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New York Straight Men - Update

September 16, 2014

On The Mark

Its been almost a year since we saw Mark. He is a Native New Yorker, a life long resident of the Upper West Side. He is now in between girlfriends, the last one was really bad at sucking cock. That is what brought him to us in the first place. It took him a lot to get up the nerve to come back and let a guy suck him off again. It wasn't that he didn't like the blowjob, he loved it especially because Sean swallowed...Mark loves his load swallowed.... He has mixed feeling about a guy sucking him off...he says its a necessary evil because guys really do suck cock better and he knows it!

New York Straight Men - Update

September 11, 2014

Conrad Gets Total Service

Conrad's masculine energy just electrified the entire shoot, his killer smile made Ben weak in the knees! Lucky for Ben he was working tonight's shift as the resident cocksucker. Conrad came over to get total service. He says he likes a cocksucker who not only sucks cock, but knows how to eat ass and lick sweaty armpits. Ben really showed Conrad that he is the cocksucker for him!

New York Straight Men - Update

September 04, 2014

Rogue Cop

What do you get when wish for a hot cop? You get a hot cop gone "bad" a rogue cop! Officer "M"! Officer "M" (an old friend of Officer "X") makes no secret that he will let a gay guy suck his cock, in fact sometimes they don't have a choice, keep that in mind next time you are speeding on the Long Island Expressway. When that cruiser is all lit up behind you, the officer approaches and "adjusts" himself, you just might have been stopped by officer "M" if you are lucky might be sucking his cock while he leans on the shoulder of the road side of his cruiser, It has happened before!

New York Straight Men - Update

August 29, 2014

Jake is Back

We were with Jim watching a soccer game at the East River Park when a text arrived of a hot selfie of Jake! He was nearby and wanted to get blown and play. We showed his pic to Jim and he was ready to leave the game, right then and there and get back so he can service this straight stud. The timing was great, no sooner did we all get back, Jake and his big cock ready for service arrived. Jake loves using guys to suck him off, he has learned early on that guys are the best cocksuckers!! Tonight was no different, Jake told us it was the most productive text he ever sent!

New York Straight Men - Update

August 19, 2014

Brent's BJ

Brent came back to us looking better than he ever has. He is totally ripped.he But like all straight guys, every once in a while he wants a blowjob where he can be selfish and enjoy a mouth. While he would much rather have a girl give him an No-Strings BJ, he knows that is not reality...very few women think along those lines. Jim was up to the job of sucking Brent's big cock, sort of service with a smile because Jim liked it!

New York Straight Men - Update

August 15, 2014

More Than a Mouthful

Meet Saul! He is a Puerto Rican Stud who now lives in Manhattan. Saul is a lawyer, who looks like a papi.....maybe because at heart he is one! The title gets its name from the surprise Jim got when he tried to put Saul's cock in his mouth; he almost couldn't! Saul's secret weapon is a huge cock...a heat seeking missile that sought and found Jim's throat!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 30, 2014

Dominic Again

It's been a long time since Dominic let a guy suck his cock, but he was in that special mood so he called on us. When he arrived he was " locked and loaded" ready for a great blowjob, his girl loves to get fuck but hates to suck. Jim was ready...this was not going to be a lazy blowjob either as you will see in the video!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 20, 2014

Flipping Scott

Meet Scott. He is a bartender in midtown Manhattan living in the lower east side with his girlfriend. He stopped by today because his gf was giving him head this morning and it just wasn't doing the trick. She didn't know that he was planning to come to meet Jim and get a blow job from someone that really wanted his cock. It also turns out the Scott sucked Jim's big thick too and he liked it!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 12, 2014

Michael Plays

When Michael plays, he plays hard!! Jim met Michael,and the pay was hard and rough..and sweaty and loud. There was sucking and slurping and licking and cumming when we put these two hairy, hot men together! In this movie we just let these two do their thing and they wound up making a hot movie for us to enjoy!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 03, 2014

Jim Does Franco

Meet Franco! He hails from Brooklyn and works in event production. He has a girlfriend, but he likes to experiment with submissives and its easier to find guys with will submit and take it like a bitch, so he says. Now Jim is no bitch by any stretch, but he is open minded himself. He was happy to be part of this and gave Franco some service that he hasn't had in a while. All this took place on a early summer NYC Sunday afternoon that will be a great memory for both of these hot guys.....and you too!

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