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Mormon Boyz - Update

April 01, 2015

Patriarch Smith & Elder Titov

A steady stream of naked Mormon boys pass through the office of Patriarch Smith, all of them striving to be worthy young men, all of them seeking his approval and guidance.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 28, 2015

Obedience Brings Blessings

"Submission is a hallmark of Mormon boys; providing them with power and knowledge throughout history. It is essential for us to realize that we are their source of strength and we are entitled to their youth. It is readily available to Mormon men who are firm when handling these tenderhearted young men. It is our duty to instruct them in matters of the priesthood." -Presiding Priesthood Authority

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 22, 2015

Mormon Boy Discipline

Elder Stewart wants to be ordained. He has enjoyed fooling around with his mission companions, but he loves sex with older men. During his last personal priesthood interview, he confessed his daddy son fantasies. Bishop Angus was called, and interviewed the young missionary boy. Angus was taken by his boyish good looks. His nagging erection made for a distracted interview. His mind was on inseminating the boy with the priesthood. But first, Elder Stewart would be presented to the brethren.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 21, 2015

Elder Foster's Induction

This week on Mormonboyz, the sexy Elder Foster is inducted as the newest recruit into The Order. Having the very handsome Bishop undress and fondle him sent jolts of pleasure through his young body. Just standing together with this hunky older man in their garments would have made Elder Foster’s dick hard.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 20, 2015

Mormon Boys Interviewed

This week on Mormonboyz, Elder Berry is finally interviewed by Bishop Angus. The bishop is excited to impale this young elder on his fat cock, and give him the pounding of his young life. Berry has had sex with companions since starting his mission, including Elder Titov, and the brethren noticed. Bishop Angus has let these missionary boys in on a little secret. Mormon men fuck the true priesthood authority into one another. They are invited submit themselves, to the will of the priesthood brethren, as candidates.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 13, 2015

Elder Butler & Elder Peterson

Every morning Elder Peterson does push-ups and sit-ups in his garments to keep up his physique. Consequently, his companion, Elder Butler, gets an eyeful of his hunky companion in his see-through Mormon underwear, and even sometimes naked. Of course this means he is always getting boners.

Mormon Boyz - Update

March 01, 2015

Elder Foster

Elder Miller loves greenies. Greenies are so eager and so innocent. When he went to pick up Elder Foster from the Mission Home, he was pleased that this young man is both handsome and friendly. And later when he caught the young man checking out his body when he stripped down to clean up after their first day of work, he knew they'd have some fun.

Mormon Boyz - Update

February 20, 2015

Elder Roberts

Elder Roberts caught the attention of the brethren early in his mission with his all-American good looks, his strong independent streak, and his influence on the hormones of the other missionary boys. And it isn't hard to see why he has such an influence. He has a hot jock body, he’s a handsome blonde, and he needs very little encouragement to whip out his large perfectly shaped cock.

Mormon Boyz - Update

February 14, 2015

Elder Miller

Elder Miller is one of our favorite mormon boys -- he looks fantastic naked, he has a great smile, and he loves getting fucked! A thick dick in his ass always makes him smile. And he's back this week being interviewed and fucked by hot daddy President Wilcox. Head over to MormonBoyz to check out this hot gay missionary sex scene.

Mormon Boyz - Update

January 21, 2015

Stewart's Induction

Last month Bishop Angus was traveling with several area authorities to meet with potential missionary inductees. Brother Clark has been the presiding authority in the Bishop’s absence. And he’s had his eye on the missionaries in his ward. Specifically, the young Elder Stewart. The first opportunity he had, he called Elder Stewart to meet with him in the Bishop’s office. Not knowing what to expect, Stewart walked into the office to see that Angel was already there. Terrified, he entered. And right off the bat Brother Clark asks Angel how many times he had sex with Elder Stewart. The boy sat quietly and waited for judgment.

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