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William Higgins - Update

Thursday October 08, 2015

Wank Party 2015 #07 (Pt. 2)

In Wank Party 2015 #7 we have a very good cast, featuring Alan Carly, Charli Lomoz, Aron Ros and Marion Anel. In this second part we find Alan and Marion on their backs ready to take cock. They kiss each other as a cock is slid into each of their hot asses. Aron is fucking his dick into Marion with Charli doing the same for Alan. Both of the hot bottoms moan as they take those cock deep in their holes. They continue to kiss each other as Charli and Aron keep speed up their fucking...

Bel Ami Online - Update

Thursday October 08, 2015

Hard Day With A Hard-On

Scott Reeves has had a bad day at work and arrives home all out of sorts. Luckily he has his sexy mate Tony Conrad who's there to help him relieve some of the stress.

Military Classified - Update

Thursday October 08, 2015


Today I'm bringing back a couple of rough trade studs who i've put together to tag team me and fuck the shit out of me with no regrets! Today I've put together Steklar and Jossiah, making them do "gay" things for money with each other but more importantly taking out their straight aggressions on my ass and the straight cock was everywhere making this one of the hottest group scenes I've done so far.

Gay Room - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015

Alex's Oral Slumber Party

Dirty Tex and Austin pass around Alex for an oral good time! Alex Mason, Tex Davidson, Austin Carte, three scruffy studs, suck and fingerbang their own private partyboy!

Men - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015

The Sitter

Will Braun is home from college and needs to make some easy money. There is nothing easier than babysitting, but while the parents are away, the sitter will play. Will gets a call from Dylan Knight and he would be crazy to turn him away, so he invites him over to his neighbor’s house to get nasty on the couch. Will eats Dylan’s hot ass, priming him for his hard cock. Dylan takes Will’s cock like a pro until he explodes all over his own stomach. It's so hot that Will shoots his load onto Dylan's face as his body shakes in ecstasy.

Chaos Men - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015

Augustine & Bjorn: Serviced

Once it was up, Bjorn was all about worshiping his long cock! And clearly Augustine loved having someone slurp up his meat. He has a natural ability to dirty talk, and it is great to hear him encourage Bjorn to slobber on his knob. Augustine gets up on his knees and then you really see how long his cock is! Bjorn does his best to take his cock at that angle, but his eyes keep watering. He flips Augustine onto his back so he can fuck his throat. That gives Bjorn a chance to play with his own cock. Augustine writhes around as his ass gets eaten, then shove his cock down Bjorn's throat. Augustine pulls out and jerks his cock until he cums. The cum drops straight down Bjorn's gullet! He shoves his cock in, forcing the cum all the way down his throat.

Sean Cody - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015


New college grad Stanley is a personal fitness trainer who plays tennis basketball and golf lays back and tugs his todger for members of Sean Cody. Don'cha love it when they pump their hips and fuck their greasy fist with their cocks?

Straight Fraternity - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015


Blonde surfer Jason is back from the beach and looking to have his cock sucked. Of course, the quick and easy way to get relief is at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. No strings attached and it's guaranteed to be great!

Mormon Boyz - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015

Bishop Angus and Elder Larsen

When Bishop Angus arrives to help Elder Larsen take one step closer to manhood and membership in The Order, he finds that the door to his office is slightly ajar. He freezes just outside the office, and then he hears it: the slurping and the moaning that are telltale signs of two Mormon boys getting into trouble. He creeps to the door and peeks in. There is Elder Larsen, pants around his ankles, his head thrown back in ecstasy, getting his cock sucked by his half-naked companion. The bishop smiles and shakes his head. You really can’t leave missionaries alone for a second. They’re basically adolescents, extremely curious, and full powerful hormones that leave them constantly horny. Given the slightest opportunity, they are sucking and fucking and hoping that no one finds out. Even so, the bishop is surprised by their audacity. Sucking each other off right here in his office! Not that he minds. Elder Isaacs is a handsome guy, muscular, really macho — but Bishop Angus loves making the tough ones beg.

Club Amateur USA - Update

Wednesday October 07, 2015

Gracen – Part 1

And here we are friends… ClubAmateurUSA’s 12th anniversary & the emperors have no clothes… on many levels… The reigning emperor, per se, Gracen, once again, allows himself to continue his journey toward authenticity, and blessedly, he allows this subordinate emperor to empower his sexploration toward his authentic sexuality. Please note, that I did not reference authentic sexual orientation. I referenced authentic sexuality. Today, 12 years later, there is an acknowledgeable difference.

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