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Mormon Boyz - Update

May 09, 2016

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CHAPTER 13 in Elder Ricci's story - He's on splits and being seduced by Elder Sorensen, & he's rethinking the Brethren's offer to join The Order! Before Elder Sorensen is ordained, he must recruit another Mormon boy. In CHAPTER 17 of his story he is paired with the handsome Elder Dudley!

Mormon Boyz - Update

May 01, 2016

Elder Dudley Receives His Invitation

As a handsome, athletic boy, Dudley had always gotten pretty much everything he wanted. He was a starter on the basketball team. His teachers let him cheat on tests. He dated the hottest girls. But as a missionary, the boy found himself no longer in charge...

Mormon Boyz - Update

April 19, 2016

Elder Dudley Receives His Invitation

As a handsome, athletic boy, Dudley had always gotten pretty much everything he wanted. He was a starter on the basketball team. His teachers let him cheat on tests. He dated the hottest girls. But as a missionary, the boy found himself no longer in charge...

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 22, 2016

President Oaks takes Elder Sorensen's Anal Virginity

Ever since Mormonboyz exclusive Elder Sorensen made his debut last year, fans have been asking about him all over the web. And lately, everyone is asking when he will lose his anal virginity? When will he bottom?! Who will take his cherry? Will he bottom for another Mormon missionary boy first? Will he bottom for one or several of the men of the priesthood? Will he be able to handle a hard pounding from Bishop Angus? Is it humanly possible to fit President Nelson’s huge member inside his tight, little virginal pink hole? On March 9th, Chapter 11 in Elder Sorensen’s was released. It was his WASHING & ANOINTING with Bishop Angus. This is a preparatory step where a priesthood leader washes and anoints a young man’s body with oil before teasing his hole to prepare him for the big event when he is opened up and fucked. On March 20th Chapter 12 drops! President Oaks takes Elder Sorensen's anal virginity and this is not to be missed!

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 19, 2016

Presiden Olsen Fucks Elders Larsen & Isaacs

President Woodruff's makes Elder Isaacs sucks on his hard dick before bending the boy over and inserting his dick. Elder Isaacs moans as he feels his ecclesiastical leader's cock pulsating inside him. Elder Larsen doesn't know if he'll be able to take President Olsen's very large endowment. As President Olsen pushes his turgid flesh into Elder Larsen's warm hole, the boy wonders how much deeper it will go.

Mormon Boyz - Update

January 02, 2016

Elder Miller - Chap. 15 Initation

Elder Miller sits anxiously in the temple waiting for his initiation to begin. He's excited to become part of the sacred Mormon order and has heard rumors of the ceremony and isn't fully sure what to expect.

Mormon Boyz - Update

November 17, 2015

Elder Lindsay: Initiation

Elder Lindsay thinks he must have passed his inspection, since he has been invited to come to the temple for the next stage of his initiation into The Order. Brother Daniels "anoints" every part of Elder Lindsay inside a private initiatory chamber. He sensually makes his way down to Elder Lindsay's now erect cock, which is begging to be touched. Brother Daniel's gets down on his knees and pulls Elder Lindsay's hips toward his face, directing the boy's stiff cock into his mouth. Elder Lindsay quietly moans breaths of pleasure as he feels the cum buildup inside of him.

Mormon Boyz - Update

November 11, 2015

Companionship Study

Elder Stewart is in heaven as his companion Elder Sorensen continues pounding away in his tight hole. Every thrust makes his body tingle like he's in the most amazing dream. Elder Sorensen keeps a fast and forceful pace, filling Elder Stewart with every inch of his big hard cock. Pushing the limits of how long they can go before shooting their hot sticky loads of boy cum all over their missionary apartment.

Mormon Boyz - Update

November 10, 2015

Elder Isaacs Evaluated by President Smith

Elder Isaacs is more than ready as President Smith begins undressing him. With each piece of clothing Smith removes Isaacs feels his impatience growing, anticipating feeling the warm and powerful hands on his body. President Smith wastes no time in taking Elder Isaacs stiff cock in his mouth as soon as it springs forward from his garments. Isaacs lies back on the bed letting out erotically fueled moans as President Smith gropes every inch of him muscular frame. Smith soon after getting an extended taste of Isaacs stiff cock, decides he wants a taste of his ass.

Mormon Boyz - Update

November 09, 2015

Elder Miller & Elder Sorensen

Elder Miller is bent over the desk as Elder Sorensen pounds away in his muscular butt. He loves being bent over the table, but he wants to look at the boy fucking him, so Elder Miller suggests the two face each other, and Elder Sorensen agrees happily. Any chance to continue pounding into Elder Miller's tight hole. The two get in position and Elder Sorensen continues his hard fast pounding that is making Elder Miller see stars. It doesn't take long in this position before Elder Miller shoots his sticky load all over his belly...and soon after gets pumped full of Elder Sorensen's hot creamy load.

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