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February 08, 2019

The Quick Study

Diego is a fresh-faced, new student at SpunkU, but with a tutor like Rave Hardick on board, he'll be a master of his craft in no time. Rave starts out as the ultimate romantic in crisp white shirt, kissing and nuzzling Diego until his student is sex-crazed and RARING to go. He strips to his jeans then gives Diego a few licks across the sensitive hole, nibbling at his neck and ears, then finally strips to let Diego have a go at sucking his massive XXL cock. Diego is so turned on that he doesn't blink an eye at the giant cock in front of him and sucks it with enthusiasm. Rave next opens him up with a clear glassy dildo, whispering sweet nothings to him as it slowly enters to fill his tight butt. Now he's ready to take on Rave himself.

SpunkU - Update

December 25, 2018

Straight To Bed

Rod Evans joins fellow student Derrick Dickem in the hot tub, where their thick bushy-pubed cocks loosen up and grow in the warm water. Underwater we watch them prance around and wag their weenies. Dickham wants to see how the two models react and how far they are willing to go with another straight, gay-curious guy. Encouraging them to make it into a bit of fun erotic horseplay, Dickham lets them "feel their way around" in a more loaded gay environment than they're used to. They follow each other to the bedroom. Rod steps out while Derrick works his dick and tunes in to something hot on his mobile phone.

SpunkU - Update

November 13, 2018

Sexy Sons of Satain

When horny guys hook up in this wild resort, they turn into something more than ordinary humans, the Sexy Sons of Satan! Nero (Romeo Daniel) is lounging out on the patio having morning coffee when he's joined by hot lean shaved stud Ezekiel (Joseph Banks). Nero's morning appetite is for more than just coffee, so he pulls out Ezekiel's huge meat and starts slobbering over it. The scruffy lil sexpot can get his mouth all the way down onto that thick pole, and earns an invitation to the notorious playroom. It's a combination dungeon and mad scientist's laboratory with every kind of kinky apparatus and fetishy sex toy for your mutual pleasure.

SpunkU - Update

November 02, 2018

Jaycee & John

Hot new SpunkU buddies JayCee and John Rene talk about their stories and sexual histories while they have a look back at their exciting visit to Sedona. We see them sucking and fucking in the wilds of Arizona, carefully checking to avoid discovery. John admits to enjoying the dildo play scene, since it opened his ass up pleasantly for getting topped the first time. JayCee was just glad he didn't get pinkeye after John's copious cumspray hit him smack in the eyes. But enough of the hot past, and back to the present. The two horny studs are lying down and John makes sure he gets a good swallow of JayCee's big cock (he's a great cocksucker) before he fingers his hole.

SpunkU - Update

October 20, 2018

Nature Fuck

Hiking around Red Rock country, Pinoy stud John Rene and hot muscle daddy JayCee can barely keep their hands and mouths off each other. Discretion finally takes over and they find a convenient enclave of shrubs for JayCee to go down on his handsome hung buddy. They climb on down to a whitewater creek and a rocky outcropping where they can get naked in the great outdoors, finally settling in at a secluded stone hot tub where they can get away with more than a quick suck.

SpunkU - Update

October 14, 2018

Dibs On Daddy

Though in reality, JayCee is barely old enough to be considered a Daddy, his gruff appearance and guy next door image put him squarely into that category, and right in David Ace's bullseye. David doesn't waste time getting obedient and submissive with the new muscle daddy, who's scruffy and covered in tats. He's down on all fours, ass up and with JayCee grabbing both cheeks for a taste of the lean twink. The smile on David's face tips off that he's needed this kind of treatment for a long while. JayCee also wasted no time, didn't even bother to pull off his watch or baseball cap. He roughly grabs David by the scruff of the neck to guide his mouth onto Daddy's hard cock.

SpunkU - Update

August 18, 2018

A Learning Experience

Great porn is about chemistry, and experienced performers have mastered the art of clicking with their scene partners. Little Tony and Jordan Beatz are hot guys with promise, but they learn that it's not always easy getting that onscreen magic going on command. Complicating that is the fact that 19-year old Little Tony is trying to make a name for himself in gay porn to get an in toward performing on straight sites. He won't kiss, suck cock or take anal. Doing a solo BTS, he takes direction and gets a decent hardon. Dickham guides him through and he gets off using a fleshlight. So far so good.

SpunkU - Update

August 12, 2018

Introducucing Gavin

Dark, handsome Gavin is as close to an absolute beginner as any student at SpunkU. He's done a few nudes in the past, and is eager to keep learning, but he's a diamond in the rough. He's lean and muscular, with a nice dick, with no experience with other guys. But he's open to this new world and has a great attitude. His attitude carries over to Gavin's relationship with the camera. That seductive sex appeal when he strikes a pose? Something you can't teach, and having it right from the beginning is a BIG head start. Gavin goes through photoshoot setups with growing confidence and comfort, and his hard dick shows he's ready and able.

SpunkU - Update

July 29, 2018

Late Night Snack

Levy Foxx is hungry after the day's lessons, and fixes a snack in the dorm kitchen. Seeing the handsome guy's firm round butt, Alex Miles can't help remarking Nice ass! and giving it an appreciative smack. Levy's lean, muscular buttocks lives for the attention, he grinds and flexes his cheeks with each smack, and the two make out against the kitchen sink. Alex is turned on and yanks down Levy's shorts as he bends him across the kitchen table and fills his hungry hole with smooth tan cock. Moving the action into the adjacent bedroom, their fuck takes on an added intensity and picks up speed.

SpunkU - Update

July 18, 2018

Ty Dominates Levy

Some guys will bottom when necessary, and then there are the ones like Levy Foxx that are BORN to have cocks inside them. Levy sees something he LIKES when ginger Viking stud Dom Ty joins him in a late night hot tub. Dom's pierced cock is just what Levy needs, and his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when he grabs it to suck and get hard. Dom lives up to his name as a natural top, so the combination proves combustible. He puts a blindfold on Levy and takes out the heavy ring in his dick so they can have some real fun. He feeds Levy's hungry mouth with the dick it craves, then fills his other hungry hole.

Straight guys learn to go gay at this school.

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