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Twink Likes Blacks - Movie Summary

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Twink Likes Blacks - Alexander Pictures


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Continuing the theme, let's transit to the other side of the globe to the hot Brazilian studs of Alexander Pictures' newest release Twink Like Blacks. This movie features young twink coverboy Riu Melo in a cruise-fest quest to pick up as much beefy, black cock all over the city as he can, and sharing every hardcore detail of the hot, anonymous sex that follows. Riu gets fucked by a bevy of hot, black studs and takes them each like the star that he is. If you like cruising yourself or even if it’s just a fantasy, these steamy sexcapades will have you humping your pillow. Riu takes it up his hot white bubble butt and down his hungry throat - one and two at a time. He's insatiable for interracial - a true power-twink.

Scene 1 - Anibal Ribeiro & Riu Melo

In Riu’s recounting, he and Anibal chat for a while before walking back home with him and getting some hot, twink throat and ass wrapped around his big, black cock. Riu really enjoys sniffing that cock, licking it, putting as much as he can in his mouth and pretty much getting Anibal wound up for what turns out to be a nice, hard fuck. Anibal goes from ass to mouth to finish up squirting a huge nut on Riu’s chest. You can’t watch this cumshot without noticing how big that black cock is next to that tiny white boy’s chest. It’s hot as fuck thinking about that monster dick being forced up his tight little tail. Riu pays him back by cumming on Anibal’s leg. It’s a hot way to say thanks.


Scene 2 - Duarte Da Rua & Riu Melo
Riu picks up Duarte on the street as well. He’s a busy little blonde boy! Duarte doesn’t waste any time getting his prick out of his pants and Riu is immediately on it. Duarte is a patient fuck who just enjoys this tight little hole for all it’s worth. Riu stays hard the whole time he’s getting fucked and gives Duarte a nice back and forth of ass and mouth. Once he’s done, Duarte puts Riu on the floor at his feet and cums on his lily white skin. Riu powers out a nice load himself. A slow and easy stretching like Duarte offers will have your hole twitching even if you’re a top.

Scene 3 - Adrian Correa, Heito Madeira, Riu Melo
Riu is obviously champion of the park pick-up. This time around he’s snared two big black dicks to pleasure himself with. Adrian has a thick dick that would scare the fuck out of most of us and Heito isn’t far behind. Riu seems comfortable with the prospects, though. He starts with some head to get these guys really revved up for his ass, and then gets Adrien’s tongue up his hole before getting split open by that super wide dick. It’s the first time we see a look on Riu’s face that might indicate he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Before he whines too much, though, Heito stuffs his black cock back in this little white twink’s mouth. Once Adrian pulls out Riu scoots his ass over and sits on Heito’s lap. Both guys end up marking this boy with their creamy loads before he shoots another of his own. Riu is absolutely dripping with cum by the end of the scene.

Scene 4 - Romulo dos Santos, Rodrigo Bekmann, Riu Melo
It’s another two on one as Riu talks Romulo into coming by with his buddy Rodrigo for some white ass. It’s a phone call worth the cost of the minutes as he gets another pair of black studs into his room. The guys watch their twink strip as they sit back and get turned on. Then it’s Riu’s turn to get a look at some hot abs and big pricks. Once the big black meat is out in the open you’ll be hard pressed not to fast forward to the ass splitting. Lucky for Riu, Rodrigo enjoys a good bit of ass-eating and fingering before he starts dicking that hole. It’s another example of buddies sharing what’s best before they both spray another load of cum on this boy’s chest.

Scene 5 - Alonzo Lemen & Riu Melo
Alonzo is the last piece of meat we see ravage this little twink’s asshole. Probably not the last, he enjoys the hole as if it were his first. He takes his time riding long and steady. He varies the positions. He does all he needs to do to get himself off, and Riu, as always, makes himself available however he’s needed. When Alonzo finally works his load out, it’s one that really punctuates a long series of fucks for this Alexander Pictures quality star, Riu Melo.

Director:  Alexander

Starring:  Rodrigo Bekmann, Adrian Correa, Duarte da Rua, Romulo dos Santos, Alonzo Lemen, Heito Madeira, Riu Melo, Anibal Ribeiro

Themes:  Anal Sex, Big DicksBlacksBlow Jobs/Oral Sex, Interracial, LatinsThreesomes, Twink




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