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BadPuppy - Update

Wednesday November 15, 2017

Jake & Koby

Jack Taylor and Koby Lewis return to Badpuppy in a hot action video that starts with a quite amusing interview of the two; but, gets cut short when Koby admits that he really, really wants to see Jack’s cock. Koby admits that while he has seen Jack’s dick; but, it’s never been in close enough proximity to Koby’s face. Jack immediately stands up and tells Koby that it’s time to change that. Koby drops to his knees, unbuttons and pulls down Jack’s pants.

BadPuppy - Update

November 13, 2017

Peter & Mark

Peter Lipnik is doing pushups in the park when Mark Fontana walks by. As he does, Mark catches a glimpse of Peter’s hot body and decides to sit down in a nearby chair to observe what Peter is doing. Peter notices that Mark is watching him so he motions him over. After a brief introduction the two decide they want to head off for a little sexual hookup. The passion builds quickly as they rip off each other shirts. Mark has one thing on his mind. He wants Peter’s cock; so he quickly helps Peter out of his shorts and swallows his cock as quickly as quickly as he can get his mouth around it.

BadPuppy - Update

October 22, 2017

Danny Richards

Danny Richards is one of the hottest, beefiest studs we’ve seen in quite a while and he can’t wait to get out of his clothes, do a little strip-tease and give us a WANK. Watching this stud pose and tease make us appreciate the gym time he has put in to get such an incredible body. Danny strips down to his underwear, his cock rock hard already. The tip of his big, juicy cock sticks out from his shorts, the pre-cum already dripping. It does not take long for Danny to lose the underwear, grab his cock and starts jerking. His balls are tight; you can tell this dude is horny.

BadPuppy - Update

October 02, 2017

Brent Taylor, Kyle Fortune

We find out in the interview that Brent Taylor has never topped, and Kyle Fortune has never bottomed, but for this scene, they are going to switch things up. Brent gets things started by standing up; pulling down his jeans demonstrating that just the conversation of the interview was enough to get his cock standing straight up. I’m guessing he can’t wait to plant his dick in Kyle’s hole. Brent pulls off his shirt, stands up on the sofa and Kyle woofs down Brent’s cock like a hungry dog.

BadPuppy - Update

September 22, 2017

Casey Everett

Hot stud Casey Everett walks into the kitchen in search of coffee wearing only his tight underwear. He checks his phone while the coffee brews and something piques his interest. As he stands there drinking his coffee; his free hand begins rubbing his already plump cock hiding underneath his shorts. Putting down the coffee; the other hand gets involved in rubbing his hot chest and between the two of hands Casey is getting quite turned on by himself. His cock is already standing at attention and when it’s released from the underwear it jumps straight up, waiting to be stroked.

BadPuppy - Update

August 15, 2017

Koby Lewis

Koby Lewis is a barman from southwest England whose hobbies are working out and swimming. From the looks of those rock-hard, ripped abs I would say that between his exercising and diet his regimen is paying off. After a brief interview, Koby strips down to his underwear, lies back on the sofa and begins massaging his cock still confined in his shorts. Koby stands, pulls of his underwear, grabs his cock and with a little spit gets to stroke his thick, uncut cock. It’s not long before Koby turns around and bends over the sofa; showing off one of the hottest asses around.

BadPuppy - Update

July 08, 2017

Casey Everett & Pierce Paris

Our latest video features Casey Everett returning with new comer, horse-hung Pierce Paris. From the very beginning of the video as Casey and Pierce strip each other out of their cloths it’s quite apparent that Casey is very into Pierce. Casey kneels in front of Pierce, kissing his way down Pierce’s incredible abs before he unzips his jeans and slides them to the floor. It was at that point we could tell that Pierce had something special hidden in his shorts and when Casey pulls off Pierce’s underwear he’s met with a cock that would make just about anyone cringe thinking of it ramming up their ass.

BadPuppy - Update

July 07, 2017

Gabriel Phoenix

27 year-old, London-born Gabriel Phoenix makes a return visit to Badpuppy and performs his first solo video. During the interview, we learn that Gabriel is primarily gay, likes the hunky, jock type and would prefer to dominate if possible; but, will bottom for the right guy. Gabriel pulls off his shirt; his furry chest is ripped and chiseled from working out. It becomes obvious that he can’t wait to get out of his underwear. He bends over the sofa, pulls the back of his underwear down just far enough to give us a view of his freshly hairless ass.

BadPuppy - Update

June 17, 2017

Lance Heart & Odin Strokes

Returning to Badpuppy for an action video with Dominic Pacifico behind the camera, Odin Strokes teams up with hot stud Lance Hart. The situation heats up quickly, and it doesn’t take long until both of them are stripped naked and kissing passionately. Lance slowly kisses his way down Odin’s chest as he drops to his knees and comes face to face with the enormity of Odin’s manhood. Time and time again he tries to swallow the whole thing; but, Odin’s length appears to get in the way. Odin pulls Lance up off the floor and he drops to his knees, pulling down Lance’s underwear.

BadPuppy - Update

June 15, 2017

Adam Torres & Martin Muse

Adam Torres was taking a shower and did not hear Martin Muse at the door attempting to deliver Adam’s pizza. Adam hears Martin calling for him from the kitchen and he quickly shuts off the water, grabs a towel and heads out of the bathroom. He walks into the kitchen to find Martin has the pizza opened on the table and asking for payment. Adam has to explain that the money for the pizza has not arrived and they would have to work out another arrangement.

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