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Cholo Lovers - Full Site Review

  Cholo Lovers

   Dame lo que quiero !!!

     Score: 86.7 - Excellent
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  • 3 day trial @ $3.95 (credit card) renewing at $39.95
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    $29.96 a month, renewing at same 

The Lowdown:  Cholo Lovers is a new site, launched February 29, 2008. We wanted to be the first to do a full site review, and perhaps that’s a disadvantage for a site which hasn’t grown yet, but we’ll keep that in mind. It’s part of our favorite multi-porn-site program and got underway with the tagline “Mexican bad boys show you how they get down.” Well, the Urban Dictionary defines CHOLOS in a variety of ways. But what it is is Latino guys from L.A. or elsewhere in the southwest U.S., who maybe are or wannabe or dress up to be gang types. The uniform can include bandanas, shaved heads, tattoos, button-down shirts or wife-beaters, and of course an attitude. Cholo Lovers started life with a half dozen exclusive Cholo gay sex scenes supplemented by more generic Latino lover lust episodes. Their able exploitation of the stereotype and filming in high definition are a promising beginning for this site.
Thumbs Up:  The wham-bam sexy design and the super-simple home page and navigation are huge pluses. The exclusive Cholo sex scenes are imaginative with their themes. They don’t shy away from the less stereotypical buff-boy porn actors and their Cholos have more real-life bodies. Their use of high-def video makes for a great viewing experience. Padding the content with Brazilian and American Latino sex duos is a good idea, until the Cholo content increases in future. Videos have easily useable streaming and download options. There’s no DRM so you keep the downloads. The photo galleries are large, easy to use, and entertaining, along with streaming, while you’re waiting for downloads to download. And there is plenty of entertaining bonus content.
Thumbs Down:  While there might be only about 10 hours or so of video, one hopes this will increase rapidly. The membership has some issues that could be presented more clearly. The support page isn’t very helpful with technical stuff. For example, why did the hi-def download seem to take a really long time, longer than size-comparable files might download on other sites. There are a few content linking problems mentioned below. A few names are different inside from out. And the bonus material needs to be culled and checked for non-working sites. There's a guy with a Wisconsin tank top - what's with that? And bottom-line, we need more hard-cocked, naked fucking Cholos!


Note:  As Cholo Lovers is a new site in a multitudinous porn program, rather than rewrite all the info that they share in common, you can read our reviews for brother sites Internally Gay HD, First Bi Fuck, and Twinky Bottoms for more information on preview, layout, joining, inside, help, bonus content, navigation and tech stuff.

  Cholo Lovers has a terrific preview home page. They obviously employ a talented (and horny) graphic designer. The preview page is all photos, plenty of pinga. There’s a cool logo with stereotypical Mexican-ish font, a low rider (is that a dodge?), a city skyline, a bunch of Cholo-looking guys, and of course lots of fucking and sucking. There’s also a claim of “watch them on hi-res video now” – more on that later. Don’t click the Instant Access $1 link to the join page yet, there’s more to check out. There are picture previews for 5 episodes with names and brief descriptions, with 1 large and 3 smaller photos, sharp and sexy. The Cholo-related porn themes here are gang initiation, prison sex, opposing gang member hookup, prison bitch sex, and bareback Cholo sex. View Free Video links go to one trailer for the site. It’s viewed on RealPlayer with a really big 8x5 inch picture with this hot Cholo twink next to it. There’s vaguely latin music playing, it’s 52 seconds and downloadable. Above the bandana’d boys boffing is the claim that “you won’t find these exclusive gay scenes anywhere else” – sort of true, more later. At the bottom of the page is a collage of 15 pix that look less Cholo-ish, linked to the join page. As usual in this pornsite program, there’s not a multi-page tour, but that concentrated look at the Latino libidos waiting to explode within – it’s enough of a preview to want to join. There’s no mention of the bonus content that will be available with membership. A refreshing facet of the page is the lack of picture linking to join, just text links, and no extraneous links – the preview is kept nice and simple.

 The join page has the same cute logo, with more Cholo sex thumbs. And at top is that hot chico again, this time mouthwateringly naked, gaping asshole and cum-covered. He's Orion and I couldn’t wait to check out his video. The credit card trial membership is $3.95 for 3 days, but renews at $39.95. The trial by check for 5 days at $6.95 does the same. Terms & Conditions explains that trials may not come with total access, and actually a short review of the site elsewhere says the trial gets access to the site’s own content but no bonus content. T&C has trials rebilling at the regular monthly rate – but it’s not clear what that refers to. The monthly credit card rate is $29.96 rebilling at same (but $29.97 on T&C – hmmm). Epoch is the card processor, taking Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, with WTS processing checks. Netbilling is also cited on the next page as a payment processor, and Cabo, the corporate entity could be listed on your statement. Still no mention of bonus content here, like on their other sites – what’s with that? And there’s another site trial to check or uncheck before you finish.

 The members area is all business – no clutter – a few dick pix at top, a funny script font being used – I guess it’s the “lovers” part of Cholo Lovers. Then it’s all vertical, with the episode directory followed by bonus content. There’s no distracting duplicate links at top, sides, or bottom – that’s a nice change from most sites. And at bottom is only the Customer Support link, going to cute A.J’s or Chad’s smiling faces. “Sunk to the nuts up a tight Latino culo” is their page-top motto, and hopefully their mantra for expanding the site. The episode directory spans three pages, with 15, 10, and 5 entries, with page links conveniently at the top of each page. Bonus content appears only on page 1. Each video is listed with 1 large and 4 small pix, names and description. The most recent 12 vids are dated back to December. Updates seem to come every 2 weeks. There are easy links to streaming and downloading videos, and photo galleries. On page one there are three different categories of viewing options. For pages 2 and 3 and 5 vids on page 1, the norm is to offer streaming at high and low speeds for 7 segments, downloading the 7 segments too. For 6 vids on p.1 - the exclusive real Cholo vids – the upgrade comes to town! Streaming choices are high speed, medium speed, and HD parts 1, 2, and 3; and download. There’s 4 other vids that stream at high and low speeds, and download. All of the episodes have photo galleries – “see the pictures” - of vidcaps or photoshoots, in varying numbers and sizes.

The 7 part episode segments average about 2-3 minutes each, the complete videos ranging 10-25 minutes. The hi-def vids are longer, like 25-27 minutes. Navigation through the photo galleries is via easy icons, to advance, go back, go to end or beginning, go back to thumbs, or go back to home page. This navigation applies both to  individual images and thumbnail pages. There is no separate page linking. A couple of glitches noticed - Rodrigo and Gustavo link to the wrong photo gallery; Orion and Tony, streaming file for HD#2 is missing.

Let’s talk bonus content. Featured Latino Video Feeds – opening in same window – only 1 of 3 worked when I tried ‘em. A fun section is the latest updates on half a dozen of their brother sites which link to the home pages of those sites – also opening in the same window. Featured Video Feeds (36) have a diverse selection opening in a new window. Ten of those didn’t work. One that I liked stopped working in mid-feed, just when I was getting to the good part! Next are 7 shopping and hook-up sites, supposedly with discounts, 3 in the same window, 4 in new windows, 1 more of a straight site, and check out Fleshjack – it’s fun and hot. Two Free Live Chat links look like they actually work – another nice change from other sites with similar links. There are 41 links to free bonus sites from the program, opening in the same window. They all work, of course, and there’s something for everyone.

Tech Stuff:  All videos come in Windows Media format. On page one there are three different categories of viewing options. For pages 2 and 3, and 5 vids on page 1, the norm is to offer streaming at high and low speeds for 7 segments, downloading the 7 segments too. For 6 vids on p.1 - the exclusive real Cholo vids – the upgrade comes to town! Streaming choices are high and medium speeds, and HD parts 1, 2, and 3. And there’s download the whole video. There’s 4 other vids that stream at high and low speeds, and the download. For all you numbers queens, here’s the breakdown. Seven-part high streaming is 600kbps for a 420x316 screen, low at 165kbps for a 320x240 view. Whole vid streaming is high at 1.02mbps and 512x384 screen, low at 600kbps and 420x316 screen. The hi-defs go high at 1.02mbps and 512x288, medium at 600kbps and 420x236; and hi-def streams 2.17mbps for a 1280x720 screen. High viewing does well at 2x and okay at full-screen. Hi-def comes full screen. Streaming is fast, except for occasional buffering issues especially on high speed and the hi-def files. There’s no DRM so keep the downloads. Sample download times were 9 minutes for a 110mb whole vid file, seconds for a 1/7 segment, and a ball-busting 35 minutes for a hi-def 261mb file. The exclusive Cholo episodes have separate photo shoots, most more than 200 shots, and sized at 1000x667. The rest of the episodes have vidcaps, sized 710x530 or 720x437. You can browse the stills or stream another vid while you’re waiting for a download. There's no slideshow function or gallery zip download, but browsing the galleries is easy and quick. The support page doesn't have much tech info. But there is a link to download WM Player 11 if there are viewing problems.

Camerawork:  Even with videos coming from three places, the videography uniformly tends to be good pro-am quality. Whether the camera’s hand-held or tripod-mounted, the photographer(s) work all the angles, pan, zoom, fades, etc. They especially like the views from below. The hi-def films are sharp and full screen. Not quite TV quality, just because the lighting tends to be more gonzo and not Hollywood-set professional. The exclusive photoshoots are also good pro-am quality. They start off with solo shots of each Cholo stud, then going to the sex – well framed and close to the action.
The Guys:  Oye ese! These homo homeboys are keepin' it real! Out of all the dozens of Latino gay porn sites (listed on of course) I don't know if there are other Cholos fucking their brains out like on Cholo Lovers. It's a niche of a niche and kind of a fantasy thing - gay gang members? - can that really happen? Well, here they make it happen. Whether it's the consummation of a drug deal, breaking in a bitch behind prison cell bars, a forbidden sexual encounter between rival gang members, or just animal lust - these Cholos go man-on-man, mano-a-mano cuz they want it. There's only 6 real Cholo videos at the time of this writing - all offered in hi-def, with 11 different Cholos. But vato, they may look kinda husky, you say, but tough shit! They're butch as hell and they fuck and suck with passion. Orion is the baby of the group, the prison twink who looks up at his man with big puppydog brown eyes. The back catalog goes way south of the border to Brazil for hot uncut carioca sex. Those guys live for sex and this site shows off the x-rated talents of hot young studs. The content comes from brother site Horny Papi, but it is muy caliente (or however you say it in Portuguese). Another half dozen videos showcase American Latino boys. Most of the vids are duos, and there are two solos, bodybuilder Basilio, and hot college boy Chip (yes, he's Latino). But no matter what their national origin, body type, or cock characteristics, these Cholos or non-Cholos cum with an attitude. Orale, chico, viva la raza!

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