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Maskurbate - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Shooter Maker

Brad wanted me to taste his version of the Blow job Shot. His ain't made of Bailey's and Amaretto. But it sure tasted as good! Just before I had a taste though, I wanted to see how big his cock could get with the help of my penis pump (Brad had never used one before). After only three tries, it reached the top of the pump. Then everything was in place for his own personal shooter recipe of the Blow Job... *

Cocky Boys - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Justin Dominates Levi

Justin and Levi were finally alone in the room and of course there was only one way things could go from that point on. As soon as Justin unbuttons his pants and takes his massive cock out of his underwear Levi is ready to get to work. There are spit and tears covering Justin's cock but Levi is determined to swallow it all the way down (which he does like a total pro) and it's not long before Levi gets bent over the bed and Justin plows him like he owns all of him. A few positions later, Levi is on top of Justin, bouncing up and down, and shooting cum all over Justin's chest. A few seconds later, Justin shoots his load as well.

Men Of Montreal - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Fucking For Love

Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone are not only two porn actors, but also boyfriends in real life. So, it's not surprising, that when you put these two together, the fact that these two are hot for each other comes through pretty obviously. Brandon is an accomplished porn star who shot a solo for us last year. Samuel is a newcomer whose skills will certainly take him places. He started shooting with us a couple of weeks back, and we'll be seeing more of him in the future.It was a gorgeous summer-like day in early June when we shot this. The guys were just lounging around in the sun, taking in the early summer rays, when the heat of moment turn into a full blown sexcapade. *

Coco Dorm - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Hotrod & Redd Spyda

Redd Spyda just tryin to study but all dese brothas be hasslin him on tha phone tryin to come over cuz the brotha fine as fuck. Well Hotrod makes it over and all he wanna do is fuck and not know nottin about no goddamn books, cuz shit, he just had one hella exam and he needs to release some anxiety with his big fat thug pipe. So Redd Spyda gets his face fucked and Hotrod digs his dick deep into Spyda's ass who loves that shit fa real and is so grateful for the fucking that he lets Hotrod come all over his face and suck his dick dry.

Southern Strokes - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Robbie Stevens

It was a very very hot Atlanta summer day and if you haven't ever experienced a Hotlanta day, just think about a hot sauna everywhere you go. We finally got Robbie to be quiet and take off his cloths for us. He peeled off his shirt to reveal a nice thick upper body with a hot patch of hair between his nipples. Robbie is a grower and when he got up on his knees, I thought his nut sack was going to hit the chair. Robbie kept fucking his hand and edging himself closer and closer and we watched his nuts get fuller and fuller. *

Sean Cody - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014


Totally hot muscle stud beach-boy Dominic is showing us what he's all about. From peck flexes to the sweet innocent grin, he knows exactly what he has. A gorgeous body, clean-cut look and a nice big beautiful cock! It takes not time until he's naked and stroking it for our viewing pleasure. In his teasing tantalizing way, Dominic grips those lovely balls filled with cream and mashes them to our delight.Pumping for all he's worth and those nuts flop. *

Extra Big Dicks - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Peddling To Glory

Sam is out at the park enjoying a beautiful warm day. He is out and about, walking around, taking the sights in when he notices a sexy young cyclist coming in his direction. Drake who is on the bike rides right past Sam and decides to turn around and check out the strapping young man from head to toe.

Straight Fraternity - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Franco Takes Ryan Peters

Franco blindfolds Ryan Peters and cuffs his hands together. Right away, Ryan turns totally submissive and does whatever he's told. Franco eats his ass, forces him to suck his cock and fucks his tight hole bareback with his thick 9-inch cock. *

Extra Big Dicks - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Real Life Couple

Real life couple Trit & Brett like it slow and passionate while they get their groove on. Big dick Brett loves to stick it to his bottom boy Trit and give all his thick meat to him. Slow and steady as they go moving in sync with one another taking in the love that brews between them both. The chemistry cums off screen when they both erupt with pleasure. *

Japan Boys - Update

Wednesday July 09, 2014

Khan's "Ichiro-ing" For A Hand

Khan, in yellow, has a friend over for some hand-to-man action. Typical for these Asian hotties, the fun starts with a shower, and soap. As these twinks play, the lather and hands go everywhere on one another. Oops, I forgot to say, the friend is Ichiro; seems to have quite a "bond" with Khan. After their bathroom time, they sit on the bed and explore more. *

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