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Apr 03, 2024

Outta The Park! 3

by Raging Stallion

Teammates Donnie Argento and Wade Wolfgar are training hard at the gym for this year's playoffs. As Donnie spots Wade doing bench presses, Donnie whips out his dick and lets it flop on Wade's forehead to distract him. Wade takes the bait and promptly gets on his knees to suck the dick that was just slapped on his face. Donnie is cock-hungry too and eagerly opens his mouth to suck all the dick he can cram down his throat. Wade's extra thick stick barely fits in Donnie's mouth, but Donnie is determined to get it all in and he does. There are no foul balls on this field as Donnie works Wade's meaty sack and sucks on his big nuts. The guys are both eager to suck cock and continue switching it up fucking each other's throats until Wade wants a taste of Donnie's ass.

By Raging Stallion

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Apr 03, 2024

Make It Last 6

by Hot House

Friends with benefits Jordan Starr and Carter Collins love nothing more than spending their summer days in the sun while wearing the skimpiest swimwear they can find. Carter himself also finds particular enjoyment in teasing Jordan with his delicious ass until they're both so horny that they're fucking raw in Jordan's backyard. Now sporting only sunglasses, Carter goes down on his pal's big dick and gets into position for Jordan to taste his tan lined cakes. The yard is soon filled with the sound of skin clapping together as Jordan goes deep in Carter's hole while pounding him from behind. More and more of the afternoon quickly goes by as the bareback duo swaps positions and fucks all over Jordan's outdoor furniture until Jordan is eating up all the freshly unloaded jizz that's covering Carter's fit body.

By Hot House

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Apr 03, 2024

Leather Goods

by Fisting Central

Was Fetish Force Now Fisting Inferno: Sporting only his boots, a harness, and a metal cock ring, muscle hunk Greg Dixxon is ready to dominate Tryp Bates. After servicing his feet and eating out Tryp's ass, the leather daddy stuffs his big bareback dick into Tryp's ass as Tryp's loud moans echo off the walls of the empty warehouse. Once a harness clad Tryp has blown his load all over himself, Greg takes the stud's ass from the back until he's breeding the bottom and standing back to admire the cum leaking out of his hole.

By Fisting Central

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Apr 03, 2024

Prioritizing Workload

by Men At Play

An executive secretary is tasked with answering calls, taking messages, arranging meetings, and prioritizing workloads. In Riddik’s case, he is also responsible for servicing his big dicked boss Sir Peter. Horned up, Sir Peter makes a call to a client and asks his secretary Riddik to come over. He touches Riddik’s suit, chest, and cock. While still on the call, Sir Peter starts having sex with his subservient secretary and pretends not to be heard while getting sucked. When the call is finally completed, Sir Peter gets down to real business by returning the favor to Ridick. First by sucking on his uncut cock and then bending him over his desk and slamming his monster cock inside the muscular office slut.

By Men At Play

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Apr 03, 2024

Global Entry: Scotland

by Naked Sword

With their passports in one hand and their cocks in the other, these international studs are ready to jet off to Edinburgh with NakedSword Originals and award-winning director Marc MacNamara for ‘Global Entry: Scotland’. In the fifth installment of this bareback travel series, you’ll get to know loads of industry newcomers and other cum-hungry hunks as they fuck each other raw in Scotland and sit down with NakedSword for a series of intimate interviews that reveal everything from their hot thoughts on Scottish men to the craziest places they’ve ever had sex. You’ll meet ginger beefcake Jonas Jackson as he swaps blowjobs with newbie Dino Bravo and fucks his hole on a countertop and in a stairwell. New Zealand stud Magnus Loki then makes his first-ever studio appearance by flip-fucking muscle man Benjamin King and getting covered in pools of fresh cum.

By Naked Sword

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Apr 03, 2024

The Move

by TheBroNetwork

Ryan Jacobs just recently moved to town. Luckily, his brother's hunky high school best friend Mateo Tomas offered him a place while he settled into the new job. Ryan has always been into Mateo, his brother's cool, athletic, muscular buddy, and they even fooled around a few times back in the day. So, when Ryan moved in, he wasn't expecting Mateo to be open to rekindling their casual thing from back in the day. But, to Ryan's surprise, he was! After Ryan has been searching for months for the perfect condo, he is finally moving out today on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend! Unfortunately, the casual fun needs to stop now that Ryan is moving out. As disappointing as it is, there's no point bringing down the vibes before the festivities. And, the sooner they finish the move, the sooner everyone can go out and party.

By TheBroNetwork

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Apr 03, 2024

Delay Of Game


Team Captain Kam Stone is all fired up and ready for the football game. But first he needs to stop off and pick up new player Trevor Harris. While at Trevor's house, they hear that the start time of the game has been delayed for a bit. Will these new friends find a way to fill the time or will today be a major fumble?


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Apr 03, 2024

Lorenzo & Joe

by Freshmen

Lorenzo Ricci arrives at the BelAmi studios to start his shift on the live-stream platform BelAmiChat. But he soon realizes he will have a lot more fun working offline instead. Joe Angelli is already in the studio and having some internet connection problems so he convinces Lorenzo to use their spare time wisely. Joe is pretty direct and Lorenzo is completely up for the suggestion. Once his pants are down and Joe is sucking his cock, Lorenzo completely forgets the purpose of his visit today. He returns the favor by sucking Joe’s juicy dick before kneeling down and inviting Joe to rim his ass before fucking it. Joe is excited to top such a sexy guy and gives his partner the reward he deserves, allowing us to watch up close. The cumshot at the end however is not the end of the story as they then head to the shower.

By Freshmen

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Apr 02, 2024

Desmond & Jamie

by Bring Me A Boy

It's hard for Desmond Cooper to work on things around the house when his buddy's stepson, Jamie Kelvin, walks around in tight shorts, making him hard. The oven isn't the only thing getting hot. Desmond came over to help his buddy fix his stove. He had the day off and some extra time on a Saturday. Jamie was making his stepdad a cup of coffee but wanted Desmond to provide the cream. The stove had to wait as Jamie made his way down to his knees to taste Desmond's thick cock. By the looks of it, his stepdad trained him well. Jamie had no issues taking the dick down his throat until Desmond was ready to get Jamie's young meat some attention. That was all good, but they only had a limited time to fuck, and the kitchen was all the space they needed.

By Bring Me A Boy

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Apr 02, 2024

Cachorro & Stephan

by BareBack That Hole

You know hunky Stephan Stone isn't a vegetarian by the way he takes meat. Lucky for him, sexy Cachorro Medina knows best how to feed his new friend. Straight from the pig. After a day of cruising at the beach, Stephan brought his buddy home to take care of things. It didn't take long before the new pals discovered what made them want each other so badly. After groping and kissing, Stephan dropped to his knees and took Cachorro's thick dick into his mouth. Cachorro's a hungry top and turned Stephan around to get a taste of his sexy friend's sweet asshole, but he didn't realize how hungry his bottom is for meat. After getting Cachorro's cock wet again, Stephan was ready to get some meat into his other hole.

By BareBack That Hole

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Apr 02, 2024

Parker & Marco

by Hairy and Raw

One of Parker Logan's friends showed him a clip. It was of Marco Napoli talking smack, specifically, calling Parker a pussy. We didn't get to see the clip before filming since Marco pulled it, but we wish we had. It would have explained the bearded, tattooed, hung fucker's attitude when he placed a gimp mask on Marco, then sat, thinking of ways to make a point with his cock! Parker eventually removed the mask and put Marco through his paces. He presented his cock for Marco to suck, then rimmed his hairy, hungry ass, lubing the hole with spit and priming it for a raw fuck. But spit is the only lube Marco got. Except for maybe sweat. Parker bareback fucked the smack talking cock whore, slowly sliding in and out to make sure Marco felt every goddamn inch.

By Hairy and Raw

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Apr 02, 2024

Andrew & Tom

by Bear Films

When you have a hot bear like Tom Stark waiting to take your cock, you finish your work meeting and take an early lunch. Something hairy and horny Andrew Mason didn't need a lesson on, but was willing to give. When Andrew walked in, Tom was wearing a leather vest and nipple clamps, waiting for his mouth to be filed with a thick cock. He didn't have to wait any longer as Andrew gave his whore what they both wanted. Tom loves having a thick ass riding his face while getting his cock stroked. Andrew was more than happy to help before flipping Tom on his belly where his hole was ready for Andrew's raw cock to fill it up. Both bears were happy as a pig in a sweaty room as they fucked on the bed. Tom loves getting fucked but watching a sexy guy stroking off puts him into overdrive. Especially when they cum all over themselves.

By Bear Films

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