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Mormon Boyz - Update

October 23, 2015

The Mission Presiden's Young Mormon Assistant

President Woodruff has been thinking about the young man’s cock and ass a lot recently, so he has arranged a rendezvous with the promiscuous missionary at the mission home. The more he hears about the boy’s sexual adventures, the more he wants to get his hands on him. He feels a mixture of jealousy and admiration that has worked the man up to a pitch of sexual frenzy. He wants to show the boy who’s boss. He wants another taste of the boy’s dick, he wants to stick a finger up the boy’s butt and feel the muscles relax and he pushes in deeper and deeper. …And he wants the boy to climb on top of him and ride his huge hard cock. And knowing Elder Foster, there’s a pretty good chance that the President will get what he wants and more.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 21, 2015

Mormon Missionaries Seduced!

Elders Lindsay and Ricci are Mormon missionaries ... and secret boyfriends. The two cute boys have been companions for several weeks, and ever since the first time they hooked up, their feelings for each other have grown deeper and more intense. Today however, both boys are impatiently waiting for Brother Johnson in the midst of the sexual escapades the trio engaged in when Brother Johnson discovered the two horny boys having sex in the church last week. The boys were terrified he would snitch on them but instead joined in their play to get a chance to have his way with the boys tight holes. Ever since that day the boys have craved to have another sexual encounter with Brother Johnson. They already screw any chance they can get with each other and if they can't have access to each other they jerk off to ease their sexual frustrations, only to end up intensifying their hunger for more.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 20, 2015

Elder Sorensen & Elder Stewart

One afternoon, just a couple days after Elder Sorensen arrived, the two boys are relaxing in their bedroom. Both of them are in their secret Mormon underwear, but Elder Stewart is wearing an unusual one-piece. And Elder Sorensen is curious about them. “I’ve never seen garments like those before,” he says. “Where did you get them?” Elder Stewart smiles. He sees an opening to make a playful sexual invitation that he can deny if Sorensen doesn’t respond. “It’s the one-piece. Everyone used to wear them. Wanna see the best part?” “Yeah.” Laughing, Elder Stewart flips around, sticks his butt in the air and opens the flap. He gives his new companion a good look at his gorgeous butt, and then starts to cover it back up, as if he’s just horsing around. But Elder Sorensen takes the bait. He leaps from his bed and grabs Elder Stewart’s hands. “Hey, wait!” he exclaims. “Let me see.”

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 14, 2015

Elder Sorensen

The sexiest twink on the planet right now is Elder Sorensen, and this handsome Mormon boy is an exclusive with! Check out his testimonial and Erotic Gay story at! Here's a clip: And now that he’s alone, the two months’ wait hits him hard. He shuts the bedroom door, then strips down to his garments. He feels flushed and excited, and he touches his hard, lean body, imagining that it’s his new companion’s hand on his chest, his belly, his hard dick. He wonders what his new companion will look like. Will he be handsome? Will he have a big penis? And will Elder Sorensen get the chance to see him naked, or will Elder Stewart prove to be modest, the kind of missionary who always covers up?

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 14, 2015

Elder Lindsay

“Enter and be seated,” the Bishop says flatly, wearing a mischievous smile. Elder Lindsay knows why he is here, but even so he has butterflies in his stomach. The boy had attracted the notice of The Order, a mysterious group of Mormon high priests who initiate new members into their ranks through a series of sexual rituals dating back to the restoration of the true church. These powerful men have kept their erotic rites known as “signs and tokens of the priesthood” secret, generally not discussing these sacred practices with rank and file Mormons.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 11, 2015

Elder Butler & Elder Isaacs

The hidden camera that The Order has installed over the mission president’s jacuzzi sees and records everything that goes on this room. And so, when Elder Isaacs, a handsome Mormon jock, and his cute companion, Elder Butler, are realize they are alone in the mission home and can use the jacuzzi, the whole encounter is recorded and preserved for the brethren’s future enjoyment.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 10, 2015

Personal Study

The hardest thing about those months with other Mormon missionaries was that he had been completely unable to masturbate. From the moment he woke up until the second he fell asleep, he was always with the other missionaries. And now that he’s alone, the two months’ wait hits him hard. He shuts the bedroom door, then strips down to his garments. He feels flushed and excited, and he touches his hard, lean body, imagining that it’s his new companion’s hand on his chest, his belly, his hard dick...

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 07, 2015

Bishop Angus and Elder Larsen

When Bishop Angus arrives to help Elder Larsen take one step closer to manhood and membership in The Order, he finds that the door to his office is slightly ajar. He freezes just outside the office, and then he hears it: the slurping and the moaning that are telltale signs of two Mormon boys getting into trouble. He creeps to the door and peeks in. There is Elder Larsen, pants around his ankles, his head thrown back in ecstasy, getting his cock sucked by his half-naked companion. The bishop smiles and shakes his head. You really can’t leave missionaries alone for a second. They’re basically adolescents, extremely curious, and full powerful hormones that leave them constantly horny. Given the slightest opportunity, they are sucking and fucking and hoping that no one finds out. Even so, the bishop is surprised by their audacity. Sucking each other off right here in his office! Not that he minds. Elder Isaacs is a handsome guy, muscular, really macho — but Bishop Angus loves making the tough ones beg.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 27, 2015

Second Anointing

Alone with a handsome stranger in one of the sacred rooms of the Mormon temple, Elder Stewart is learning through experience that the Second Anointing is much hotter than he could have imagined. Elder Stewart is an exclusive with Mormonboyz and has over 20 scenes currently online with more to cum. As a boy, Church had always seemed boring to young Mark Johnson. But Mormons, it turns out, have secret sex rituals in their temples. For Mormon boys with "same-sex attraction," life can be hard. Mark grew up thinking he was the only gay Mormon in the world, but like other beautiful young men with huge endowments, the secret priesthood order recruited Elder (Mark) Johnson as a missionary. Now one of the top leaders, Brother (Mark) Johnson in turns gets to have stuff his huge member into the tight young holes of new recruits...only the fittest and finest young men Mormonism has to offer. And his church life, it turns out, is far from boring. Brother Johnson is an exclusive with Mormonboyz with more than 50 scenes, and many still to cum.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 15, 2015

Threeway in the Mormon Temple

"Your companion is right, you have nothing to worry about Elder Isaacs." President Woodruff says while gently tugging on Elder Larsen's low hanging balls. The president puts a big warm hand on Elder Isaac's ass and asks, "Everything you have been doing with your companions, it felt good, right?" Isaacs has to agree that it felt good -- more than good. The president shifts his hand and starts to gently nudge the boy's asshole with his fingertips as he continues, "Why would we be created to experience something that feels so good, if it were, in fact, so bad? Tonight I'm going to let you boys in on a very special secret."

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