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Blake Mason - Update

Wednesday July 18, 2018

Xavier & EF

We couldn't wait to get gorgeous new Greek guy EF in front of the cameras to share his perfect little arse with one of the other boys, and you can imagine that Xavier was more than eager to share some sucking and pump his thick uncut dick into that hole. As is so often the case, these guys really hit it off from the start, but we think that's because they're so well suited to each other. The greedy oral is perfect with EF's deliciously slim and long cock being worked well by Xavier, and then EF showing he knows how to enjoy a thick meaty tool like the one Xavier has, but when Xavier eases that dick into his new buddy these guys really go into overdrive.

Blake Mason - Update

July 11, 2018

Dante & Leo-Rex

We don't like to blow our own horn, so to speak, but we often get it right when we decide who to team up. It was obvious that we needed to get Leo-Rex and Dante in the same room, we were convinced they would be perfect for each other. We had thought it would be a little frantic between these horny lads, but it was actually extremely sensual, as you can see. It's all about the genuine lust these two handsome young men have for each other, sucking greedily on those dicks and taking the time to kiss throughout. With a little lubing of Dante's smooth and tight hole he's sliding down on his new friend, riding that 7 inch cock.

Blake Mason - Update

July 04, 2018

Billy & Reo

It's not often we see smooth jock boy Billy submitting to an arse fucking, but Reo was a perfect new arrival to slide his long throbbing dick into him for this pairing. The new lad certainly knows how to handle that cock, starting with some delicious sucking, his own cock soon out for Billy to slurp in return. When Billy bends over and offers his hole Reo doesn't waste a moment, lubing that pucker and sliding his hard length into his new friend, fucking Billy from behind, then on his back with his legs up. Check out the view as Reo slides his stiff tanned length in and out of that hole, taking himself and Billy to the edge.

Blake Mason - Update

June 25, 2018

Koby & David

Obviously we had to get Koby and David together for a good fuck, but we actually didn't need to try too hard because both of these guys contacted us at the same time asking if they could work with the other! The chemistry between them is perfect from the start, sensual and hot as they kiss on the bed. With dicks soon out and throbbing the guys swap their delicious tools, with some face fucking to suggest how this is gonna go. It might start out sensual and slow, but when Koby slides his raging boner into that hairy arse and starts thrusting his instincts take over.

Blake Mason - Update

June 20, 2018

Drew Bottoms Kai

Kai came with a list of Blake Mason guys he couldn't wait to fuck, and Drew was right up there. It worked out well, he was more than happy to take on that rock solid cock. The guys kiss and grope on the bed in nothing but their underwear and sexy socks, but soon those dicks are out and leaking precum into each other's mouths as they slurp each other. The passion only grows and soon enough Kai is sliding his long throbber into that tight hole and giving Drew an amazing fuck. Check out the punishing ramming he gives Drew when he's riding him! With balls swinging and slapping it's no wonder these guys can't hold back for much longer.

Blake Mason - Update

June 12, 2018

Mickey Takes On Ely

We've only enjoyed Ely a couple of times, but it's enough to know that this man knows how to fuck a warm arse. The lucky guy getting it in this duo it Mickey, one of the best. He sure knows how to take it from a muscled hunk like Ely! The guys might start out with some sensual kissing and groping, but when Ely's big cock is needing some action he doesn't hold back! It's a good thing Mickey likes things a little rough and ready, he gets it good in a variety of positions, rammed hard and deep, made to spew cum over himself before Ely pulls out and wanks his big dick to a flooding mess of cum. We knew they would be good together, but they exceeded even our expectations!

Blake Mason - Update

May 29, 2018

Slow Deep-Dicking

We knew that we wanted to get Koby and John together for a good fuck, we had a good idea about how hot it would be but they exceeded even our lofty expectations! The guys are so into each other, sensually kissing and sucking, with Koby showing off his deep sucking skills and impressing John. With some intense grinding and kissing John eases his big uncut dick into that arse and starts fucking Koby all over the couch, driving in deep and occasionally picking up the pace to properly banging him, then getting back into a slow and rhythmic humping.

Blake Mason - Update

May 21, 2018

Tommy & Jamie

Tommy is looking fine, even though he's shaved his fur off and looks a little smoother and neater than before. He's back to introduce us to his real life boyfriend, and gorgeous and horny young Jamie! The two have totally natural chemistry from the very first moment, giving us a peek into how amazing their bedroom antics are any night of the week. After sucking those stiff cocks Tommy gets more and more worked up, eating out his lover's hole and then aiming his steely dick straight at it. Although they started out easy and slow, pretty soon Tommy is ramming his big uncut meat in and out of that perfect hole and fucking his gorgeous boyfriend in every position!

Blake Mason - Update

May 12, 2018

An Amazing Ride

The last time we saw Mickey he was riding a good dick and having a great time with Leo-Rex, but this time he's in control. Handsome David is back and more than eager to experience that cock, he's seen Mickey on the site and couldn't wait to ride him! The boys are kissing and grabbing for cock straight away, then it's time for them to show off their oral skills. We know Mickey can suck a dick, and David is experienced in cock gobbling too, but you're gonna love seeing the deep throat action! David's eyes are watering as he greedily gags on that big boner!

Blake Mason - Update 05/06/2018

Drew & Jaden

Handsome and hairy Jaden loves to take dicks up his arse, which is why he's decided to do porn and get plenty of great sex! We knew he would hit it off with Drew, this lad knows how to own a guy's hole and really deliver some good ramming. The guys have obvious lust for each other as they swap spit, then it's time to swap cocks and show each other how good they are. Jaden has some real skill when it comes to gobbling a tasty dick, but wait until you see his arse up and being eaten, then stuffed with that dick! Drew fucks his hole all over the bed, finally pulling out to splash the new lad and baptize him with ball juice.

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