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Thugzilla's Bitch Hunt - Movie Review

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Thugzilla's Bitch Hunt - Pitbull Productions (2008)

Run time: 150 minutes
Format: DVD-Video

It's your favorite thug with an attitude, in the best-selling Thugzilla’s Bitch Hunt, one of the latest thug suck-and-fuck-fests from Pitbull Productions. So when does tonight’s booty-boi become your bitch? Hard to say. Unless your name is Thugzilla. Then you know that every boi that takes a ride on your big thick licorice stick has been ruined for anyone but you and your fat hole-stretcher. Thugzilla’s motto seems to be - talk fast and fuck faster. But that’s OK. It means that this cocky pistol-packin’ papa has got time enough to make three different butch boyz his bitch for the night. And time enough left over to tape a coupla other hot and hung love-thugs as they bang their way through a coupla other candidates.

wakes up to find his bitch is gone. Obviously he needs to find a new bitch fast, as we can see from his enormous hard-on! What’s a top to do in this kind of desperate situation? Thugzilla holds an open audition to see who’ll show up, and he’s not disappointed. As one hot thug after another pushes up their hot bottoms to be fucked, Thugzilla comes to the conclusion that maybe having a bunch of different bottoms is better than having just one! Of course, there is a small twist - Thugzilla also insists that the bottom who becomes his full time bitch has to have a real job as well. And don’t miss the surprise ending!


When Chyna applies for the position of bitch, Thugzilla makes him strip and bend over. Chyna’s ass is huge. Thugzilla now teaches it to beg for dick. But before it gets the stuffing it craves, Chyna drops to his knees and opens his mouth. When a thug’s as big and rough as Thugzilla, you wanna get him good and wet. Thugzilla rehearses his best hip moves on Chyna’s face. But booty is what he’s after. So he bends Chyna over the arm of the couch and opens the boi’s backdoor. After Thugzilla has fit every inch of his fuck-tool up Chyna’s love canal, he grabs Chyna’s dreads like they’re reins and rides until he’s made that azz his pussy. It takes a little while. Thugzilla practically climbs up Chyna’s butt, fucking him up against the wall. Having nowhere to go, Chyna takes the pounding - and likes it. He blows a load all over his belly as Thugzilla pops all over his new bitch’s grateful face.

Troy Penetrator
and Kidd Kaj stop by Thugzilla’s crib. They need a place to fuck. Thugzilla picks up the camera and directs these horny boyz. Kaj is ripped but the Penetrator is bigger. So after Thugzilla has them strip down, it’s Kaj who drops to his knees and takes Penetrator’s primary penetrator into his mouth. His lips work the juicy foreskin. Troy fucks Kidd’s face so hard that he falls back on the couch. Still he pounds away. It’s good practice for when he flips Kidd around, mounts him and climbs aboard, humping so hard that the couch moves across the floor. Kidd moans and groans but takes it, even when Penetrator bangs him up a wall. After a ferocious workout, Troy pulls out and the boyz sit back to stroke off a load together.

Thugzilla likes Paceo Marks because he’s cute, light-skinned and has a job. But he’s thin, so Thugzilla has him do biceps curls - he likes his bitches butch. Since this is Thugzilla, most of the workout focuses on Paceo’s azz. Squats open his backdoor wide. As Paceo tries to bench press, Thugzilla fills the prone boi’s throat with swelling dick. This gets both of them ready for the main event. Thugzilla bends Paceo over the bench, mounts and pounds his ass, flips him around and pounds him some more, then makes Paceo sit on his dick and do some of the work. The boi rides till he blows a load, Thugzilla pulls out and explodes as well, streaking Paceo’s chest sticky.

Yellow Boi
is bragging about his bitch. Thugzilla wants to see just how good Colture is. Plan is: at Yellow Boi’s crib Thugzilla will tape the guys fucking. If he likes what he sees he might take Colture off Yellow Boi’s hands. When Thugzilla examines Colture, it’s for sure the dude’s got azz, and lots of it. He shows he’s got mouth too, chowing down on Yellow’s joystick until he’s told to bend over the couch. This apprentice bitch has no problem taking orders from two directions or surrendering his hole to Yellow, who stuffs it full of dick and bangs away. Later Colture sits on it and moves his ass up and down. Wanting to show Thugzilla who’s boss, Yellow takes hold of his bitch’s legs, pins them back against his shoulders and pokes the wide-open hole over and over till both fuckers are hot to pop. They do. But instead of taking Yellow Boi’s bitch, Thugzilla takes the dude’s bling and goes.

is the latest guy to apply for the job. Thugzilla wonders if he’s got what it takes to be a thug bitch and has him strip. The guy is skinny but his booty is choice. And even a demanding taskmaster like Thugzilla has to admit he’s cute. It helps that Xclusive moans like he means it when he fingers his asshole. He moans some more when he goes down on Thugzilla’s big dick, even as the thug is catching it all on tape. When Thugzilla pushes Xclusive over the cushion in the middle of the room and mounts him, the boi really moans. Thugzilla shows no mercy. Between punishing fuck-strokes he smacks the boi’s ass. When Thugzilla sits down, Xclusive sits on his dick. But Thugzilla likes to direct the action, so he pushes Xclusive back on the cushion, folds him in two and climbs up onto the cushion with him so he can drill deeper. When Thugzilla is ready to blow, he glazes his latest bitch’s face. Xclusive is right there with him, making a grateful mess of himself. Looks like this azz is a keeper!

Director:  Jalin Fuentes

Starring:  Yello BoiChynaColture, Kidd Kaj, Paceo Marks, Troy PenetratorThugzillaXclusive
                                                                                  (aka Troy)

*And besides taking the camera in 2 scenes of this film, the multi-talented Thugzilla's a director, too!

Themes:  Anal Sex, Big Dicks, Black, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Cumshots, Thugs

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