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New York Straight Men - Update

November 12, 2015

Derick the Ditchdigger

Meet Derick! He is a married guy who moved to NYC from Boston about two years ago. Derick works in construction and actually digs ditches! He still has that thick Boston accent and uses the word "wicked" quite often. This macho, blue collar, straight guy is just way too hot! His body is sculpted naturally from all the hard work he does. He keeps it natural---furry all over just the way we like it.

New York Straight Men - Update

October 12, 2015

Jamie's Taste of Saul

Today our straight friend the Ginger BodyBuilder, Jamie stopped over for a taste of what Saul had to offer. He was very surprised and happy as you will see in this hot movie.

New York Straight Men - Update

September 21, 2015


Our friend Jim was really horny and asked if he could come by and drop his load what he didn't know was that we also had Saul and his huge cock over for the same reason. We left these guys alone and filmed the results, besides Jim giving a blowjob he got one in return in addition there was rimjobs, nipple play, kissing all the elements that make for a hot movie when two guys are left to their own devices.

New York Straight Men - Update

September 09, 2015

Doing Dimitri

The hot russian stud came back for some old fashioned service. Dimitri's girlfriend has not been sucking his cock lately he needed it done, so he came to us. This is a hot movie which takes Dimitri out of his comfort zone... it's really hot see him react to certain situations that he did not see coming!

New York Straight Men - Update

August 25, 2015


Mix a hot blooded Scott's Man with a Huge Cocked Puerto Rican and you get a hellava movie! They were both really horny, so we just let them got to town to relieve it. This movie has sucking, kissing, ass eating and a whole lot of New York City summer sweat!!! Watch as there two hot studs ravish each other and shoot their gooey loads!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 16, 2015

A Simple BlowJob

When a New Yorker such as Dominic our Italian- American wants something, he isn't shy about asking for it. Dominic's balls were filled, he had a heavy nut sack that he needed to unload. His gf was away upstate for a few days but he needed blowjob plain and simple. He called us asking to come over wanting to drop a load that some cocksucker would work for. Saul while very new to the whole cocksucking thing was the one to do the job. Dominic loved his mouth but was surprised when Saul's massive cock came out!!! He got his simple bj from a sucker with a huge cock!

New York Straight Men - Update

July 05, 2015

Spread 'Em!

It was one of those cold New York City Sundays, so cold that "only a warm wet mouth on your cock will warm you up"..... So said Brent, our sexy bearded straight friend who was in a huge need of the service of one of our cocksuckers. He needed to drop a NSA load, really bad. He sat down on the sofa spread his legs and invited Dave to get to work and do his job. Dave gave Brent and expert blowjob, better than any girl ever did, and he let him know it. Brent shot a gooey load thanks to all of Dave's hard work!

New York Straight Men - Update

June 22, 2015

Jack's first Time

Meet Jack! He is blue collar guy, does handyman and carpentry work all over the city. Jack loves women we were able to convince him to get a blowjob from one of our cocksuckers. Its his first time on camera AND first time a guy has sucked him off! He really enjoyed the sloppy blowjob that Dave delivered. He as moaning and groaning the entire time. At the end he shot a huge wad of straight-guy spooge all over Dave!

New York Straight Men - Update

January 07, 2015

Dial M For Mouthful

Long Island has a horny cop roaming about and he always finds his way to us for some good old fashioned head. Officer M is always glad to try out a new cocksucker and Sebastian was no different. This cop used his lips, mouth and throat for his pleasure and his pleasure alone, he is one selfish straight guy...just wants to use the gay guy so he can get off. He used Sebastian hard pounded his mouth...Sebastian was happy to be in service to Officer M, aren't we all ?

New York Straight Men - Update

December 11, 2014

Mario Skullfucks

Meet Mario! He is a Native New Yorker who hails from Brooklyn. He is Irish/ Italian and he has that thick sexy Brooklyn accent that just melted our Resident cocksucker Sebastian. Mario is super straight, but was super horny and extremely dominant. Mario likes to be the boss, the man in charge and he let Sebastian know it! Finally Mario gave in to the load building up and exploded all over his cocksucker's face!

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