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Sean Cody - Update

June 02, 2018

Jess & Dillan

There's nothing better than watching a sexy stud try bottoming for the first time! For Dillan, it's been a long time cumming and his tight ass is clearly thirsty for a thick cock. For jess, this is no challenge: his cock is throbbing to pop Dillan's man-cherry! That cherry is now popped and filled with hot creamy man-juice. Make sure you bring some extra'll need them.

Sean Cody - Update

May 28, 2018

Archie & Lane

"You don't quit, do you?" marveled Archie as Lane was showering him with his expert cock sucking skills. After that, Archie took control of Lane's tight ass until he blew his hot load all over his cute bottom's ass. Our boy-next-door was sweating bullets after his fuck fest with Lane. "I think I found a new workout partner here, guys!" If you love your guys hot, hunky and sexy doing hardcore ass-pounding bareback sex, then you're in for a real treat.

Sean Cody - Update

May 24, 2018

Jax & Angelo

These two sexy studs were so turned on by each other that we had to keep the cameras rolling. An impromptu jack off session was in order and both Angelo and Jax were enjoying every minute; two thick cocks, a horny duo and edging at its best, a perfect way to throb your Saturday morning! Watching these hunk have awesome gay sex will make you wanna get off ASAP!

Sean Cody - Update

May 21, 2018

Kieran & Asher

Kieran and Asher want to explore their fantasies and we're here to make them reality. Inside the house, Kieran was bragging about the size of his dick to Asher. "This ass is in for a serious pounding!" Asher was definitely up for the challenge. "I've split a lot of asses before!" Kieran wasn't joking! He fucked him good and hard, and at the end of it all, Asher was covered with both their loads.

Sean Cody - Update

May 15, 2018

Landon & Brysen

As if Brysen couldn’t get any hotter, he returns to Sean Cody with a fresh cut and whole lot of cum for Landon! The pair play a bit of baseball, a little foreplay in the taxi but they save the true workout for later. While Landon’s washboard abs slam against Brysen’s tight ass, it’s obvious that this duo is a match made in heaven! This is one of the hottest interracial scenes you'll ever see and it's here and now, just one click away.

Sean Cody - Update 05/12/2018

Freddy & Kaleb

It's a beautiful day for a sunset stroll on the beach, so Kaleb takes new guy Freddy out to show him the sights. Freddy's only got eyes for Kaleb and his beautiful ass! The hot twinks head home where Freddy gets a warm Sean Cody welcome in Kaleb's tight hole! These two hunks have a chemistry while they play it's almost intoxicating. It won't be too hard to get caught up in their action and before you know it you'll be busting a huge nut too.

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Sean Cody - Update 05/08/2018

Gino & Lane

Two sexy studs boxing on a hot summer day? I'll take it! Lane returns with Sean Cody-newbie Gino and lets him fuck his beautiful tight hole. Who would have known Gino could be such a power top? These boys are taking us to twink paradise! When you're living the dream it's great when the twinks are hot, the sexy is good and the men stunning. Gino and Lane are all this and more. Just make sure you have plenty of clean up'll need them.

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Sean Cody - Update 04/30/2018

Daniel & Asher

Deacon's out of town and it looks like his boyfriend has tapped into his naughty side! Pairing up with Sean Cody favorite Daniel, Asher experiences sex for the first time without his man, feeling every inch of Daniel's big rod. A hard cock mixed with a steamy sauna finger fuck, what else could top that? During a hot interracial ass-pounding fuckfest. It's amazing when there's one big cock but two will absolutely make you go out of your mind and your cock so hard.

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Sean Cody - Update 04/25/2018

Brock & Joe

You ready for Sean Cody's first-ever dild-o-wall? It's a sex toy frenzy that gets these sexy boys in the mood! Mega hunk Brock returns looking ripped and ready to get a taste of Joe's tight ass, but not before teasing his ripe hole with a casual 7-inch poke.That pike is something special too and when you see the intensity of their passion you will love it as well. Broke and Joe are playful and full of passion and after this scene you will need a few big towels.

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Sean Cody - Update 04/22/2018

Jakob & Jack

Jakob returns with a new statement: he has yet to be eaten out! Of course, it only made sense to pair him with Sean Cody's most jacked dreamboat, Jack! Describing rimming as his ""forté"", he eagerly pops Jakob's rim-cherry and introduces him to a whole new world of pleasure. These guys are really into it and you can tell. Muscle hunk vs. twink and guess who wins.

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