - Update

Monday June 18, 2018

Great Service

Jack’s always been a friend of a friend, so I figured it was time that we finally got together because I’ve always been a big fan of his furry muscle bod, and that beautiful big dick of his. Usually me and the dudes I’m filming with chill for a bit, but Jack’s a pro and just goes for it, so he threw off his clothes and we started going at it. That boy can suck some dick, had me squirming like a little bitch, teasing my head and edging my shaft, really fucking hot. I could' handle the teasing anymore because I thought I was going to cum, so I lifted his legs and went to town on his ass. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience; sensual, tingly, and to the point.

BarebackFlixxx - Update

Monday June 18, 2018

Seeking BBC

Big Black Cock, that’s what Alessio Romero needed badly! But he needed to get permission from his daddy before he could play but was not able to get a hold of him all day long. He was getting desperate so he called up an escort that used to fuck him on the down low – Ray Diesel. Ray was just getting out of the shower and couldn’t turn down a hot hairy slut hole to fuck for the afternoon, so he had Alessio over to remind him how service a real 10x6 cock. Is this the first time Alessio goes behind his Daddy’s back? While his Daddy find out?

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