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Dirty Boy Video - Update

December 05, 2014

Twink in the City

Jace is out walking his dog and minding his own business when he walks past horny twink Zach. Zach is leaning against a driveway gate clearly looking for some play. As Jace walks past Zach he barely gives him a second look, even as Zach gives his crotch a tug and throws down a stare that would make even the straightest of men take notice. But when Zach takes the lead and starts following Jace home, Jace starts to see what's going on and lets the aggressive horny twink in his building and onto the elevator. Once they're inside the elevator, all bets are off.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

October 03, 2014

Taken By Storm!

Storm skates by a graffiti-ridden garage door. He wastes no time heading in to find Elijah working on his motorcycle. Elijah stops what he's doing & starts making out with his man. They kiss long & deep as the shirts come off & the pants drop to below their knees. Elijah has a big thick hairy cock that's growing larger with each slurpy kiss from Storm. Elijah takes Storm by the dick & leads him over to his motorcycle to take a seat. He settles in & Storm gets on his knees to service his dark & mysterious man. Elijah turns around for a quick change of pace & presents Storm with his tight hairy ass. Storm gobbles it up, making Elijah moan with delight. Elijah throws his arm up over his head & Storm cups his plump sack as he takes Elijah's big rod all the way down his throat. Next it's Elijah's turn to do some servicing. He gets down on his knees & lets Storm face fuck him. Storm grabs the back of Elijah's head and pumps away, letting his full hard cock slide all the way into Elijah's mouth making Elijah's nose bump his fiery pubes.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

August 28, 2014

No Means Yes

Joey has been waiting at home for his online hook-up for what seems like an eternity. He's so horny he can hardly take it anymore when Taylor finally shows up at the door. After asking what took him so long, Joey leads Taylor into the living room to get down to business. They start making out hard and fall on top of each other on the couch. They're so into each other they can hardly contain themselves! Through all the moaning and groaning, the shirts come off and they take turns licking necks, nipples and pits.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

July 30, 2014

Thick Cock, Tight Ass!

Tyler just brought his new Latin boy, Sebastian, home for some fun. They walk through Tyler's yard and in the door and start making out. Before you know it, Tyler is hard and ready to get it on. Sebastian asks his new friend if he wants to fuck him and the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Dirty Boy Video - Update

July 03, 2014

Ryder's Audition

Ryder is a super sexy 19 year old from New Jersey with a filthy side! He begins by telling us about a dirty public restroom hook up where he stood on the toilet and let a stranger fuck him in the ass. Watersports is definitely something he's interested in trying out! He's seen it in porn and finds it totally hot! But it's big, uncut Spanish guys that get his motor started! He confesses his fantasy by blurting out, "I want a big uncut Spanish guy to pee on me. Now!" See all of Ryder and watch him blow a load from his hard young cock!

Dirty Boy Video - Update

June 04, 2014

Poolside Cum Buddies

We found Zack Randall out by the pool one day cruising for some cock. As he walks out of his bungalow, the first person he sees is little twink, Isaac Yale, cooling off with his feet in the water. Zack calmly walks out, throws his big blue eyes in the direction of Isaac, dips his feet and continues on towards his mark. Isaac is fully aware that Zack is there and on the prowl. The thought of Zack Randall whipping out his dick makes Isaac's swimming suit stretch a little more as his cock stirs in its cradle.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

April 16, 2014

Suck My Dick

It's a cold ass winter day out and Adam Moon and Taylor Lee come inside in their sweaters and scarves to warm up. It doesn't take long before they find out that that they can heat things up a lot quicker by removing their winter garb. They help each other out of their clothes and get right to making out. Adam is quick to his knees and before Taylor knows what hit him his cock is out in the open and getting sucked by Adam and his nice full service lips.

Taylor breathes heavily as Adam works his magic from tip to base up and down Taylor's thick shaft. Taylor loves the job Adam is doing but needs a little taste of cock himself. They reverse positions and Taylor becomes the oral bottom. Adam face fucks Taylor gently, yet with purpose, as he grabs Taylor's head and guides it up and down his big cock.

Both of these hotties need what they came in from the cold to do. Adam lays down on the floor and eager Taylor hops on and rides Adam's thick pole. Adam always needs a little bit more control than lying there getting serviced so they flip over and Taylor lets his top take charge.

They fuck hard doggie style while Adam pounds a steady beat inside Taylor's tight asshole. Consistency is Adam's mantra and his fucking rhythms could be set by a clock. His hard cock glides in and out with ease as Taylor makes tiny sounds of pleasure. Adam announces that he's ready to cum and instructs Taylor to turn around and take it.

Taylor gets on his back and Adam busts a nut on his face. His cum is white and thick and he gets a nice big burst right up Taylor's nose! Taylor doesn't waste a minute and with cum running down his face and rolling further up his nose, he drops his own big load all over his stomach. With both bursts of jizz pooling up on Taylor's torso and face, Adam bends over to kiss him, getting some of his own cum in his mouth as they kiss!

Dirty Boy Video - Update

March 25, 2014

Stick It To Me

Nick and Peter are out in the NY heat sitting on the stoop. It's hot as balls outside and all they can do is sit and sweat. Nick suggests they go into his air conditioned apartment and Peter agrees that's just what he needs. Nick neglects to tell Peter that it's a fifth floor walk up so they work up an even bigger sweat getting to the cool rush of Nick's apartment. The second they get inside, Nick throws Peter onto the bed to start having his way with the skinny twink. There's absolutely no argument from Peter, who immediately starts dry humping Nick and letting Nick lick his salty, sweaty body all over.

Their shirts come off and they kiss hard and deep. Peter is out of breath. Nick's tongue makes him pant like a dog. All of Peter's clothes come off and soon he's sucking Nick's growing cock all the way to the pubes. He massages Nick's big balls as he deep throats and lets Nick fuck his face. They switch it up and Nick teases Peter's asshole with his big throbbing cock. Peter crawls on top of Nick and they 69 with Peter sucking more cock and Nick licking asshole.

It's not long before Peter is on his back with his legs spread wide. Nick crams his thick dick into the tight space that is Peter's hole. He plows hard and long and deep while Peter pants with each thrust of Nick's hairy pelvis. Peter hops on top and takes Nick's entire pole like a champ. He gets crazy loud as he rides cowboy style. Without warning, Peter pops a giant load all over Nicks stomach. Nick's big dick hit just the right spot, making Peter cum almost hands free!

Nick isn't done with the twink just yet, though. He turns him around, grabs hold of his shoulders and chest and uses Peter like a toy. Again, Nick's cock feels so good that Peter drops another load of jizz all over the sheets, making it the second cumming of the day! In a frenzy, Peter turns around and gets on his knees as Nick pumps his rod for some protein for Peter. Peter begs for it and finally squirt after squirt of thick white cum flies into Peter's gaping mouth. He laps it up, barley missing a drop as he hyperventilates to get all that he can get.

Both Nick and Peter are sweaty messes and they collapse onto the wet sheets to try to finally enjoy the air conditioning on such a hot sweaty day!

Dirty Boy Video - Update

February 12, 2014

Hungry For Cum

Jace and Jayden are lying in bed petting each other. They're both horny but Jace is hungry and needs to eat before they can mess around. They head to the kitchen to get Jace a snack but when Jace opens the refrigerator he reveals a surprise for Jayden with two giant dildos and some lube being chilled and ready for Jayden's tight ass!

Jace plops all his props on the counter and turns around to get Jayden in the mood for some hot kitchen sex. They make out and Jace works his magic as they rub their growing cocks through their jeans. The shirts come off, and horny Jayden gets on his knees to free Jace's dick. Jayden loves sucking Jace's curvy cock and from the looks of Jace's reaction, he's pretty damn good at it too. When Jace is good and hard, he hops off the kitchen counter and bends Jayden over to work his asshole with his tongue.

Jayden moans loud as Jace rims and fingers him, taking his time to not miss an inch of Jayden's tight, throbbing hole. Jace turns around and grabs one of the giant dildos and has Jayden get on all fours on the kitchen floor. He shoves it deep into Jayden's little hole, going all the way to the suction cup base of the thick fake cock. Jayden screams out and begs for Jace to fuck him. Jace is ready to go and quickly bends the blonde hottie over the sink to do his thing.

Jace mounts up and fucks Jayden, pounding deeper with each thrust of his hard, toned body. Jace's balls flop as he fucks and makes Jayden squeal as he goes further inside of him. Just when Jayden thinks he can't take any more, Jace gets on the floor and has his sexy blonde ride him like a cowboy. Jace once again pounds Jayden's hole like it's the last ass he'll ever see. With groans of "fuck me harder" and a loud animalistic moan, Jayden unleashes his his pent up load all over Jace's tight stomach and chest, letting it drip down his sides and onto the linoleum.

Jace stands up and does Jayden a huge favor by giving him the facial of his life. Jace sprays everything in sight. He gets Jayden's face and hair, the stove behind Jayden and even the floor nowhere near where he was standing! Jayden leaves to clean up so they can finally eat while Jace takes his roll of paper towels and complains about the curse of being a big cummer as he wipes up his sticky mess from the appliances and his now dirty floor.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

January 17, 2014

Warehouse 3 Way!

We came across these three horny guys looking for cock in a local restaurant warehouse. Each of the boys is wearing their hankies to show any interested strangers what they like to do when they choose to get dirty. They don't mince words and no one says anything as Damian and Brayden lead slender Scott to a chaise lounge that provides the perfect height for sucking dick. Scott gets on his knees and opens Brayden's bulging pants. Scott whips out Brayden's vein-popping cock and gets busy doing the Lord's work.

Scott doesn't leave Damian in the lurch either as he makes sure to spend an equal amount of time with each nice thick dick in his mouth. He services each of them before getting on his hands and knees to get spanked by Damian and Brayden's hard dicks. The two remove Scott's underwear and feel him up hard, rubbing his butt cheeks and fingering his tight hole. Damian stands and fucks Scott's mouth while Brayden gets down and rims him from behind. Damian tells Scott that he's about to get fucked deep, then turns him around and shoves his big hard meat deep inside the skinny Scott.

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