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Fore-Skin - Update

October 19, 2018

Jay Sheen

Who doesn't like a hot tattoed twink from Europe? Jay comes from Hungary. He has a toned smooth body and a beautiful uncut cock. Jay started off on the couch. He took his clothes off, and stayed in his red shorts. From there, we got him to whip his cock out and play with the skin. So sexy the way that he does it and watch the camera. It feels like an invitation. Once the shorts are off, sexy Jay started jerking off his uncut dick. After a while, it was too mich for Jay and he spewed his cum all over his toned stomach. Mmm What a load!

Fore-Skin - Update

September 05, 2018

Vitali Kutcher

Vitali Kutcher is one hot dude. He has such a hot smooth toned body. He has shot for us before but never for Fore-Skin so we invited the twink in our studio for a hot session. We had Vitali sit on the couch and told him to undress and then start playing with his nice uncut cock. Vitali's meat is a pretty good size with a very nice girth. The boy played with his extra skin for a while after we finally told him he could start jacking off which is did and unloaded all over his hand.

Fore-Skin - Update

July 23, 2018

Bodo Gold

Bodo starts out intending to work, but of course his naughty mind wanders, and he can't resist looking at some porn sites. Thankfully there's nothing much he likes better than playing with his long foreskin while he jerks it, and we get a perfect view of all the fun. When he pulls his big intact cock out of his pants he is already rock hard. While he watches the action on his screen, we get an awesome show as he tugs on his foreskin again and again. It is rare to see such long delicious foreskin, and I love seeing a guy who has so much fun tugging it. Bodo really has the full package though. With his whole body on display he goes back to tugging on his foreskin.

Fore-Skin - Update

May 19, 2018

Jerome James

This boy is just delicious. Thin toned body, tattooed with a bad boy look and a beautiful uncut piece of meat. For all the undies lovers, we asked Jerome to play with his cock in his jockstrap. Jerome was very comfortable with us. He's only 19 years old and working at his parents' insurance company. No wonder why he wanted to let loose Jerome has a very nice think hooded dick and we enjoyed watching him play with the skin, wetting his finger and rubbing the tip of his cock.

Fore-Skin - Update

January 25, 2018

Nick Vargas

Oh yeah baby! We got a hot Latino at! His name is Nick Vargas and he's originally from Spain but living now in England. We knew the moment he stepped into our studio that it was going to be a very "caliente" episode. Nick is wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt. His jeans are so tight that his cock is peaking out and you can see the head. What a pleasure to see a hot dude touching himself all over... Though it didn't take long before Nick sits down and whip out his uncut cock. Nick's got a lot of foreskin and watching him pull on it is so hot and tasty.

Fore-Skin - Update

December 15, 2017

Jeffrey Lloyd

Jeffrey Lloyd is a stunning and athletic young man with a huge cock. He sits alone with his huge cock in his hand playing with his foreskin. He sticks his finger down in it tickling the head of his cock while he slides his hand up and down the shaft.

Fore-Skin - Update

November 13, 2017

Jack Flynn

This hot Eastern European twink Jack Flynn sure has a long uncut cock! Jack had just turned 18 years old when he contacted us to shoot a video for and of course, we got this hot dude in our studio real fast! Watch Jack show off his long skinny hooded meat.

Fore-Skin - Update

July 07, 2017


Peter is one hot muscle guy that we got an email from a few weeks ago. After seeing a few pictures of him, we knew we had to call him and schedule a session. Watch him play with his thick hooded cock and cover his stomach of manly juice!

Fore-Skin - Update

June 22, 2017

Jack Flynn

This hot Eastern European twink Jack Flynn sure has a long uncut cock! Jack had just turned 18 years old when he contacted us to shoot a video for and of course, we got this hot dude in our studio real fast! Watch Jack show off his long skinny hooded meat.

Fore-Skin - Update

January 11, 2017

Alexander Dorch

Alexander starts slowly, savoring the feel of his foreskin sliding up and down his shaft - back and forth over the head of his cock. Every so often he stops his skillful stroking to tug on his foreskin, letting us admire every inch of him as he gets closer and closer to his climax. Soon he can't help himself, and his stroking gets faster and faster, his foreskin flying up and down the hard length of his shaft. After a few moments he shoots his load in an explosive orgasm from his big intact dick.

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