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Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 05, 2018

Brandon & Richie

Brandon Evans and Richie West undress each other slowly, their hands exploring each others body as Richie kisses Brandon’s muscular chest before kneeling down in front of him, mouth ready to receive that cock. Richie sucks Brandon’s dick and pulls his balls into his mouth, licking and sucking that shaft as Brandon thrusts his hips against Richie’s face. When Brandon’s had his fill of Richie’s mouth and is ready for that ass, he gets Richie on all fours and enters him bareback from behind, his hard cock spreading Richie’s tight ass apart as he buries himself balls deep.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 03, 2018

Bobby Fucks John

Bobby Owens and John Henry don’t want to keep their fans waiting so after a quick introduction these boys get right to it, kissing hard as they pulls each other’s clothes off until they’re both naked together. John tastes Bobby’s sweet cock first, sucking and deepthroating that long shaft, licking Bobby’s big balls as he runs his tongue along Bobby’s shaft. When John’s expert mouth has Bobby hard as fuck, he lies back on the bed and lets Bobby choke and gag on his dick next, thrusting his hips to get his cock deeper down Bobby’s throat as he gets some amazing head.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 31, 2018

Wild Gets Fucked Deep

Justin Dean is more than a little excited to be sitting next to sexy newbie Buddy Wild, and he’s eager to get his hands on that body so we won’t stand in his way any longer! Justin reaches out and runs his palm across Buddy’s smooth chest, leaning in for a kiss as he tweaks Buddy’s nipple and then lets his wandering hand find Buddy’s cock. Pulling Buddy’s pants off, Justin wraps his warm mouth around that big dick and sucks it good, pulling the thick shaft in and out of his mouth as Buddy hardens between Justin’s soft lips.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 29, 2018

Grey & Xavier Flip

Xavier Ryan is an early bird, but Grey Donovan is not so an early scene for him is a challenge…but once they get started, Grey seems to have plenty of energy for Xavier after all! Kissing, they pull off their clothes and Xavier goes down on Grey, sucking his cock until it’s hard and then climbing onto the bed so they can 69, each guy’s mouth stuffed full of sweet cock as they lick and suck each other. A little oral is all the warm up they need before they’re ready to fuck, Grey topping Xavier first as he pushes his dick into Xavier’s tight hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 27, 2018

Bobby Fucks Brad

Bobby Owens is excited to show newbie Brad Steele what he’s learned about porn across his many experiences, and shy little Brad is ready to learn. Brad gives Bobby oral fist, his soft lips wrapping around Bobby’s cock and making it grow. Next, Brad lies back on the bed and Bobby kneels between his legs, capturing Brad’s dick in his mouth and sucking him as he moans, his mouth full of Brad’s hard cock as he pulls his lips across that throbbing shaft. When Bobby’s gotten Brad erect he’s ready to satisfy his own eager dick and he pulls Brad’s ass to the end of the bed and buries his prick inside of him.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 25, 2018

Axel Fucks Ari

Ari Nucci has no reservations and is ready to take on whatever we throw at him, so we’ll see what Axel Kane will bring today! Lying on the bed, Ari hands his over the edge and lets Axel face fuck him, that cock down Ari’s throat as he pushes it deeper and gets harder between his lips as Ari sucks it good. Ari turns onto his back and bares his ass to Axel, letting him penetrate him with his bareback dick and fuck him hard and fast, barely giving Ari a chance to warm up to that fat cock in his ass.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 23, 2018

John Inside Justini

John Henry and Justin Dean got to do some shopping together last night, and now they get to do some fucking as both guys undress and Justin goes right for John’s sweet cock. He takes that dick between his soft lips and sucks it good, getting John hard, his cock growing longer and thicker with each pass of Justin’s warm mouth until finally, it’s Justin’s turn for some head. John gags and drools on Justin’s long member, turning him over and rimming Justin’s ass next as he runs his tongue around Justin’s sensitive hole before standing up and burying his cock in it!

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 21, 2018

Ryan & Xavier

Ryan Fields isn’t shy about reaching for Xavier Ryan’s junk, grabbing that cock to see what he’s got hidden in those shorts as he massages Xavier’s dick and they make out. Xavier gets on his knees and uncovers Ryan’s dick, sucking and deepthroating that cock and then climbing onto the bed and letting Ryan rim his ass, his wet tongue tracing circles around Xavier’s tight hole. Ryan finds Xavier’s cock with his mouth next, sucking that dick and then going back for seconds of Xavier’s sweet ass as he eats that hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 15, 2018

Grey Fucks Richie

Richie West was a newbie not too long ago, but now that he’s got some experience under his belt, he’s ready to train the other newcomers, including his scene partner today, Grey Donovan. Leaning in for a kiss, Richie locks lips with Grey, kissing him nice and slow before getting naked and working down to Grey’s cock, taking it in his mouth and running his wet tongue slowly up and down that shaft. When Richie’s worked Grey’s cock up, he lies back on the bed and lets Grey give him head, watching as Grey strokes that dick with his mouth as he looks to Richie for reassurance that he’s doing a good job sucking that prick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 13, 2018

Jos, Benjamin & Ari

Jos Alvarez, Ari Nucci and Benjamin Dover are a few of our highest rated guys and the members certainly have good taste, seeing these guys on the bed next to each other is sure to get anyone’s blood pumping! Jos and Benjamin kiss as Ari whips out that cock and strokes himself, until Jos’s mouth finds it’s way over to that stiff prick and takes it between his lips. Jos drools all over Ari’s cock, then gets a taste of Benjamin’s dick as he sucks it, Ari moving in to give Benjamin head too as these boys give some Benjamin that amazing oral. But cock hungry Jos wants more and he kneels between Ari and Benjamin.

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