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December 07, 2018

Casper & Gerasim

Gerasim Spartak is relaxing in bed when boyfriend Casper Ivarsson gets home from work and Gerasim makes it obvious that he’s missed Casper. Casper slides onto the bed next to Gerasim and the two begin kissing quite passionately. Their hands explore each other’s bodies. Gerasim pulls up his shirt exposing his tight torso and chest. Casper goes right for his abs and kisses his way up to Gerasim’s perky nipples. Casper rips off Gerasim’s pants to find a very stiff cock waiting to be blown, and blow it he does. Casper all but gags trying to get Gerasim’s dick as far down his throat as possible.

BadPuppy - Update

November 30, 2018

Cameron & Parker

Parker Payne is beefy southern stud from North Carolina who hooks up with another southerner, Cameron Taylor in yet another hot action scene from producer Anthony Duran. Cameron is currently in college while Parker teaches dancing and gymnastics when he’s not in front of the camera. The interview gets interrupted when Parker reaches over and discovers a huge bulge in Cameron’s pants. Parker pulls out Cameron’s cock and it’s thick, long and hard as a rock. Parker wastes no time swallowing the whole thing and then giving Cameron’s meat a good ole tongue-bath.

BadPuppy - Update

November 23, 2018

Gabriel & Dmitry

Gabriel Phoenix returns with Russian superstar Dmitry Osten and they are so into each other that their interview does not last very long. They are soon pawing and kissing each other while still sitting on the sofa. Gabriel pulls Dmitry to his feet and Dmitry reaches over and strips off Gabriel's shirt. Dmitry starts kissing his way down Gabriel's furry chest; but, before he can get any further than Gabriel's underwear, Gabriel has him stand again. Gabriel pulls off Dmitry's shirt and drops to his knees pulling off Dmitry's pants and underwear in short order. Dmitry's cock is already erect and Gabriel wastes no time sucking down every single inch of it.

BadPuppy - Update

November 16, 2018

JJ Knight & Cameron

Legendary JJ Knight joins new-comer Cameron Hardy in a hot action scene where Cameron is introduced to JJ's thick, long cock. JJ is from Memphis, TN and while he does not admit to being "good" he does admit to being a "southern boy." Cameron begins stroking JJ's cock which is already hard as a rock in his underwear. Cameron is obviously distracted from the discussion and has to pull JJ's cock out of his shorts. He wastes no time at all swallowing as much of JJ's cock as would go down his throat. JJ reaches around and pulls down Cameron's underwear exposing his ass to JJ's fingers. Cameron flips over on the bed, his nude ass exposed for JJ's tongue.

BadPuppy - Update

November 07, 2018

Jonas & Dylan

As the interview concludes the camera pans down to find Jonas Jackson and Dylan Finn have their hands in each other’s crotch. They stand and strip off their shirts before lip-locking in a deep, passionate kiss. Dylan is soon bent over the sofa with Jonas’ long, hard cock in his mouth. Jonas focuses on playing with Dylan’s ass which is conveniently exposed by the jockstrap. Dylan sprawls out on the sofa, offering his thick, uncut cock to Jonas. Jonas is quick to oblige and periodically kisses his way up and down Dylan’s ripped abs. Dylan gets worked up quick and he’s wanting some of Jonas’ thick cock up his ass. He kneels over and Jonas buries his face in Dylan’s ass.

BadPuppy - Update

November 01, 2018

Rico & Lior

Lior Hod is lying in bed scoping out the hook-up apps on his phone for someone to play with. Rico Fatale just happens to be in the neighborhood and responds with some nude images. Lior is totally turned on by what he sees and invites Rico to stop by. They both go straight for the bed and are soon shoving their tongues down each other’s throats as they strip each other naked. Rico drops to his knees and begins servicing Lior’s rock-hard cock. They move to the bed where they give each other’s cocks a tongue bath; but Rico is soon on his knees with Lior positioned directly behind him.

BadPuppy - Update

October 25, 2018

Zario & Jackson

Zario Travezz and Jackson Reed are finishing up their interview laying on the bed. Both hot studs are dressed only in their underwear. Zario has on a pair of underwear made out of mesh and his huge, thick cock is already straining to get out. Jackson leans over, frees Zario’s dick and swallows it whole. While Jackson is worshiping Zario’s cock, Zario slides his hand down Jackson’s underwear and begins probing Jackson’s hole with his fingers. They are soon kneeling on the bed kissing and stripping off their underwear. Jackson bends over, offers his ass to Zario and Zario dives in, tongue first.

BadPuppy - Update

October 15, 2018

Dmitry & Frankie

Dmitry Osten finishes the interview and literally attacks Frankie Quinn's mouth with his tongue. The two are kissing almost as intensely as a good fuck session. Their clothes are quickly shed and Dmitry is on his knees sucking up every last inch of Frankie's uncut cock. Frankie soon has Dmitry on the sofa, legs spread and he goes at Dmitry's dick quite voraciously. Dmitry gets Frankie worked up in short order. Frankie climbs on top of Dmitry and slides right down on his cock. Dmitry wastes no time and he is soon pounding away at Frankie's ass. Frankie rolls off and kneels on the sofa with his ass in the air.

BadPuppy - Update

October 07, 2018

Sherman & Alex

Sherman Maus and Alex Hawk not only hit it off during the interview; but, they also could not keep from caressing and touching each other the entire time. Alex kneels up on the bed, strips off his shirt, lifts his arms and Sherman goes in for a sniff and a lick of Alex's underarms. Cocks start growing in both of their underwear and Alex shoves his hands right down Sherman's shorts. Sherman's cock, already rock-hard, is quite the surprise for Alex. He lays down on the bed and starts servicing Sherman's big piece of man-meat. Sherman soon gets his turn.

BadPuppy - Update

September 29, 2018

Hugo & Dennis

Hugo Diaz hits it off with Dennis Deep right from the very beginning. The two of them quickly end the interview and start shoving their tongues down each other's throats. The clothes come off quickly and Deep is sucking down every last inch of Hugo's thick, Spanish cock. Hugo begins playing with Deep's ass while Deep is blowing his cock. Hugo licks his fingers, slowly inserts them and teases Deep's hole. Deep rolls over on the bed and Hugo wastes no time shoving Deep's cock in his mouth. Deep's legs go higher in the air as Hugo slides down further and shoves his tongue as far into Deep's hole as he possibly can.

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