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New York Straight Men - Update

December 16, 2017

Sean is Fucked

Finally another resident cocksucker who also wants to get fucked! Sean needed to get his round, furry ass plowed deep! We thought Michael would be the one who would do it best. Michael is passionate, tender yet aggressive and dominate. He has deflowered many a young virgin girl is his time, its been almost a year since Sean got it up the butt making him an "almost virgin". We knew that Michael would start off slow and tender and then pound him!

New York Straight Men - Update

October 09, 2017


Jim gave Saul quite a mouthful! A mouthful of cock and a taste of his ass! Besides sucking Jim's cock Saul got to lick Jim's ass which is one of his favorite ways to service. This is a hot movie we're both guys got what they wanted.

New York Straight Men - Update

August 26, 2017

Servicing a Ginger Giant

Sergio loved getting down on his knees and servicing this Ginger-Haired Giant from back to front! Sergio parted Josh's muscular ass cheeks and lapped at his asshole just they way Josh said he it needed it done. Afterwards, Sergio made his way around to Josh's hard cock and swallowed the monster right down, so his nose was brushing against Josh's ginger pubes.

New York Straight Men - Update

March 23, 2017

Magnus and Saul Reunite

It's been a while since Magnus has gotten his cock sucked. He called us out telling us he really needed a blowjob and wanted a mouth that was as good as Saul's, so we figured why not call him up and see if he would give Magnus another blowjob. Saul I was only too happy to be faced with the prospect of being on his knees again and sucking. This was definitely a match made in heaven Magnus' cock and Saul's mouth.

New York Straight Men - Update

November 17, 2016


Magnus is a beast! He is a sexy macho masculine straight beast. He came by for a blowjob and a rim job that Saul performed to his exact specifications. He got his asshole licked and got his dick sucked just the way he likes it, this strong guy loves to have gay guys worship him and we see why.

New York Straight Men - Update

August 30, 2016

Tongue Fucked

Now that Dimitri is married he only wants his wife to suck his cock however she does not like to lick balls or his ass. He feels that is the perfect opportunity for a gay guy. So if you want to service Dimitri you better like licking ass. Saul loves to eat a guy's ass especially a straight guys ass. He could not wait to get down on his knees and service Dimitri the way he wanted to be serviced. This hot movie Saul gets his tongue deep inside Dimitri asshole as Dimitri gets off being serviced Saul.

New York Straight Men - Update

June 12, 2016

Freddy The Face Fucker

Freddy arrived ready to test out Trey's cocksucking skills. They did not disappoint! Freddy fucked Trey's face right off the bat and Trey made his mouth feel like a velvet pussy which really turned Freddy on! Next was the sofa. Freddy got comfortable, spread his hairy legs and invited Trey to on his knees between them. Freddy kicked back while getting an expert cocksucking session.Trey's mouth caused Freddy to blow his load all over and was a very happy guy!

New York Straight Men - Update

February 21, 2016

Franco Fanatic

Besides the many NYSM fans that Franco has he found a huge fan in his cock sucker Dave! Franco is a hot hairy Italian that loves to get sucked off doesn't matter to him whether it's a girl or a guy who's ever willing to suck on can have the cock. Well Dave was the lucky one and he made the most of the opportunity he could not get enough of Franco's cock! Franco could not get enough of Dave's skilled mouth.... that mouth drove Franco crazy and he shot his load all over Dave's face lips and beard!

New York Straight Men - Update

February 03, 2016

Jason's First Time

Meet Jason he lives in Brooklyn and the thing that stands out most about him is how nervous he was! This is one of the movies where you see him progress from being really nervous to enjoying the service. Saul sucked on his cock licked his ass and made a believer out of Jason that guys give great service!

New York Straight Men - Update

November 25, 2015

Mario' s Tryst

This is a movie that takes Mario out of his heterosexual comfort zone. And it's really hot to see. He takes his big beautiful Italian cock and fucks Saul's face hard and deep then he squats over his mouth and sits on his face while Saul kisses and licks Mario's asshole. Saul also plays with his big cock while all this is going down. It's a hot movie and it's really great to see Mario move out of his comfort zone!

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