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Next Door Studios - Update

Thursday September 21, 2017

Paid In Full

When his yard worker Leo Luckett knocks on his door for back payment, Dean Phoenix thinks there might be something else going on, especially since Leo keeps eyeballing the bulge in his pants. As Dean comes out of his upstairs bedroom and finds a shirtless Leo there to greet him, his suspicions prove true, and when Leo tells him he needs a little something extra, Dean grabs him and brings him into his bedroom, throwing him down on his stomach and eating his perfect boy ass while Leo's eyes roll back from pleasure. Dean sucks Leo hard then flips him around, plunging his 9' cock deep down Leo's throat. Leo takes it down to the shaft, gagging on Dean's cock, before sliding down off the bed headfirst with his legs spread, allowing Dean to slide his bare cock all the way into Leo's hole.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Warren's Bi Fuck

While Baker normally plays up his shy side, he jumped right into the action with Warren and our co-ed. My favorite thing about Baker is how eager he is to please - that makes him an excellent complement to Warren, who has more than enough horny energy to keep up with him! It’s definitely a pleasure to see boy-next-door Baker paired with Warren’s cut muscles and hot cock. What starts as a spit-roast turns into Baker getting his ass pounded by Warren, and Baker clearly doesn’t mind, repeatedly begging, “Fuck me harder!” Warren is more than happy to oblige and fucks a load out of him before covering Baker’s handsome face in cum—and who could ask for more?

Gay Erotic Stories by Bobapple - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017


...Breaking off kissing, I looked down and rolled his foreskin back and forth over his glans. His knob was wet and glistening with his natural oils and secretions. I stretched his loose foreskin out from his cock and saw that it was long and over-hanging. His cock was just too tempting to resist. I dropped onto my knees, opened my mouth and immediately wrapped my lips around it. I sucked in and out and my tongue did whirlies on his foreskin between his hood and knob. He was moaning and breathing heavily as I sucked his cock with wild abandon. He tasted marvellous. I popped his cock out of my mouth for a minute and licked the tip around and around. Then I pulled his foreskin forward and sucked on it stretching it out more than an inch with my lips.

Straight Boys Fucking - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Sam and Gage Double Penetrate

Sam and Gage are out in the backyard playing basketball. They're a bit too loud and they wake up Siouxsie, who's sleeping in the living room. She's upset at first and goes out to yell at the guys to keep it down, but when she sees their tight, hot, shirtless bodies, she can't resist rubbing her pussy. The guys take note and offer up their helping hands. Siouxsie is more than happy to let the guys join in and the three of them make their way back into the living room.

Bromo - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Cum Deposit

Eric needs his underwear inspected and Ricky is the lucky one to oblige. When they don't pass quality control, Ricky delivers a punishment in the form of top notch barebacking until he deposits a hot load on Eric's muscle ass. These babes may have to power clean the couch after all that raw pounding!

My 10 Inches - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Fucking Rikk York

The raw fuck, rough top falls to his knees for Rocco Steele’s ten inches! Rikk York’s latin ass is up for the ultimate test and Steele is ready to give it to him. Watch as this tattooed hunk does his best to reach the base with his throat and hole, beg for his smooth muscle ass’s life, and worship before the biggest daddy cock around. This video shows how to make a man into a size queen for sure, if the pleading and moaning is anything to go by.

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Amusement Park

...Son of a bitch could this guy fuck! He was driving all of his big dick deep into my ass and I was absolutely fucking loving it! It was obvious how much I was loving it when he pushed me over the edge. Spitting in his hand he reached under me grabbing my cock, starting to stroke it. My eyes flew open as I shoved my hand down to stop him. "I want you to cum man." He whispered in my ear. I whispered back "Yeah in like 2 seconds dude if you don't stop." This was his purpose as he stroked my cock raking his wet hand across the head of my dick. I couldn't fucking stand it, turning my head I dug my mouth into my shoulder so no one would hear me moaning! This dude continued to stroke my cock as his

Military Classified - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017


Rod is this tattooed dude I met online who was looking to make some money and when he saw the response to his ad I placed he decided to investigate. Well one thing led to another and soon he was at the front door of my studios ready to make money. Watch as I take this straight boy to a place he's never been with anyone knawin' on his bone.

Southern Strokes - Update

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Marc Fucks Genesis

We were hanging out at the supper table when we started chatting and the next thing I know, Genesis is taking down Marc's pants so he could get to Marc's hard uncut cock. Genesis's wet mouth worked on Marc's uncut cock until it was Marc's turn to give Genesis' cock a good sucking. Marc wanted a little taste of what was to cum so he let his tongue explore Genesis's hole as Genesis arched his back and opened up his balloon knot so that Marc could get his tongue in nice and deep. Genesis bent over the table with his knees on the bench and Marc climbed up and took him from behind. Marc started out gentle, giving Genesis' back soft kisses but then he rode Genesis like he was breaking in a new bronco. The two country boys fuck in every thinkable position before Genesis climbed up on top to go for a ride. Genesis unleashed a thick stream of boy juice all over Marc's face before Marc set off his own geyser of baby batter.

Straight Fraternity - Update

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Van's First Gay Blowjob

Van's never had a gloryhole experience before, and he's never gotten his cock sucked by another guy...until now. Van is eager to blow a load. He unzips and pushes his cock through the hole, and within seconds, he's hard. As I deep-throat his cock, he flexes it, making me gag and slobber all over his meat. I get Van to the edge of cumming, until he's shaking and whispering "oh yeah, like that." With a load outburst, Van blows a giant blob of cum on my cheek and keeps pumping out jizz until the side of my face is covered.

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