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August 18, 2018

A Learning Experience

Great porn is about chemistry, and experienced performers have mastered the art of clicking with their scene partners. Little Tony and Jordan Beatz are hot guys with promise, but they learn that it's not always easy getting that onscreen magic going on command. Complicating that is the fact that 19-year old Little Tony is trying to make a name for himself in gay porn to get an in toward performing on straight sites. He won't kiss, suck cock or take anal. Doing a solo BTS, he takes direction and gets a decent hardon. Dickham guides him through and he gets off using a fleshlight. So far so good.

SpunkU - Update

August 12, 2018

Introducucing Gavin

Dark, handsome Gavin is as close to an absolute beginner as any student at SpunkU. He's done a few nudes in the past, and is eager to keep learning, but he's a diamond in the rough. He's lean and muscular, with a nice dick, with no experience with other guys. But he's open to this new world and has a great attitude. His attitude carries over to Gavin's relationship with the camera. That seductive sex appeal when he strikes a pose? Something you can't teach, and having it right from the beginning is a BIG head start. Gavin goes through photoshoot setups with growing confidence and comfort, and his hard dick shows he's ready and able.

SpunkU - Update

July 29, 2018

Late Night Snack

Levy Foxx is hungry after the day's lessons, and fixes a snack in the dorm kitchen. Seeing the handsome guy's firm round butt, Alex Miles can't help remarking Nice ass! and giving it an appreciative smack. Levy's lean, muscular buttocks lives for the attention, he grinds and flexes his cheeks with each smack, and the two make out against the kitchen sink. Alex is turned on and yanks down Levy's shorts as he bends him across the kitchen table and fills his hungry hole with smooth tan cock. Moving the action into the adjacent bedroom, their fuck takes on an added intensity and picks up speed.

SpunkU - Update

July 18, 2018

Ty Dominates Levy

Some guys will bottom when necessary, and then there are the ones like Levy Foxx that are BORN to have cocks inside them. Levy sees something he LIKES when ginger Viking stud Dom Ty joins him in a late night hot tub. Dom's pierced cock is just what Levy needs, and his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when he grabs it to suck and get hard. Dom lives up to his name as a natural top, so the combination proves combustible. He puts a blindfold on Levy and takes out the heavy ring in his dick so they can have some real fun. He feeds Levy's hungry mouth with the dick it craves, then fills his other hungry hole.

SpunkU - Update

July 11, 2018

Rica & Alex

Alex is enjoying a free afternoon from studies, cooling his lean, hard body in the pool when Rica steps onto the deck and dangles his feet in the water. Alex is friendly and mostly horny, so he paddles over and helps himself to a mouthful of Rica. Sex this good needs a bed to take it to the next level, so the handsome pair dry off and retire to Alex's room. Now Rica is doing the sucking, getting his friend hot and ready. Rica's talented mouth teases every part of Alex, from his feet to his hairy ass crack. When Alex's fuzzy butthole is throbbing and hungry to get opened up, prodded and plowed, Rica sends it over the top by buzzing it with a vibrator.

SpunkU - Update

June 10, 2018

Trevor & Jet

Danny, the big boss, stops by at Spunk U. He's aware there's a big cock on campus and he wants to see Trevor Stone in action. Bringing one of PeterFever's favorite models over to bottom, Danny introduces Jet to the college boy. Within minutes the two guys are undressing and sizing each other up, and down. Aware of Jet's abilities, Trevor wastes no time as he face fucks the bottom's mouth. Getting both hands onto Jet's muscular ass, Trevor's up and ready; the bottom lubes up and slips a Magnum onto the top's cock, then sits cautiously down. It takes a minute to adjust to the girth and length but Jet is a real pro; the oh fuck means he's hit bottom.

SpunkU - Update

May 13, 2018

Topping Trevor

Hell, I'm really into Trevor Stone. When he fucked me, I felt a real connection; this time it's my turn to have his ass. As he goes down my body with his mouth, I get hard quickly. Trevor and I then trade jobs before I tongue his hole; damn, that is tasty. Are you ready for that? I ask; Trevor gives me a, hell yeah. Fuck his tight ass and moaning has me edging constantly. Switching up, I get this hottie into a few more positions before I pull of my condom and unload onto his groin. I don't know what to say; his ass is just perfect. Stroking himself, Trevor pulls me near when he blows, and it's hot. Jordan Beatz just couldn't keep his cock out of Trevor; good thing Trevor's into that sort of thing on

SpunkU - Update 04/29/2018

Learning To Take Dick

Trying to remember what I've learned at SpunkU, Jordan Beatz and I pair up; he will bottom for me. We kinda look alike so it's like I'll be fucking myself. Using one of the toys on Jordan, I stretch his hole; he's going to need it. Oh fuck, Jordan gasps as he breaks out into a sweat and lets me in; he is tight. Getting used to my cock, Jordan squirms and we switch positions. Sitting on me, he tries to control just how much he's taking until, I start thrusting up into him. Busting quickly, Jordan hops off and shakes off the sensation. I get a lot of guys blowing fast; you're welcome. Getting my nut, Jordan rubs and sucks on me; he's a good ball licker.

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SpunkU - Update

April 09, 2018

Carter James

Being 24 and in the military, I've experienced a bit of life. When I was in High School, I did have a friend that would hook up with me; our families knew each other and we hung out a lot. Now, I'm focusing on my body and trying to expand my modeling career; I'm okay doing porn. Working with Spunk U, I hope to expand my horizons and see what comes next. After some teasing, I strip down and work my toned body; my cock gets hard as I tug. At the gym, I focus on my chest and arms; my sensitive nipples get me aroused. Stretched out stroking my cock, I edge and get close; it's been a few days since I've blown.

SpunkU - Update

March 16, 2018

Jordan Beatz

Hell yeah, I'm down to try porn; I love sex and being filmed sounds like the bomb. As a Vers gay man, my positioning changes with my mood. Working my body on the bed, I let my fantasies come out; the camera becomes my partner's eyes. Hardened, I use a toy to jack and play. The sensation of the glass dildo in my ass is perfect; a rock hard guy's always the way to go. Close, I stroke and use my hips for some extra thrust. Blasting onto my groin, my cock goes flaccid and I just relax.

Straight guys learn to go gay at this school.

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