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Mormon Boyz - Update

November 27, 2016

Mormon Boys Fooling Around

Elder Butler and Elder Isaacs discuss they're tough week and agree a nice soak in the jacuzzi should be relaxing. Horny boys that they are, it turns sexual as they begin kissing while undressing to get in the jacuzzi. Elder Butler takes Elder Isaacs hard member in his mouth. Elder Isaacs decides he wants to do the same for his companion. But it doesn't stop there. Having already started down this road, Elder Isaacs warms up Elder Butler's tight hole by fingering him. He is singularly focused on getting his hard cock into Butler's tight hole.

Mormon Boyz - Update

October 15, 2016

Elder white Gets Pounded by President Oaks

Now that Elder White has been anointed and his dick is hard, Oaks sits him down and take the boy's cock in his mouth. The handsome man on his knees drives Elder White wild. His whole body trembles with pleasure as Oaks deepthroats him. Though the boy is aching to cum, President Oaks flips him over and uses the oil to lube White's beautiful ass. As the boy begs for his cock, Oaks pulls it out and rubs it against his hole. He is preparing the boy for his true temple initiation, an ordinance the boy will never forget.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 22, 2016

Elder Holland Worked Over by President Nelson

President Nelson wraps his hand around the boy's erection. "Did that turn you on?" Nelson pulls on the shaft. "Yes, President," the young Elder Holland whispers, his voice shaking with desire. As he lays back down on the President's lap. He feels a massive swelling in the President's pants. The President cover's Holland's mouth with his hand and continues spanking the boy as hard as he can. Holland will take anything Nelson gives him, and his ass beaten raw, as long as the man eventually lets him cum.

Mormon Boyz - Update

September 08, 2016

Elder Ricci Gets Pounded By Massive Dick

Johnson slowly starts to undress, revealing his chiseled biceps and tan, muscular thighs. While still in his sacred underwear, he orders Ricci up onto all fours and thrusts against him. Ricci can feel the man's swelling cock pressing between his cheeks. Elder Ricci wants to beg the man for more, but he tries to patient. He knows that soon enough he'll get to taste the man's long powerful shaft and, hopefully, feel it slip deep inside him.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 19, 2016

Father & Son

President Oaks greets his son, with a solemn pat on the shoulder. The usually affectionate man has been struggling with the revelation about his son's behavior. He's specifically struggling with the fact that this information has turned him on. President Oaks suggests they have some male bonding time while he works through his feelings. He asks his son to join him for his morning gym routine.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 11, 2016

Elder White

With his ass in the air, the boy feels completely vulnerable. But he waits quietly. President Oaks takes his time groping and fondling the boy's sensitive backside. The boy tries not to make a sound, but as the President teases his pink hole with gentle nudging and prodding motions, he lets out involuntary whimpers. Even when the man spanks his ass hard, he doesn't move or cry out.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 28, 2016

Elder Dudley: Chapt. 11 Covenant

President Nelson places Dudley's hand on the crotch of his sacred underwear. His throbbing cock is threatening to burst through the material. "You must do everything I desire" Nelson tells the boy. Dudley pulls the thin material down and gazes in wonder at President Nelson's pulsing member. President Nelson's cock is magnificently long, thick and perfect. He doesn't have much time for admiration as Nelson quickly pushes Dudley's mouth down on the wet head.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 21, 2016

Elder White: The Endowment

At a tall white curtain, the temple Veil, he's made to wait by himself, not knowing what's next. He hears a voice instructing him kneel before the veil. One after another, two hard dicks poke through the slits in the veil. Feeling intense lust, he puts his hand on one cock and his mouth on the other. He licks and sucks that hard dick until he can taste the precum leaking from it, then he switches.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 14, 2016

Elder Ence

Bad boy, Elder Ence has been a real troublemaker since he came on as a missionary. Most recently, he's been filling the tight ass of his handsome companion Elder Dudley during their long nights together. While Dudley's crush on Ence continues to grow, Ence just wants to have fun and blow his load wherever he can.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 10, 2016

Chapt. 1 Elder Holland

Hot, blonde Elder Holland has always considered himself to be a guy's guy. He likes to pull pranks on the other missionaries, and see what he can get away with. Elder Holland also misses the girls he was dating back home, and he's been feeling horny as hell. He wakes up every morning with aching boners and is dying to stick his thick dick somewhere, anywhere.

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