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May 11, 2015

Zander Takes Leo's 12" Bareback

Zander Craze takes all 12 inches of Leo Alexander bareback, & you’d think Leo would break him, but Zander loves every minute of it! (This scene starts out with an incredible make-out session, so don’t skip ahead right away if it’s the sucking & fucking you are usually after.) Here’s what’s exceptional about Leo: his sweet, puppy-dog eyes & smile. And then, of course, there’s his smoking body & ridiculous dick. Zander is well aware of this, & it’s why he is enamored with him. Is Zander intimidated by Leo Alexander’s 12 inches? If he is, he certainly doesn’t let it stop him, because he takes the dick bareback & he takes it oh so well. Never before has the word "pounded" been deserved in a porn write-up.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 05, 2015

Joey Slams Max's Ass

Remember Max Schutler’s return to gay porn in the bareback orgy of "Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party"? He gave a great performance that tested his mettle as a bottom, as he had to handle the meat of Rocco Steele himself. But now Max returns to give us a show where the focus is on him & his hardcore partner, Joey Pele, who roughs up Max Schutler from the beginning of the scene. Need more proof of just how rough these two get together? That’s one hell of a ride Max is taking on Joey’s huge uncut cock!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 04, 2015

Tomas Breeds Michael

Tomas Brand sure looks like he’s enjoying Michael Lachlan, I’ve never seen him so sensually manhandle someone before. Then there’s Michael’s smiles, just like with Logan, he’s now getting his shot with the other half of porn’s power couple & he loves every minute of it. There’s an incredibly sensual embrace between the two men, proving why Tomas & Michael are two of the best porn stars out there. After plenty of sucking, Tomas is the first to take raw cock, & Michael doesn’t hold back. But let’s face it, Michael sometimes is most comfortable on his back, & Tomas is more than happy to take advantage of that desire with a raw & rough pounding. This could be Michael’s best performance, and if you’re in disbelief, the action says it all.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 29, 2015

Dylan & Logan Double Team Dmitry

Question: Can Dylan James, Logan Rogue, or Dmitry Osten ever get enough bareback action? Answer: Nope. In his first scene Dmitry Osten was with two guys (Tomas Brand & Rocco Steele) and in his second he finds himself in the same situation, but this time it’s with Tomas’ partner Logan & Dylan. It’s apparent now that Dmitry is going to be a go to needy bottom. That’s not said lightly: see him get double teamed bareback. But my favorite part personally? Dylan pounds the hell out of Dmitry until he shoots his raw load. Is there any wonder why Dylan James was signed as an exclusive after seeing him in action like that?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 28, 2015

First Time on Camera Bareback

Sean Duran barebacks on camera for the first time ever, & he chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio to make his debut. When a special occasion like this comes around, someone with true gay porn chops is needed to make sure the encounter is a success. So why not call upon the raw talents of Pedro Andreas? Every scene he films is just as good (if not better) than the last. Pedro is at his strength when he’s a top, so he sits back & lets Sean suck on his cock like a hungry animal. The raw penetration occurs when Pedro pulls Sean’s ass close to him & slides his cock in bareback. If Sean is to be given credit for anything, it’s his ability to take a pounding. At one point Pedro mounts him & taking it easy is not what Pedro Andreas has in mind. But it looks like Sean Duran is enjoying himself, so a job well done!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 22, 2015

Michael & Dylan Fuck Raw

It’s been about one year since we’ve last seen Michael Lachlan. He was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, & he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, to suck & fuck raw with Dylan James, our new exclusive model & all-around macho hunk. Both Michael Lachlan & Dylan James love sex & embrace their versatility: giving & receiving raw oral & anal sex is something they both can’t get enough of, & none of that enthusiasm is lost in this scene. But if you think I’m going to give away all of the details, you’re wrong. You’re going to have to watch it to see what these two are capable of together.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 16, 2015

Rocco & Tomas Breed Dmitry

Two muscle daddies breeding a young gay porn newcomer? Count me in! After everyone from Rocco Steele’s breeding party cum, clean up, and vacate the premises, Rocco decides to cap off the night with his international pal Tomas Brand and a new kid on the scene: Dmitry Osten. I don’t want to give away all of the delicious details, but if you check out portions of the scene, and you’ll see why Rocco Steele and Tomas Brand are two of my favorite performers. Dmitry is a lucky bottom getting to take care of them both at the same time!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 14, 2015

Rocco's Breeding Party (Pt.3)

It’s been awhile since Max Schutler has appear in a Lucas Entertainment film, so what better way to make a return than at Rocco Steele’s breeding party? Rocco’s gathering aside from him & Max currently consists of Leo Alexander, Raul Korso, Joey Pele, Zander Craze, Max Toro, & Craig Daniel. Max has his sights set on Rocco, he starts sucking on Rocco’s 10" of thick daddy meat. Joey Pele: this guy has bulked up quite a bit, & with his increased muscle mass so too has his sex drive blown up. Zander Craze gets him started by swallowing his uncut cock, & for a while Joey gives into his submissive side by sharing Rocco Steele’s daddy cock with Raul Korso. But be sure to make note of the action, as Joey hops from hole to hole: he fucks Craig Daniel, moves to Raul Korso, & then back to Craig. Meanwhile, Rocco can’t get enough of Max: Rocco focuses on Max by fucking the returning performer slowly & deeply on his back.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 09, 2015

Drew's Raw Seduction of Dolf

It’s going to sound biased, but I don’t particularly care: I’ve been waiting to see Drew Sebastian paired with his real-life partner Dolf Dietrich on Lucas Entertainment since it was made known the scene was a go, and it turned out even hotter than I was expecting. As said on Drew’s model page, he’s one of my favorite muscle bears in porn today, and with the equally handsome Dolf Dietrich they have put on some of the best duo shows. We see a sexual perspective in porn rarely seen, the one between two genuine lovers. They’re both aggressively tender and passionate with one another.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 08, 2015

Breeding Party Grows To 9 Man Orgy

The select invitations to Rocco Steele’s breeding party netted a few more guys to join the party, increasing the current number to nine total! Zander Craze, Raul Korso, Max Toro, and Craig Daniel jump into the action, and they waste no time getting started. And like Alejandro Alvarez before him, Zander Craze strips down, takes a seat next to Rocco Steele, and swallows his fat 10 inches of cock. Among the action that takes place is Raul and Zander sharing a double-headed dildo and a rampant amount of ass-to-mouth action!

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