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Broke Straight Boys - Update

Thursday September 12, 2019

Jos Fucking Malakai Raw

Jos Alvarez and Malakai White make a cute pair, and this pairing gets even hotten when we unleash these horny guys on each other and they make out. Jos works his way down to Malakai’s cock, catching that dick between his lips and teasing it through Malakai’s underwear; soon his underwear turn dark with Jos’s drool. Pulling Malakai’s balls out, Jos sucks them as Malakai gently pushes Jos’s head to take those balls deeper in his wet mouth. When Jos’s sore lips need a break Malakai treats him to oral next, licking and sucking Jos’s prick until he’s hard enough to ride as Malakai straddles that erect cock and sits on it. Lowering his ass so that Jos is balls deep inside of him, Malakai rides him hard and raw before Jos takes over, lying Malakai on his back and burying himself in that ass again.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 10, 2019

Max Pounds JJ Smitts

JJ Smitts is still working on getting over his shyness but he’s come a long way and his scene today with Max Jay is one more step in the right direction. Kissing each other, JJ and Max undress and Max takes a seat on the arm of the couch, letting JJ fill his mouth with cock as he takes Max’s dick down his throat. He works that cock with his soft lips and wet tongue and then lets Max do the same to him, loving the feeling of Max’s warm mouth around his member as he gets him hard. JJ wants a different kind of oral and turns around to give Max his ass, which Max eagerly spreads open and licks all over, rimming JJ’s puckered little hole and running a finger over it before standing up and putting his cock where his mouth was.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 08, 2019

Ethan Fucks Kace

We’re still working on Ethan Steel to get comfortable with more, but we’re leaving that up to Kace Axel today. These guys strip down fast and kiss hard, pulling each other’s clothes off until Ethan is ass naked on the bed and Kace has his big dick in his mouth. Sucking Ethan’s cock hard, Kace sticks his finger up Ethan’s ass and works that hole and his shaft as Ethan pushes Kace’s head farther down on his prick, making him choke on it. Kace’s mouth has Ethan hard in seconds and he bends Kace over and slides that erection between Kace’s ass as he pushes inside of him with his bareback dick. Kace cries out as Ethan’s big dick splits his hole wide open, Ethan fucking him hard, balls deep as he takes him from behind before turning Kace around onto his back.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 26, 2019

Ryan Fucks & Cums On Sky

By the time Sky Clesi and Ryan Parks are done making out and Sky is going down on Ryan, Ryan’s cock is already bulging out of his underwear, hard from their kissing and touches. Sky frees Ryan’s prick and takes it between his lips, letting Ryan fuck his mouth as he does his best to deepthroat that impressive dick. Ryan pushes deeper into Sky’s mouth, filling his throat and getting balls deep in that wet mouth before returning the favor and sucking on Sky’s sweet cock. Sky watches as Ryan works him with his mouth, his cock responding to Ryan’s expert tongue as he grows harder and harder until Ryan is ready for some ass next. Leaning over the couch, Sky puts his ass on display for Ryan, letting Ryan enter him slowly from behind as he fills him up with his bareback dick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 24, 2019

John Takes Dereks Ass

Derek Cline and John Henry are back for some more cash and these hot, sexy guys are ready to work hard for that money! They lean together, their lips pressed against each other as they make out and undress and Derek goes for John’s cock, wrapping his wet, slick mouth around John’s shaft and deep throating that dick hard as John moans and pushes deeper down Derek’s throat. Derek stands up and John gives him head next, gagging and sucking on that sweet dick, getting him hard as fuck before bending Derek over and tasting his ass next. John spreads Derek’s ass cheeks and rims that hole, tracing wet circles around that tight muscle before pulling Derek into his lap and fucking that freshly licked hole with his bareback prick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 22, 2019

Jos Deep Throats Cody

Jos Alvarez and Cody Smith go hot and heavy as soon as their lips touch, pulling off their clothes and running their hands all over each other as Cody strips Jos down and goes right for that big cock. Cody sucks Jos’s prick hard, pulling it into his mouth and taking it down his throat as Jos gets hard on his tongue until Jos is craving some sweet dick too! Getting on his knees, Jos kneels in front of Cody and goes down on him, deepthroating Cody’s prick and gagging on that thick shaft as Cody watches him work that dick with his skilled tongue. Jos’s hot, slick mouth has Cody rock hard and Jos climbs on top of him, straddling him and lowering his tight hole over Cody’s throbbing dick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 17, 2019

Kace & Jos Flip

As Jos Alvarez and Kace Axel make out, they pull off their clothes and get a feel for each other until Jos gets on his knees to taste Kace’s sweet prick. Jos’s mouth is filled up with Kace’s dick, hard and wet on his tongue as he stands up and lets Kace taste him next. Kace deepthroats Jos, taking that whole shaft in his warm mouth until he’s ready to claim Jos’s ass, getting him on the bed and pushing his bareback dick inside of him. Jos moans, his tight hole stretching as Kace fills him up and fucks him hard, but he takes every inch of that solid shaft as Kace gives it to him. Jos is ready to get his dick wet next and these studs flip so that Jos tops Kace, inviting him onto his lap straddles him and lowers his entrance onto Jos’s waiting prick.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 15, 2019

Ethan Dominates Marcus

Ethan Steel was referred to BSB by Marcus Rivers and now these two cute guys are in the studio together ready to pleasure each other just for you. Ethan is a little nervous but eager to get started, so Marcus moves in for a kiss, his lips trailing light touches across Ethan’s body while he massages Ethan’s dick with his hand. Pulling Ethan’s underwear off, Marcus exposes that big cock and takes it in his mouth, sucking it and licking Ethan’s balls as he gets him so damn hard. Marcus’s soft lips around Ethan’s shaft gets him horny as fuck, and he gets Marcus on all fours on the bed and pushes his freshly sucked cock into that tight hole, filling Marcus up inside. He pounds him hard from behind, giving Marcus’s sweet little ass a couple good slaps as he fucks him bareback.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 11, 2019

Sky & JJ Flip Fuck

Sky has been busy with school but now that he’s on break he’s here to earn some money with our newer guy, JJ Smitts. As we cut the chit chat these boys get right to it, kissing and undressing until Sky has JJ’s cock sinking into his mouth, enveloping that prick in his wet, warm mouth as he sucks JJ off. They switch positions so that JJ can taste Sky’s cock too, his tongue and lips tracing the veins and contours of Sky’s dick as pulls that dick in and out of his mouth. Once these guys are throbbing hard and ready to fuck, Sky is first to bottom as he lies on his back and lets JJ enter him, ass stretching around the intrusion as that cock goes deeper.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

August 09, 2019

John Fucks Grey

John Henry is back for some action and Grey Donovan is ready to help him with that as these guys get right to work on each other, kissing and undressing until they’re both naked and Grey is on his knees. Grey’s lips and hands wrap around John’s prick as he sucks him off, placing a few gentle licks on john’s hairless belly before getting another mouthful of hard dick. John makes sure to take care of Grey next, going down on him as he chokes and gags on that big dick until he’s got Grey good and hard. John sits back in the chair, inviting Grey to join him and Grey doesn’t hesitate to climb right on top of John and bury John’s erect prick deep in his ass, grinding his hips against John’s laps as he fucks himself with that hard cock.

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