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Suit Sex - Part 3 - Suited to Fuck - Movie Review

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Suited to Fuck - FreshSX


Release Year:
Run time:
90 minutes


Every first Friday of the month a group of guys into suits meet in central London. A hedonistic club where all your sexual fantasies come true – when you are Suited to Fuck. Behind closed doors, FreshSX hosts their own suit fetish sex club, inspired by the real club 'City Boys'. Director Andy O'Neill - "We've always had a thing for hot guys in suits ever since we started shooting porn with our City Boyz and Well Suited movies, but when we came up with the idea for our latest movie we knew we had hit on something amazingly hot." Producer James Connor - "Suited to Fuck includes several niche suit fetish themes including book licking and shoeshine boys, tie and suit worship, and blindfolding with ties. We also have a scene where the guys have sex in the public toilets. At all times throughout the movie the other guys in the club were watching the guys having sex and this is shown in the movie - it gives a strong feel of voyeurism to the whole film. And in casting for this movie we made sure that the guys were different ages and builds, again to represent the real men who attend these parties - hot looking guys having hot sex in suits!"

Scene 1 - Fran K. & Dillon Brooks
We meet Dillon at the club dressed in a suit from work. He explains he likes being in control and how the suit gives him that power to dominate. Next, Dillon's with Fran in one of the cruising areas of the club - Dillon's sitting, Fran's kneeling on the floor worshipping his shoes, first polishing them with a cloth, then licking them clean with his tongue. Fran opens Dillon’s shirt and licks his chest while other guys hang around watching the action. Fran gets out Dillon’s cock – it's rock hard already - a nice thick niner. Dillon grabs Fran’s head and pulls him down onto his cock forcing him to deep-throat every last inch. Fran strips leaving just his tie on and starts to thrust his ass down on Dillon working that huge cock deep inside him. They move so Dillon is standing over Fran, taking full control of fucking his tight young ass. Fran lays down on the couch and they fuck harder, Fran lifting his whole body so he can thrust even faster and deeper up and down on Dillon’s monster. As Fran pushes even deeper he can hold back no more and spurts his creamy load over his ripped six-pack. Dillon pulls out and shoots over Fran spraying his body and face with cum, Fran trying to catch some of it in his mouth.



Scene 2 - Ashley Ryder & Jason Torres

Jason is in the bar and as he leaves clocks Ashley who follows in pursuit. In Jason’s interview he explains that he works in a bank and has been into guys in suits for at least 10 years. His ultimate fantasy is being in a glass tower and having sex with one his colleagues on the table in the office overlooking the city at night. Ashley follows Jason into the darkroom area, they grab at each other and kiss. They are rough with each other and there is real passion and sex in the air as Ashley unbuttons Jason’s shirt revealing his masculine, hairy chest. Ashley undoes Jason’s trousers and makes for his crotch, pulling down his boxers revealing a hard long cock. Ashley dives on with his mouth, deep-throating Jason’s dick. Ashley strips more, Jason slaps his ass and starts rimming him before shoving his dick in Ashley’s eager hole. The guys fuck harder, Ashley pushing back hard on Jason’s big cock. Jason sits down on the bench and Ashley rides him cowboy style. Ashley stands up so Jason can pound his ass before moving back to the bench so Ashley can shoot his load while Jason fucks him deep and hard. Jason pulls out and comes over Ashley.


Scene 3 - Luke Desmond & Kawan Silveira
In Luke’s interview he says his biggest turn on is having sex in the toilets and he really likes being blindfolded with a tie or wanking off with a tie. Kawan passes Luke while is chatting in one of the corridors of the club and gives him the eye. Luke follows and they make out in one of the cruising areas of the club, Kawan licking and sniffing Luke’s tie and rubbing it on his ripped body. Kawan unzips his pants, takes out his cock and Luke wraps his tie round and wanks him off before diving on to suck him off. Luke sits down and Kawan gets out his cock and starts sucking him off. Luke has a meaty thick cock and Kawan gets to work on deep-throating him. Kawan bends over so they can 69. They stand up, Luke takes off his jacket so Kawan can undress him. Kawan lays down on the couch and Luke sits down on top of his rock hard cock thrusting up and down to get every last inch inside him. Luke moves forward so they can fuck doggy style, Kawan using Luke’s tie as a blindfold and as reins, pulling himself deeper and deeper onto his cock while in total control. Kawan sits down and Luke rides him again before Luke lays down and Kawan fucks him till he shoots a huge load of white cum over his ripped stomach. Kawan pulls out and jacks off over Luke.


Scene 4 - Justin Harris & Mark Summers
Mark is the bartender at the club. He leaves the bar for a moment to go to the loo. Justin explains that his biggest turn-on with the suit fetish is the tie as that's the symbol of a real man. In the toilet Mark looks at Justin and moves over and starts licking, smelling and kissing Justin’s tie and shirt. He caresses Justin’s jacket before removing it. Justin pulls down Mark's pants and starts sucking his hard dick against the urinals as some of the other guys in the club begin to watch. Justin sucks Mark even deeper as Mark rubs Justin’s tie over his ripped body. Justin stands up and Mark sucks him off. Mark undoes Justin’s shirt, touching his ripped six-pack before turning him round and rimming his ass with his tongue. Justin bends over more and Mark slips his cock inside and starts to fuck him harder. Grabbing onto his shirt, Mark pulls Justin even deeper onto him before they make their way into one of the cubicles. With Mark sitting on the toilet, Justin sits down on his cock to feel the full force of Mark’s dick. Standing up they fuck even harder while more guys come in and watch. Mark pulls out, sits Justin down and cums over his black silk tie and leaves to go back to work. Justin stays in the cubicle and while being watched by another guy cums again over his tie before kicking the door shut.


Director:  Andy O'Neill

Starring:  Dillon Brooks, Luke Desmond, Justin Harris, Fran K., Ashley Ryder, Kawan Silveira, Mark Summers, Jason Torres

Themes:  Anal Sex, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Europeans, Fetish, JockstrapMen In Suits, Older/Younger, Rimming/Ass Licking, TattoosUncut Cocks










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