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Chaos Men - Update

May 04, 2019

Aidan & Henri

I mentioned Aidan's boyfriend Henri was watching while he fucked Wren. And then Aidan watched while Henri did his solo. It got them both totally horned up and ready to fuck. They held out until the next morning when we filmed this. Needless to say, they were both ready to fuck! With most boyfriends, I let them do their own thing, though with Aidan, he pretty much knew what we needed to see, and 'directed' Henri in bed. Henri claimed he was a Power Bottom, and he was not lying! He works Aidan's cock like the piggy Bottom he is. My favorite from this video is a very simple element. Watching two ginger-bearded guys making out! Watching these two is like watching two professional dancers who know each other's moves.

Chaos Men - Update

May 02, 2019

Espen & Maxi

Espen has become such a great Top. He still identifies as straight, but after his video with Vander, he is much surer of himself. And Maxi is great and comfortable in any situation. This time out, he bottoms the entire video, and he is great at it. I love when Maxi is flat on his stomach, and Espen is drilling his cock into him. Maxi is trapped by Espen's big cock, but I don't think Maxi wanted to escape. He also came super easy, something I think Maxi excels at. Boy does Espen have his cream pie action down. I love watching his cock spasm as he fills Maxi up!

Chaos Men - Update

April 26, 2019

Aidan & Wren Raw

Wren is back to get his ass royally fucked, and he looks better than ever! His body is rockin'! Of course, Aidan is in top form as the Top in this video. He has been hitting the gym hard too. He arrived with his boyfriend, who watched from the sidelines. They start by making-out, but all Aidan can think of is eating Wren's hole. Wren is literally giddy to have someone who really knows how to rim eat him out. Aidan blows him next, then he gets Wren's head over the side of the bed so Aidan can fuck his throat. Wren can really take a cock at this angle, and it is extremely hot to see him handle the face-fucking. Later, Wren rides Aidan's cock, and when he spins around reverse, he puts all his weight on to Aidan, making Aidan even more turned-on.

Chaos Men - Update

April 24, 2019

JJ & Ricky Raw

I had JJ in for a couple shoots, and on this day, Ricky Roberts get to Top his ass. His next film, he gets to show off his own topping skills. Ricky and JJ got on quite well, and both guys got to show-off their strengths. JJ is very versatile, but when a strong Top like Ricky comes along, he turns into a total Bottom. Lots of great chemistry between them, and their cum shot is just amazing. JJ tells Ricky that he is about to cum, so Ricky ramps up his speed. JJ gets closer but with with his relentless pounding, Ricky actually busts a moment before JJ. He loads JJ up and then JJ starts to shoot his cum. Cum is dripping out of JJ's hole, while JJ cock is dripping jizz. I think it is an amazing cum shot that you will want to time your own cum shot with again and again!

Chaos Men - Update

April 19, 2019

Espen & Vander Raw

I liked the idea of putting Vander with a young Twink. It is hard to believe that horse-hung Espen is still only 18-years old. He is always so turned-on for these videos. He likes girls, but I just wonder if he is young and will settle on being at least Bi. I didn't think he could get fucked by Vander's thick cock, so we kept Espen as the Top in this one. Not that Vander would complain, though I am sure he would love to fuck this young guy. They had a fun time giving each other oral, and both guys showed-off their sex position skills. Espen fucks the hell out of Vander. When he was fucking Vander on his back, he almost came. We stopped to do some photos, and he informed me he was close to nutting the entire time.

Chaos Men - Update

April 17, 2019

Antonio & Cy Raw

After moving to a major city, Cy sent some updated images eager to do some porn. He had been living out of reach for many years, and now that he was in striking distance, he thought he would get back in to it. He used to do massage therapy, but I didn't want to do a massage table scene. So, he starts by using some oil on Antonio, concentrating on his ass. He also took full advantage of Antonio's special cock-sucking skills. After Cy sucks on Antonio's cock, he flips him over and fucks Antonio on his stomach. They still used the oil. There was so much lube, his hairy cock slid right in. Cy continues to fuck Antonio until Antonio blows his load. Next, Cy shoots a GIANT load all over Antonio's hole.

Chaos Men - Update

April 13, 2019

Aidan & Thompson Raw

Another hot pairing that I had been wanting to do. Aidan's has such a great Top vibe and with Thompson's Bottom Boy attitude, I knew this would be a sizzling hot video. Sure enough, these guys do not fail to deliver! Thompson is all about servicing Aidan. Taking great delight in sucking and teasing his cock. Aidan returns the favor but quickly takes on a more dominant role. He fucks Thompson's face with his head over the side of the bed. Aidan than then makes him Thompson eat his ass. Thompson was in a perfect position to get his ass rimmed as Aidan prepares Thompson's ass for a good fucking. After fucking him on his back, Thompson then rides Aidan's cock, bouncing around while his cock barely wobbles from being so aroused.

Chaos Men - Update

April 11, 2019

Bentley & Bogart Serviced

Bogart had listed a host of things he would do on film. But the closer he got to the shoot, the more he was just worried about anything new. Bentley is used to nervous first-timers, and easily took him through his paces. Bentley is Bi, and he was definitely into Bogart. You can tell he liked gagging himself on Bogart's cock during one portion of the video. Bogart looks a little terrified to start with, but he slowly gets into it. His cock was definitely into it. He strokes Bentley's cock for a bit. For the ending I thought it be cool to see if Bentley could make Bogart cum from a Fleshjack. He pounds Bogart's cock with it and gets him really close. Bogart got close and then grabs his own cock to cum, while Bentley puts the Fleshjack on him to make himself cum.

Chaos Men - Update

April 09, 2019

Kelly & Lorenzo Raw

Every time I see Lorenzo out and about, he hangs with a more mature crowd. He definitely is into guys older than him. For Kelly Evans sex first sex scene with ChaosMen, I tossed out a couple model names to see if it sparked any interest. Given Lorenzo's love of daddies, he was the first on the list, and Kelly said Lorenzo was the one he would most like to play with. I love it when it is that easy!So, the two had chemistry even before getting in the room. Lorenzo got immediately into servicing mode, trying to please his daddy. Kelly has a subtle dom vibe and takes control of the scene. They swap oral, and do some amazing ass eating. Kelly LOVES to eat ass! It had been a while since Lorenzo had been fucked, so Kelly took it nice and slow.

Chaos Men - Update

April 03, 2019

Vander & Wright Raw

Vander was in town for a couple days, so I set him up for some hard-core bottoming. As always, he is a hungry bottom, and he loved sitting on Wright's big uncut cock. I think Wright was also impressed with Vander's cock-sucking skills. So much so, that he tried his best to deep throat Vander's thick dick. He was also impressed with how thick Vander's cock was. Wright fucks Vander aggressively, which had me a little worried as I knew Vander was soon going to be fucked by another thick cock. But Vander didn't seem concerned and was eager to take every inch. Vander rides on top of Wright, working his cock until he cums. Wright encouraged him the entire time. Very sexy!

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