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Broke Straight Boys - Update

July 01, 2018

Aron Takes Michael's Hole

Aron Kronos and Michael Boston are both newer guys to BSB, but they hit the ground running so there’s not much they haven’t done yet or aren’t willing to do! Outside the studio they have some great chemistry, and it clearly followed them into the bedroom as they press their lips together hungrily, stealing kisses from each other as they get undressed and Aron pulls out his cock. Michael hangs his head over the edge of the bed, letting Aron fuck his face before leaning over Michael to capture Michael’s dick in his mouth and sucking it as they 69. Aron sticks his ass in Michael’s face, making him rim that hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 29, 2018

John Fucks Newbie Brad

John Henry remembers his time as a newbie a few years back, so he knows exactly how Brad Steele is feeling as he sits on the bed next to this shy guy. To help put him at ease, John takes the lead, kissing and making out with Brad then getting on his knees to deep-throat Brad’s sweet cock as he makes him grow hard and erect on his tongue. John stands up for a few more kisses from Brad before pushing him down to take John’s dick between his lips, sucking and licking that prick, his hands gripping John’s thighs as John moans above him. John gets hornier with each pass of Brad’s lips across his shaft and he pulls Brad up and gets on the bed doggy style.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 16, 2018

Buddy Pushed By Ari

Newbie Buddy Wild gets his limits pushed by sexy Ari Nucci, who’s here to show Buddy how it’s done, ready to break in this hot new guy. Ari doesn’t even warm Buddy up with some kisses, instead grabbing Buddy’s neck and pushing his head onto his huge cock, already hard from self-handling as Buddy deepthroats that beast of a prick. Ari pulls Buddy’s pants off and works his dick with his mouth, but not for long before Buddy is back on Ari’s dick, grabbing it with his lips and getting his face fucked. When Ari’s worked up and his throbbing cock is standing at attention, Buddy climbs on top and sits on that fat dick, barely used to the size of it before Ari’s pounding him raw.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 14, 2018

Benjamin It Fucked By Jos

Benjamin Dover doesn’t waste any time in getting a taste of Jos Alvarez’s sweet cock, on his knees in seconds with Jos’s dick between his soft lips, pulling that shaft in and out of his mouth. Jos returns the favor, giving Benjamin some amazing oral as he deepthroats that cock, pulling away only to catch his breath before moving back in to get another mouthful of that delicious meat. When they’re ready for a little more fun, Benjamin climbs onto the bed, lying on his stomach while Jos kneels behind him and lines his thick member up with Benjamin’s hole and pushing inside of him, fucking him hard with his bareback dick while Benjamin reaches down to play with himself.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 11, 2018

Michael's Facial By Charlie

Charlie Maddoxx and Michael Boston are both newer guys, but they didn’t come into this with a lot of expectations, so they’re always ready and willing to try new things and keep it fresh for the members! They press their lips together and peel each other’s clothes off until they’re naked on the bed and Charlie gets down for a taste of Michael’s sweet cock, sucking him off and then turning him around to rim that hole. Charlie spanks Michael as he buries his face between his ass cheeks and licks that tight ring of muscle while Michael reaches back to play with himself, getting harder as Charlie aligns his throbbing prick with Michael’s wet hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 09, 2018

Damien Fucks Aron

During their time at the house, Damien Nichols and Aron Kronos have discovered a few things they have in common, and they’re about to discover a few more things about each other as they get prepped for their scene. Kissing and making out leads to oral as Damien gets on his knees to taste Aron’s cock, wrapping his mouth around it as he pulls it in and out of his lips until Aron’s good and hard. Damien stands back up ready to receive some oral in return and Aron doesn’t keep him waiting, his lips closing around Damien’s prick and sucking that cock before climbing onto the bed and getting a rim-job from Damien.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

June 07, 2018

Axel Fucks Bobby

Bobby Owens is back with new guy Axel Kane, ready to take some dick as Axel gets his feel for the porn scene. As they start making out, their clothes come off quick and they kiss harder until Axel invites Bobby to get a taste of his cock, making Bobby sink to his knees as he pulls Axel’s pants off and frees his cock. Taking it in his mouth, Bobby sucks on Axel’s sweet prick, running his soft lips along Axel’s pulsing shaft as he gets him harder and then climbs onto the bed to offer his ass up to Axel’s eager dick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update 05/09/2018

Benjamin Nuts On Xavier

Xavier Ryan is doing us and his scene partner, Benjamin Dover, a favor by filling in last minute, so even though they won’t be fucking raw, there’s still plenty of sexy heat to be found in this scene! Benjamin makes out with Xavier, pushing him down on the bed as they kiss and undress until they’re both naked and Benjamin stands up to face fuck Xavier. Xavier takes Benjamin’s fat cock as he pushes it down his throat, jamming that hard dick deeper and deeper as he reaches up to work Xavier’s prick while he gets head.

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Broke Straight Boys - Update 05/07/2018

Damien & Michael

Damien Nichols and Michael Boston seem pretty relaxed around each other, and that translates to some sexy laid-back energy as they get to work on each other, kissing and stripping as their lips press together. Michael is the first one with his boxers off and he's already hard, planting a few kisses on Damien's chest and sucking his nipple before they fall back on the bed, Damien wrapping his wet mouth around Michael's huge cock. Damien can barely take half of that massive shaft down his throat, gagging on it as Michael lies back and enjoys the show.

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Broke Straight Boys - Update 04/20/2018

Jordan Takes Jos's Tool

Jordan Hart is still a little camera shy, but the outgoing Jos Alvarez helps put him at ease as they get their scene started, kissing hard as they get their clothes off and Jos pulls out his big cock. Jordan takes Jos’s dick in his mouth, sucking that sweet dick until it’s hard while Jos reaches down to rub Jordan’s prick with his hand. When Jordan’s soft lips and warm mouth have Jos hard and ready to fuck, Jordan spreads his legs wide and takes Jos’s cock raw and deep, letting him bury it balls deep as his tight hole adjusts to that thick cock.

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