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A (Sorta) New Category: 

 Interracial Gay Sex !!!


So, did you notice a new browsing category atop the list today? Well, I did, so I'm gonna write about it. Interracial Gay Sex is the new theme. What's that you say? - you remember the blog about a previous new category, Multi-Racial Men? - and it sounds like the same thing? Okay, you're partly correct. Interracial Gay Sex is perhaps our new shortcut to the more specific genre, rather than the broader selection of men and mansex that's covered in Multi-Racial. Plus, this one is gay sex, not just men, though that's kinda splitting pubic hairs.

What do you think of when you see the word Interracial? Usually, it's black and white, or ebony and ivory, to not coin a phrase. The inaugural 25 websites, in 53 featured and classic listings, have been assembled by our sexperts to populate our newest gay sex directory websurfing section. One proviso - somebody here at headquarters seems to think that Latin men comprise a separate race. Dude, not quite. Well, except in the multi-racial societies of Brazil and the Caribbean where Latin and Island men are black and white and everything in between. Check out Red Hot Latinos as an example. Additionally, we're not quantitative on listing much Caucasian vs. Asian interracial yet. Gay Interracial XXX is a hot spot for that, plus keep reading the blog cuz we'll be reviewing another relevant new site soon.



"We're always looking for any new way to help our customers and browsers find the websites that they're really looking for in a quicker and easier manner.
" says Traffic Manager Eric. "We already provided multiple access points for interracial sex sites through a variety of other categories, but we decided to spin off Interracial Gay Sex as a more efficient shortcut to many of our popular, but perhaps lesser known, interracial gay sex sites."

There is plenty of diversity in the kinds of pornsites listed under Interracial Gay Sex. They include video-on-demand, exclusive content, mini-site portals, megasites, multi-pass sites, and shortcuts to site previews. Macho Fucker, the premier ad site atop the listings, definitely caught my eye. Going in to check it out, it's inventive as well as super-sexy, breaking down its studs by Black Tops, Latin Tops, White Tops, and Bottoms - the guys are all hot, muscular, huge and hard. Mmmmm. So yeah, these sites do work the stereotypes - the Black guys with mammoth cocks and the worried white guy who doesn't really mind being the power bottom. Okay, we'll accept all that with a sense of fun - the sites all do.


I'll just mention a few I liked - but you go ahead and explore 'em all - hey, there's just two pages, you know you want to. Blacks on Boys mines the myth with big-dicked Black studs drilling adorable pale twinks. Thugs on Twinks and Thugs on White Boys do the same job with a little more urban vibe. Edger 9 is the edgy site for pornstar Race Cooper (see his movie for more)(and see if 9 is his dick size). For big monster cocks, go no further than the humongous members at Boys Destroyed and It's Gonna Hurt - worth it just for the photos of the wide-eyed potential bottom boys. Thug Hunter is part of a program that does reality and public sex, and this site joins that fuck club - watch out! Black Boy Addictionz is a really genuine amateur site. Raw Fuck Club is the diverse studio site for New York's Dark Alley. And Mix It Up Big mixes it up - big - with pornstars and great photography.

There's no doubt that these listings will continue to expand - there are more sites that feature
Interracial Gay Sex scattered around other categories - if you find some, send us a Comment and let us know. New sites will be added too. And who knows, we might find some new races to interracialize in gay sex.





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