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Broke Straight Boys - Update

Thursday March 21, 2019

Charles Fucked By Ryan

Charles Owens is still pretty new but he’s already heard about Ryan Pitt’s infamously big dick and he’s a little nervous to take it today…but with Ryan getting him all warmed up, he’ll forget his nerves soon enough. A few kisses and then Charles is going down on Ryan, sucking and deepthroating that fat cock as Ryan pushes Charles’s head even farther down, admiring that cock sucking ability as Charles takes it. And when Ryan is good and hard he gives Charles oral, making Charles squirm underneath him as he licks and sucks that sweet dick, running his wet tongue across his balls before finding his way back to that throbbing cock.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 19, 2019

John Takes Chris Deep

John Henry and Chris Taylor have both had their share lately of helping to break in the new guys, but now these two pros get to sit back and enjoy their time together…two experienced guys who know what they’re doing! They start things off nice and easy, making out, lips pressed together in a kiss, but when John’s lips wrap around Chris’s prick he’s done going easy as he starts sucking and slurping on that cock like it’s the tastiest piece of meat he’s ever had. John’s mouth has Chris’s eyes rolling back in his head in pleasure as he grows harder and hornier by the second and then swaps places with John so he can show John his own cock sucking skills.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 17, 2019

Grey Fucked By Axel

Grey Donovan has been at the house all week, but that doesn’t mean he’s had enough, in fact, he’s ready to get things started with sexy Axel Kane. Making out and undressing, their sculpted and toned bodies press together, those delicious round asses enticing as Grey kneels down to taste Axel’s cock. Grey works that dick with his mouth as his lips travel the full length of Axel’s shaft, getting him good and hard before replacing his mouth with his ass, lowering himself slowly onto Axel’s fat prick. Grey takes every inch of Axel inside of him before riding him hard, bouncing up and down on that cock reverse cowboy as Axel spanks him from behind.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 13, 2019

Jake Fucks Marcus

Jake Spencer and Marcus Rivers looks exceptionally cute together, and they’re ready to fuck hard and cum hard as they start to make out. Marcus goes down on Jake in no time, eager to taste that sweet and salty prick as he takes it in his mouth and gets him hard with that wet and warm tongue. Of course, Jake returns the favor, giving Marcus head too until they’re both rock hard and ready to fuck as Marcus climbs on top of Jake, straddling his lap and lowering his tight little ass onto that waiting dick. Jake’s throbbing cock pierces Marcus’s taught hole, stretching him open as he gets deeper and Marcus starts to ride it raw, moving his hips against Jake’s dick as he fucks himself on it.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 11, 2019

Tyson Fucks Justin

Justin Dean is tasked with bringing out the wild side of new guy Tyson Rush, so we’ll see if he’ll succeed as they lean together on the bed and get started with some kisses. As they make out, Tyson’s hand wanders down to Justin’s cock, still covered with his pants, and slowly unleashes that sweet prick, leaning forward to wrap his mouth around it. Justin takes a minute to enjoy Tyson’s tongue on his cock before giving him head next, deepthroating that long shaft then bending Tyson’s legs up to rim that ass, his face buried between Tyson’s cheeks as he licks and tastes Tyson’s hole.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 09, 2019

John & Rookie Charles

John Henry has the pleasure of helping break in newer guy Charles Owens, who’s still a little shy to get things started. But John takes charge, kissing him hard and exploring Charles’s body with his mouth as he kisses and licks his sensitive nipples, sending waves of pleasure through Charles before moving down to suck that dick. Taking him in his mouth, John pulls Charles’s cock in and out between his lips, teasing him with that skilled mouth as Charles starts to relax and enjoy himself even more. Standing up in front of Charles, John puts his big dick in his mouth and fucks his face, letting Charles suck on that dick then getting on his knees to eat Charles out.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 06, 2019

Bobby Fucks Newbie

Bruno Cartella aced his solo scene and now he’s in the studio with the very experienced Bobby Owens, who’s more than ready to break this newbie in. Leaning in for a kiss, their lips meet and they slowly pull their clothes off as they make out until Bruno is the first one totally naked, cock just waiting for attention. Bobby takes the invitation and leans in to suck Bruno’s dick, breaking from that sweet cock only to suck his nipples before returning to that hardening prick. Bruno face fucks Bobby then moves in to give Bobby head next, taking that cock to the root while he continues to play with his own fat dick hanging hard between his legs.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 04, 2019

Ricky Fucks Ethan

Ricky Daniels and Ethan Erickson share some things they’ve learned about each other while they’ve been in the house before they share even more in the bedroom today. Making out, they strip out of their clothes and Ricky trails kisses down Ethan’s body until he reaches that cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking it good. Ethan watches as his dick travels in and out of Ricky’s lips, his wet and warm tongue stroking his shaft until he’s hard as fuck. Ethan gets on the floor to give Ricky head, Ricky face fucking Ethan as he gets harder by the second until he’s ready to take Ethan’s ass.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 03, 2019

Newbie Derek Fucked

Derek Cline nailed his solo and now he’s here with Bobby Owens ready to get nailed himself! Eager to learn from an old pro, Derek and joins Bobby’s lips in a kiss, making out before getting on his knees in front of Bobby to suck that cock, cupping Bobby’s balls gently as he massages that prick with his soft lips. But Derek gets a turn too and Bobby makes sure to take very good care of him, slowly pulling that cock into his warm mouth and stroking it with his lips and tongue. Derek’s gentle moans fill the room as his dick fills Bobby’s mouth, and then Bobby gives him an even better treat as he bends him over and eats that ass, spreading Derek’s ass apart to showcase that tight little hole as he fingers it.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

February 25, 2019

Benjamin Fucks Max

There’s no better way to break the ice before an afternoon fuck than asking the other guy if he’s had his ass eaten…and that’s exactly what Benjamin Dover does as he and Max Jay lean toward each other on the couch. Clothes are pulled off and lips pushed together in heated kisses as these guys make out and Max finds his way down to Benjamin’s impressive prick, taking it in his mouth and deepthroating it. Benjamin can barely contain his cum as Max sucks on his member and pulls those big balls into his mouth and when they switch, Max is in for a treat.

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