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Cyber Sex Theater - Full Site Review

Cyber Sex Theater

 Grab your dick and some popcorn!!!


 Score: 94.0 - Superior 
 Billing: DHD Media
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The Lowdown:  There are many gay porn video-on-demand sites to choose from. They can be independent, inter-related, or affiliated. Back in the day, they competed for exclusive rights to studios. Today, studio and movie selection are obviously still in play, but sites also offer other features to make the viewing experience easy and rewarding. Cyber Sex Theater excels in both criteria. It's a 3-in-1 movie site, offering you the choice of watching the movies you want to see as Pay-Per-View, Pay-Per-Minute, or Pay-Per-Month. So watch what you want, when you want it.

Thumbs Up:  See above. Well, it's great because it's ALL YOU CAN WATCH! Among the various options, there are almost 10,000 feature movies from more than four decades of gay porn. You can watch an entire movie or select the individual scenes you prefer to see. There are thousands of pornstars to ogle and choose your favorites. The site and subsites have great design and easy navigation. Long term and multiple-minute rates are generous for the viewer. Daily updates.

Thumbs Down:  Because of the nature of independent video-on-demand, the market dictates that major studios don't send in their latest releases, but market them on their own sites. But there's waaay more to enjoy on Cyber Sex Theater despite that. I didn't actually see daily updates on PPMo. The model indexes are not sortable. And I think it's time to move into the 21st century and eliminate the data-field "Ethnicity: White".



 When you arrive at the home page, well first there's an abundance of cock on view. That's always a good sign. Going down the page, you can check out the most popular scenes and stars, linking to complete indexes, for each of the three programs, PPV, PPMin, PPMo. And you can click off on the three program links at top and bottom to go to their separate home pages. Here, you'll find endless browsing through scene, movie, pornstar, studio, and category indexes and sorts. And we do mean endless. Thoughtfully, perhaps, Cyber Sex Theater only has video trailers in the monthly membership section, and limits you to about six per day. And I tried to get around that, to no avail. But bottom line, the preview pages mirror the membership areas. So you can see what you'll get for selection and viewing options. When you get tired of previewing naked men, just go ahead and choose which membership you want, and start watching porn.

Joining:  All "major credit cards" are accepted. Payment processor is DHD Media and their payment page also features translation to 10 non-English languages. Mailing in payment by money order is also accepted. Pay-Per-View includes stream-to-own and 24-hour rental. Viewing credits range from $9.99 to $99.99, with payments of $29.99 and up getting bonus bucks for 10-50% extra. The more you pay, the more extra you get. Money order payment offers three amounts with bonus. Pay-Per-Minute has payment options ranging from $2.98 to $86.98, for 10 to 1000 minutes. Amounts of $19.98 and up get bonus minutes adding 25-43% extra. Money orders are for $29.98 to $86.98, 300 to 1000 mins. with bonus. Pay-Per-Month is $19.97 a month, $39.97 per three months, and $139.97 a year, presumably all rebilling same.


Inside:  All three sub-sites access movies more or less the same. Index display options include items per page and item size/number per line; sorts by date added, date of production, title, and user rating. Display video indexes either by movie or by scene. Drop-down boxes at top are Categories, selected subjects or go to complete list; Studios, selected or go to complete list; and Stars, type of model or go to complete list of individual performers. There's also a keyword search at top. The My Library toplink includes Viewing History, Favorites, and Ratings, to help manage what you've watched. There are also mobile Cyber Sex Theater sites. And the sites will also translate via toplink to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and maybe Japanese. Pay-Per-View has 9,850 movies with 42,895 scenes, hundreds of studios, and 3,699 pornstars. Pay-Per-Minute is a close second, 9,713 movies with 42,050 scenes, hundreds of studios, and 3,626 pornstars. Pay-Per-Month has 1,528 movies with 6,579 scenes, 70 studios, and 768 pornstars. I'm sure there's a reason for these numbers being so different. You'll find that the big US studios are not present in the monthly membership section. You'll also notice that model indexes don't seem to be arranged or sortable, just browsable, but there are teaser pix to enjoy on model pages. Movie pages have stats, description, cast, scene pix/linx, action keywords.

Tech Stuff:  When you did the preview, you may have been prompted to download Microsoft Silverlight to view the trailers. Well, that's what they default to for streaming video. You can also switch to Flash. There are no downloads of movies or scenes. The stream-to-own option means that you can watch the selected videos as often as you want, as long as your account stays active - a purchase or rental at least once in 6 months. The video viewer has lots of controls and options. You can go full screen in a variety of ways. You can navigate via a 'film strip' feature at bottom. You can check and raise connection speeds and other tech details as you watch.

The Guys:  What can you say. With a top total of almost 4,000 porn stars, your favorites are bound to be on view at Cyber Sex Theater. From the guys in film loops from the 1970s to today's hottest guys, from all the big and small studios, the selection of men for your viewing pleasure is second to none. With all the best stars from the US, Europe, and South America, you'll be able to choose the movies you want that feature the men you want to watch. Currently at the top of the leader board is French superstar Francois Sagat. He's followed by fellow muscle-studs Luke Garrett and Adam Champ, next BelAmi legend Lukas Ridgeston, then Latin super-studs Daniel Marvin, Marco Blaze, and Rafael Alencar, followed by popular veteran Dean Phoenix. Each category of model types from the dropdown box also has a top ten list on their sort pages. So Zack Randall's the top twink, Chad Hunt the top lean star, and you get the idea. Cyber Sex Theater is a bountiful buffet of boys and men. You'll never tire of the mammoth cast list.




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