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White Boy Gang Bang - Movie Review

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White Boy Gang Bang - Big Cyclops (2007)

Run time: 85 minutes
Format: DVD-Video

It’s a gonzo, ghetto gagfest when five hung homeboys make one white boy their sex slave. It’s two on one, twice, when these horse-hung gangstas make the white guy and a black boy their bitches. And those two don’t need to be persuaded to chow down on the 9 and 10 inch thick dark meat hanging in front of their faces and stuffed into their willing mouths. Then the boyz really go downtown when they pound white and black ass. Finally they work their huge man-meat and cum all over the splooge-hungry white boy.

Featuring non-stop blowjobs with double oral, furious fucking, and massive tools, White Boy Gang Bang  is an urban fantasy fuck-flick. And it's directed by thug superstar Thugzilla in his gay porn helming debut.

Two rival street gangs are at war. They want to stop the violence. So, a hot white guy is tossed onto the truce table. He’s quickly stripped and forced to service the all the huge black thug cocks. White Boy Gang Bang is a hurricane of huge hammering hard-ons, tight hungry holes, and red & blue bandannas. The highlight of the film has the white boy getting fucked by each and every thug. The kid moves down the line, squatting on gangsta meat like he was born for the job. At last, peace reigns. Finally there can be homo harmony in the hood…thanks to White Boy Gang Bang!


Five horny black guys are talking about gang violence but they really have hot sex on their mind. Despite those blue and red Bloods and Crips bandannas, they’re happy to settle their differences by stripping the tall, lanky, smooth white boy sitting in the corner and making him serve their every sexual need. These boyz have tight hot bodies, from chocolate to café au lay! They have monster thick cocks ready for some heavy oral action. It’s a gangsta gagfest as two hot tops each make the white boy and a black boy their bottom bitches. It’s an unrelenting slurpdown as they take these huge love muscles one and even two at a time in sloppy gagging double oral. Their dicks are long and thick even when soft, but the tag-teaming blowjobs keep them wet and hard and wanting more.

The boyz are ready for some mind-blowing fucking and their two bottom-boys are ready to open their assholes wide. When their dark big cocks are stroked hard and long, it’s time to get down! They were sucked to the edge and need to hammer those fuck-chutes. Black power is the way, as the eager power bottoms get pounded furiously with those thick ten-inchers. It’s a double spit-roast as white boy and his black buddy get it from both ends. They get fucked furiously while sucking the hard dicks in their faces. All of the hot and horny homeys take turns screwing the shit out of these guys.


It’s the cum-soaked climax of White Boy Gang Bang. These solid hard tops are rock-steady and brought to the brink. White boy leans his head back in anticipation of the loads of cum to come. Each big-boned boy takes turns in stroking to the limit and they each shoot their hot load of jizz all over that pale face and mouth. The semen-soaked sequence is a five-minute five-man money-shot of gay black bukkake at its best! And it’s peace out as the boyz are totally spent and satisfied.

Director:  Thugzilla

Starring:  Tip DrillEnzoK.B.KrizPeanut, Alan Star

Themes:  Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Cumshots, Gang Bangs, Group Sex (4 or more), Interracial, Threesomes, Thugs

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