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Sean Cody - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Donny & Curtis: Bareback

Curtis is a bit of a stunner isn't he? He's lookin' pretty buff in this latest update. He's paired with S.C. noob, Donny who'll be delivering the D in a hot, sloppy fuck! I love the way Curtis giggles during the intro when he's playing with Donny's big dick. Look at his smirk; he's as gidddy as a schoolboy.

Chaos Men - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Truman & Zale RAW

Truman is a character. When he arrived at the studio, he was chatty, goofy, and always ready with some crazy story of something that happened to him. Usually it is alcohol related. Not sure why, but the two Bro'd out, and that finally relaxed Zale. Even still, I was not expecting there to be romance. I started them off doing doing a side-by-side stroke, and let Truman take the initiative. I think Zale is going to be a passive Top until he gets a few more shoots under his belt. One thing that did surprise Zale was how Truman, who seemed straight to him, REALLY liked getting fucked. Zale knew the gay guys would like it when he was with them, but he just didn't think someone who identified as straight would be into it all. Wrong! Seeing Truman trying to NOT cum while he fucked him did put the idea that he might even try bottoming too. I think if we start him with a standard-sized cock he will be fine. It blew his mind even more seeing just how easily it made Truman cum.

Bound Gods - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Connor Maguire and Dylan Knight

The sweet, earthy smoke of a fine cigar exits Connor Maguire's ripped body and fills the narrow corridor leading down to the basement. There, Slave #002 awaits his master, slung in ropes from a rusted chainlink fence. Connor blows smoke in the slave's face before groping the slave's eager cock. #002 receives an ample caning from Connor, thanking his master through the sharp blows from the cane. The painslut slave's dick bulges as his body is covered in clover clamps and more swift caning. Connor takes the slave from the fence and secures him on the rack. With his back contorted into a severe arch, the slave worships cock and has his balls crushed. The slave begs for mercy as Connor flogs his open chest, but Connor refuses. Instead of mercy, there is only pain and pleasure, and the slave is made to chant that mantra as the flogging intensifies. Connor suspends #002 from the ceiling and pounds his massive cock deep into the slave. He jerks a load from his slave before having him eat it off his leather glove. The slave is brought to his knees and hungrily takes his master's cum. Satisfied, Connor walks off, commanding #002 to wait at attention for the next dom.

Sketchy Sex - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Big Dicks and Cum Sluts

Fuck some of these cocks are massive! Roomies and I are jumping on them bad-boys like it’s out of style! These guys are awesome with all the seed they’ve got to pass around. It’s a total fuck fest in here! I need to fuck and suck them all dry – so fill me up man!

Naked Sword - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015


No, the temperature isn`t going up. It`s just that you`re looking at our information page for Heatstroke from Hot House, and that makes the thermostat rise in any room. Can you imagine what a scorcher it will be to actually see the film? Watch as some of the hottest men in gay porn, including Landon Conrad, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati and Angel Rock, suck and fuck to their hearts content. Heatstroke is not to be missed.

Bait Buddies - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Hitting The Spot

Sometimes we luck out and find ourselves in bed with one hot number who hits all our hot buttons, including the most important one - the prostate. That's just what happened in this scene featuring straight Latino,porn newbie, Javier, a 22 year old, lithe, fit, handsome Puerto Rican boy with a gorgeous bubble butt - probably from playing soccer in school. This young dude was sent to Caruso by one of his talent scouts. The kid was looking to try out for porn, fuck some pussy and make some quick cash - a perfect candidate for Caruso brings in Cameron Kincade who's been taking in the Florida sun and keeping himself trim and fit, and Cameron just loves Latino boys. So, they're introduced to each other and Caruso has them strip down. Javier is hot - you won't be able to keep your eyes off his firm, perfectly rounded butt. Caruso sets Javier up for the boner test to see if he can get hard in front of the camera and other people. And, damn if that boy doesn't pass with flying colors, he gets rock hard and raring to go in a minute. Caruso goes to get the female talent, but alas, she's unavailable and there's not replacement for her. So...

Jalif Studios - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Angel Vazquez & Richard Roxxx

The Marbella boys are back and this time they ain't singin'! This time is Angel Vazquez and Richard Roxx whose only concern is fucking and bustin' a huge load! And when I say huge...I mean HUGE! These guys get in where they fit in and it doesn't matter whose around. They see what they want and they go in for the taking!

Maskurbate - Update

Tuesday August 04, 2015

Pascal Meets Darius

Funny how destiny sometime treats you good! I've been watching this guy's career from a distant, only hoping that one day I could meet him in person. Honestly, I thought it would be impossible because he lives on another continent. I was on my way to meet my good friend Manuel Deboxer in Quebec city when pornstar Darius Ferdynand wrote me on Twitter saying he was in Montreal for 3 days and wanted to do a scene for Maskurbate. I immediately turned around and went back home. I thought it was a joke but I had to take a chance. My fantasy came true when I saw him in front of my house. I was excited like a kid in a candy store. Totally star-struck! He was so beautiful, charismatic and confident that I lost my english for a while until my mouth was full.

Men On Edge - Update

Monday August 03, 2015

Kyle Kash

Kyle Kash is trying to work out at the gym when Jesse Colter and Sebastian start to perv on him. When Kyle blows off their advances he gets caught up in Sebastian's ropes and bound to the exercise equipment. They cut off Kyle's clothes and by the time they've stripped him down to his jock he's already rock hard. Kyle nearly cums while getting his nipples sucked so the boys slow down and keep him in suspense. They finger his ass while sucking him off and Kyle screams through his jock-strap gag when they deny him. Jesse and Sebastian continue their fun with Kyle bound standing while balancing on weights. They make Kyle suck on Jesse's cock while they edge him and then fuck his ass with the ShockSpot. Finally ready to see the gym stud's load they restrain him to a bench and blindfold him. With Kyle covered in his own cum they tickle him mercilessly and leave him to be found in his mess.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

Monday August 03, 2015

Cody, Marcus & Max Bareback in Ok. City

Meet new porn model Cody Bailey. His whole reason for doing porn is that he likes fucking - well Cody I think this might be the right place for you sandwiched in between Marcus and Max. Max Bradley gets both Cody and Marcus' cocks in his ass and the three cum simultaneously in a butt dripping breeding finale!

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