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C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

December 12, 2018

Loaded Holes 3

In part 3 of Loaded Holes Arny Donan has visitors to his new apartment. They are Tom Vojak, Victor Burek and Jirka Mendez. He proudly starts to give them a tour, starting with his hot tub. Tom and Jirka quickly get naked and into the tub as Arny takes Viktor to show him more of the apartment. As they continue Vitor and Arny start to kiss. Tom and Jirka have similar ideas, and are soon all over each other, kissing and with Jirka wanking on Tom's big cock. The cock looks so good as Jirka begins to suck it. With Tom lifted out of the water, and Jirka bobbing his head up and down on the throbbing cock it all looks so good.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

December 05, 2018

Loaded Holes 2

In part 2 of Loaded Holes we rejoin Libor Bores, Danek Gyor, Vladimir Kruty, Peter Van Don and Milan Beran as the rimming continues apace. The it is all change as Libor gets Vladimir's cock deep in his hole, while he takes Milan's in his too. Peter watches on as he is sucked by Danek. These guys all look so good and really love the hot sex. Danek and Peter swap places, so that Peter gets to suck as well. They then move around to swap partners, with Peter fucking Vladimir nice and deep as he lays over Libor. Milan is on his knees working on Danek's cock too. Peter pulls out of Vladimir's ass and shoves his dick deep inside Libor.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

November 28, 2018

Loaded Holes 1

A host of beautiful guys come together. Libor Bores, Danek Gyor, Vladimir Kruty, Peter Van Don and Milan Beran. This first part we find Libor as he waits, by the river, for his friends. Danek, Vladimir and Peter join Libor and he invites them back with him, as he has something to show them. When the get back they find Milan, blindfolded and shacked and they quickly get him naked, with his big, hard cock on show. Peter is quickly sucking on one of Milan's nipples as Libor works on that stiff cock. Vladimir and Danek start to get to grips with each other at the same time. Vladimir sucks on Danek's massive cock as Peter takes a turn on Milan's.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

September 30, 2018

Raw Exams Scene 4

In this Raw Exam we have Milan Beran as the patient, who is visiting Dr Robert Drtina and nurse Steve Peryoux, for some attention to a soccer injury. After a cursory examination of the groin Milan is told to strip down to his underwear. Then he climbs into the examination chair for Robert to do a full check. After listening to Milan’s chest he is instructed to remove his underwear and, with his cock exposed they decide to take his temperature. His cock seems the most appropriate place for the test, but he results are inconclusive, so the thermometer is inserts into Milan’s tight ass for a further check.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

August 30, 2018

Raw Exams Scene 1

Zdenek Bodbaba came in for a Czech Up with Dr Robert Drtina. Robert gets right to work, asking Zdenek to take off his shirt, so that he can examine his chest. Then he turns him around and bends him over and checks his back. Zdenek then takes off his shoes and Robert checks the feet. When Zdenek removes his shorts we see that he has no underwear and Robert does a quick examination of that lovely ass. Zdenek climbs onto the examination chair, resting his legs on the supports, and covering his cock and balls with his hands. Robert tells him to remove them and starts to feel the balls and cock.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

July 21, 2018

Locked, Cocked & Ready 3

Sucking and swallowing cum-filled Marine cock, these tatted and regulation height & tight recruits prove they are Locked, Cocked, & Ready to ROCK! These hunks are on our front lines and put theirs on the line every day. So to blow off some steamy they decide to get steamy themselves with some of the hottest gay sex from the cream of the crop. So grab your gun, plenty of towels and get ready to take one for the team.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

July 10, 2018

Locked, Cocked & Ready 2

Hot and hungry straight men set up house off base where they fulfill every fantasy imaginable. Sucking and swallowing cum-filled Marine cock, these guys prove they are Locked, Cocked, and Ready to ROCK! It's amazing to see what guys who put their lives on the line will do in their own bedrooms. To put your life in another's hands it the ultimate trust and love. See how much it really is here.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

June 20, 2018

Boy Holes Fucked Raw 8

Ivan kicks things off by interviewing Danek and then leans forward to kiss him. He runs a hand over Danek's hot chest as they kiss. Then he starts to rub Danek's cock, through his underwear. As he kisses the nipples as well he continues rubbing and Danek removes his underwear. With the cock now available Ivan is soon sucking on it, and has it rock hard. On his knees, with his own dick rock hard, Ivan sucks on Danek's big, stiff cock. Danek wanks on Ivan's cock as well, and feels his ass.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update 04/20/2018

Boy Holes Fucked Raw 2

Ivan and Milan are two hot, smooth, uncut boys, with one thing on their mind, cock. Ivan wastes no time getting Milan's pants off to taste his big dick, and rim his tight ass. Ivan gives it to Milan doggy-style before ending with a huge load of cum all over his chest! This second part of the Boy Hole Fucked Raw series doesn't disappoint. The action just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

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C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

April 07, 2018

Boy Holes Fucked Raw 1

Milan and Boris meet for the first time. Once Milan finds out Boris has never been with a man before, it doesn't take him long to break out the oil, and get Milan's pants off! These 2 smooth uncut hunks waste no time getting into action. Cocks are sucked, asses are rimmed, ending in each of them blowing their big loads of cum!

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