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Gay Hoopla - Update 04/21/2018

Buck & Brady

Brady and Collin are already kissing and touching and whispering into each other’s ears. “I want you to fuck me hard today,” Collin whispers. The two guys spend some time rubbing each other’s bodies and comparing abs and muscles. “I never had a man so big,” Collin tells Brady. Not sure that’s true but it sure turns Brady on to hear it. Brady’s dick is already hard as he pulls off Collin’s pants to get to his dick. This one spools out in real time as the seasoned Collin gets Brady into place. Brady rolls over and Collin spreads his ass cheeks open.

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Gay Hoopla - Update

April 04, 2018

Derek & Sean VR

Derek Jones and Sean Costin are BACK for another round of some HOT man on man action! This time, in VR (Virtual Reality)! This is a FIRST for GayHoopla! Enjoy the interactive special features! You may just feel like you are in the middle of the action. You can tell these guys are comfortable with each other right out the gates with the way they interact. Sean says, “Damn, you look good….You already hard for me?” Derek replies, “You know it baby.” From there, heavy kissing ensues, shirts go flying and the shorts start dropping. 

Gay Hoopla - Update

April 02, 2018

Buck & Jonas

Quite a size difference in this HOT scene. Big Buck Carter coming in at staggering 240lbs, Jonas Drift at a shredded 155lbs. One can expect Buck to FULLY dominate this tiny twink boy. After a short interview, these boys are ready to go. They start passionately kissing and Buck just takes control. He rips Jonas’s pants and underwear off and starts sucking on that dick. Buck must be doing a good job as Jonas says things like, “Ya, just like that” as Buck goes to town on that long twink cock.  “Is it my turn now?” eager Jonas says. He clearly wants to taste that big Buck Carter dick for himself.

Gay Hoopla - Update

March 23, 2018

Buck & Trevor

Buck Carter is back. That Big Slab Of Muscle that we wanted to see in action again, this time he’s having fun with that other slab of muscle Trevor Brown. You get let in on a bit of a secret in the scene opener. Landon says “yeah, you’ll have to change the sheets, those things have cum ALL over them.” That’s the way we roll here at Gay Hoopla. The guys hadn’t really decided who was going to top and who was going to bottom. Busk said “If I’m hard and in the mood, I wanna top” and Trevor said “last time, I was enjoying bottoming more last time so…” Looks like Trevor just agreed to get some Buck Fuck.

Gay Hoopla - Update

March 14, 2018

Ethan & James

Ethan has never hooked up with a guy, never kissed a guy… this is a “total first,” but he’s oddly ready to go. We get to see his first kiss and… it just goes from there. He’s a bit nervous for a very short bit but soon he’s got that “I can’t believe I’m doing this and I kinda like it” smile. Our man James takes the lead and shows him just how two guys can have fun together. Ethan’s a natural. James pulls out Ethan’s dick which is in that “hanging heavy” state… James starts to suck it and you won’t believe the look on his face… it’s that “I had no idea a blowjob could feel this good.” Then the smile is from ear to ear.

Gay Hoopla - Update

March 07, 2018

Ryan & Collin

Ryan Judd is one BIG muscular slab of man. Big, burly, beefy, kinda cuddly reddish-blond. Like a young lumber jack. He’s been checking out Collin’s ass the whole time we were there, so we knew that when we put them together, the sparks were going to fly. And FLY they did. Ryan is 240 pounds of muscle and Collin likes blonds. Ten seconds into the first kiss, Ryan had slammed Collin up against the wall and the energy just built from there. Collin pushes Ryan down on the bed and almost breaks it and they keep laughing the whole time. These men just can’t stop. The guys seemingly forget the camera is even going.

Gay Hoopla - Update

February 27, 2018

Price & James

Earlier this week, we met Price Hogan. You’re going to LOVE him. This is Price’s first hardcore shoot. He’s never had a blowjob from a guy.. never kissed a guy and he’s “feeling… new.” He admits that he’s nervous. But you can tell that James Manziel is gonna take it easy on him for his first time. Price says he likes doggie style. But he wants to end with it. So we’ll start with his very first guy kiss. The two guys throw themselves into it right away. Price has that “pink skin and sandy blond hair” look like a young beach bum. His ripped abs, smooth chest, perfectly natural muscles make him look like he got that beautiful body just hanging out by the shore.

Gay Hoopla - Update

February 20, 2018

Collin & Tyler

Collin Simpson is back… Tyler Smith bottomed the last time these guys were paired together, but this time it’s Collin’s ass that’s getting the dick. Tyler’s deep booming voice could convince a lot of men to roll over, but Collin probably wasn’t too difficult to talk into this scene. He loves a bit cock in his hole. Those two smooth, muscular bodies rubbing up against each other and the contrast of their skin tones makes this one fuck of a hot thing to see. The guys get right into this right away… whispering to each other, laughing and joking about how this is the first black dick that Collin is going to take.

Gay Hoopla - Update

February 14, 2018

Michael & Bradley

No opening interview on this one… Michael Santos is back and didn’t want to wait to get his hands on Bradley Whitman. As Michael stands up to peel off his shirt, Bradley can’t take his eyes off the big, hard dick in his shorts. A few seconds later, Bradley has his pants off too, and he’s got that uncut wonder in his mouth.

Gay Hoopla - Update

January 31, 2018

Mathieu & Gio

Mathieu Sire and Gio Lockwood had already spent a few days hanging out and laughing, so by the time we got them together in front of the cameras, they already had inside jokes, were already finishing each other’s sentences and clearly had some great chemistry. They were already best friends. We knew this was going to be a good scene.

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