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Blake Mason - Update

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Mickey & Jonas

Big and burly Jonas is the perfect top for a guy like Mickey, so perhaps it's not too surprising to the inked star back for a ride on that solid uncut cock? Yes, the star is back for more, but then again we kind of knew he would be. The sensual action starts out with a whole lot of kissing, licking and grinding, but soon those hard cocks are being released from their underwear and the two are simply ravenous. Jonas straddles Mickey to feed him his leaking cock, then gets on the bed to greedily slurp on Mickey's wet meat before wetting his arse with spit and sliding his dick into him from behind. The powerful stud works up quite a pace in Mickey's hole.

Blake Mason - Update

November 06, 2018

Michael & Aaron

We thought it was about time we had Spanish guy Aaron back for another hardcore fuck, and wouldn't you know Michael was eager to get back in front of the camera and have some fun just at that same moment. Needless to say, we knew we had to get them together. The guys start out easy with a little kissing, but soon those hard uncut dicks are out and the boys are sharing a little horny frotting. Wanked and wet and ready for more Aaron gets sucking on his new buddy, showing Michael his oral skills. His familiarity with English might be lacking but Aaron sure knows how to use that mouth on a delicious dick!

Blake Mason - Update

October 23, 2018

Kayden Owns Twink Ass

Every guy wants to experience that incredible cock up-close, and it's entirely understandable. Kayden is an amazing guy with a great dick, it's no wonder smooth and twinky young Jed wants to get that cock inside him. After feasting on that impressive jock tool Jed gets a rimming the likes of which we haven't seen for a while! Check it out as he gets flipped and carried, with his pucker in Kayden's greedy face! With the boy's hole wet and craving that shaft inside it he gets a ravaging fuck all over the bed, made to shoot his cream over himself, then decorated with Kayden's juices. The boy won't forget that ramming any time soon!

Blake Mason - Update

October 14, 2018

Xavier & Jesse

Here's a little secret about this scene... the boys kind of planned to wear socks as a little kinky extra for this one, and it definitely works on us! Jessie and Xavier are hungry for dick, that much is clear from the way these horny boys work those delicious lengths in their mouths. All that 69 gobbling is enough to have any lad cumming, but be assured there's gonna be a whole lot of fucking before these boys erupt their cream. Cute Jesse might be new to us, but he's not new to taking big dicks in his hole.

Blake Mason - Update

October 08, 2018

Frankie & EF

After we saw EF getting the thick of Xavier in June we knew we wanted more of the sexy Greek boy, and Frankie definitely wasn't gonna turn down the chance to fill that arse! We haven't seen him since March, but he'd seen EF arrived and couldn't wait to have some fun with him. The guys are real into each other from the start, kissing on the bed and groping for those dicks. The moment they have those cocks out they're going to town on each other and swapping those wet boners. It's delicious to watch, but you know it's gonna get hotter than that.

Blake Mason - Update

September 28, 2018

Jock top Jack

We don't know where sexy Jack has been since December last year, but we're glad to have the handsome boy back for some more arse fucking action! Dante is the hottie ready to play this time, and we know how much he loves to take a good dick up him. The two become acquainted quickly, kissing and groping for cock, revealing their long uncut tools and spending a good while sucking on each other. It's so tasty to watch but you know where it's all leading. When Jack gets at that hole and licks out his new friend, playing with Dante's pucker, you can see he's relishing taking it slow.

Blake Mason - Update

September 16, 2018

Kai & Aaron

Kai is back, bigger and hairier than I think he's ever been, and he has a new friend to play with in Spanish guy Aaron. The lean and sexy guy might not know a lot of English but he certainly knows the language of lust. The guys slurp and suck those throbbing uncut boners after spending some time swapping spit, but the action really kicks off when Aaron offers his tight twinky arse for that big throbber to slide into. He takes a great fucking, even turning over while being rammed from behind, taking them both to some jerked out cum loads to finish off their encounter! They definitely had fun, if Aaron knew more English he would probably be planning a second meeting!

Blake Mason - Update

September 08, 2018

David & David

We all know handsome David Luca loves to get a little kinky and he really loves big cocks, he's a perfect match for Spanish lad David Paw and his long and thick man meat! The guys are tentative at first, kissing slowly and sensually, but when those cocks are out things change. The dick rings make their meat throb and leak, something David Paw loves. The guys swap blow jobs and our lucky bottom gets a greedy face fucking from his hung buddy before his ass gets filled.

Blake Mason - Update

September 01, 2018

Drew Needs That Dick

Sometimes you just know when a duo is going to be off-the-charts hot, and the thought of Drew and Leo-Rex enjoying each other had been going through our minds for months. We weren't exactly delaying it, we just never got all the timing worked out, until now! The guys meet for the cameras and the sparks fly almost instantly, with lips meeting in sensual kissing, dicks soon out and wet with precum, a feast of oral leading to Leo-Rex playing with that hole and licking Drew out before plunging his stiff length into him! Drew can't get enough of that dick, bumping back up against his new buddy, taking it standing up and then on his back.

Blake Mason - Update

August 25, 2018

Muscle Fucked

When sexy new lad James arrived and told us he loves to get it on with masculine hunks we instantly knew Jonas would love to show him the ropes for his debut. James was instantly worried when he first walked in a saw this massive stud waiting to fuck him, but he was assured the big guy would take it easy. He didn't quite do that, but after the guys kiss and get sucking on those gorgeous dicks James is more willing to take it a little bit harder. His long uncut cock is soon oozing, bouncing and throbbing with delight when he takes that muscle man cock in his hole and then goes for a ride.

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