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Tuesday August 20, 2019

James & Kyle Raw

I was eager to get Kyle Wyncrest back in to the studio. What a great Top he turned out to be in his last film. Though, he surprised himself by cumming a few seconds before the bottom could cum, it still was great seeing someone fuck till they cum. He and James have great chemistry in this video. James and Kyle start by watching each other stroke their own cocks. Kyle then drops to his knees and tries to tackle James' big uncut cock. Both of these guys have beautiful blue eyes that water when they look up at you with a cock in their mouth. They take turns sucking each other, and then both guys rimmed each other. Kyle then began to fuck James and his cock was hitting all the right spots.

Chaos Men - Update

August 12, 2019

Cole & Justin Raw

On loan from Cocky Boys bonus scene. Cole Claire returns for a condom-free, sensual bedroom fantasy with muscle jock Justin Matthews! Cole dives right in to peel back Justin's underwear and deep-throat his hard cock. Undaunted by Justin's hip-thrusting his cock deeper, Cole continues sucking and orally worships his big balls, exciting Justin to the point of immediately wanting to use Cole's ass. Cole is ready to go too: he's gets into position and pulls down his briefs so Justin can fuck him from the side. Justin finds that sweet spot instantly and as his cock hammers Cole, he holds him by the throat and sucks his sensitive nipples..driving Cole load, breathless moans.

Chaos Men - Update

August 07, 2019

Aidan & Michael Raw

I love his Daddy vibe that is pure Bottom Boy. How is that possible?! We all found out how much he likes anal stimulation during his solo and oral, and I wanted just the right Top to challenge him. Aidan was the perfect match! Despite all the toys he has had in his ass, Michael has only had sex with two guys. I might have misjudged the pounding he could take, but he sure looks like he is in loving every minute. Aidan begins by sucking his cock, getting him nice and hard. But once Aidan stands up and feeds his cock to Michael, you can see just how happy Michael is to suck a dick. He has an intensity that says, "Use me, and I want to make you happy." I definitely need to setup a Tag-Team as I think he really would love to be spit-roasted.

Chaos Men - Update

July 15, 2019

Espen, Jake & Ransom

The more I spoke with Jake, it sounded like he wanted to get piggy for his oral scene. Blow job videos are his favorite to watch, and he loves watching a guy get face fucked until tears are streaming down his eyes. Jake also likes older guys with beards, and before the shoot, Ransom suggested he should jump in so he and Espen could Tag Team his mouth. Jake immediately turned submissive as he worshiped Espen's big cock. Ransom gets in there with a camera and his dick out. Jake takes turns sucking both their cocks, eventually managing to get both in his mouth. The two dudes didn't want to be unfair and get all the attention, so they got Jake on his back while they took turns sucking his cock and having him suck their dicks.

Chaos Men - Update

July 09, 2019

Argos & Espen Raw

Argos took one look at Espen's big cock and worried he would not be able to take it. So, we started him off slow with a butt-plug. Espen slowly slides it, stretching Argos's hole just enough so that later Espen can wedge his cock inside of him. Espen then makes Argos suck his cock while he waited for Argo's hole to be ready for some pounding. Espen slid the plug out and then fairly easily guides his cock into Argos while being fucked doggie-style. It didn't take much time before Espen could fuck more aggressively. Argos took it like a champ. Next, Argos gets fucked on his back which is his all-time favorite position to get fucked in. He edges himself the whole time. Argos want to ride Espen after that, and found edging his cock in that position worked easily as well as on his back.

Chaos Men - Update

July 07, 2019

JJ Smitts & Kyle

This video is all about the cum shot. Sure, it is awesome to see Kyle Wyncrest in full-action. And he and JJ really hit-it-off sexually. A couple times throughout the video Kyle needed to stop or risk nutting. He seemed extra sensitive this day, saying he had not cum in nearly a week. He was very horny and though Kyle identifies as straight, he and JJ clicked and he seemed eager to please JJ. Actually, JJ was having the same issue. We stopped a couple times for him also, and I was little surprised as JJ's dick would go soft from lack of jerking. Not even touching himself he was going to cum. I told him that Kyle has 'boyfriend dick' and that is a perfect size and angle to hit his prostate.

Chaos Men - Update

July 01, 2019

Declan & James Raw

James Dawn was in his element in this video. I think this is the first video where he bottoms the whole time. He sure does love it and is so expressive! He also has only cum on his back even in his private life. So, I wanted to see if he could vary it up a bit. Declan fucks him on his back to start with, then later he rides his cock. Despite the strain on his legs, he said he was close to cumming. Off to a good start. They next move to Declan fucking him doggie-style, and James really struggled to not cum. Sure enough, he came powerfully being fucked that way. Cum flies out of his cock, leaving a long strand dangling while Declan ramps up to breed him!

Chaos Men - Update

June 29, 2019

Jerome & Ricky Raw

I think this was the best time Jerome had getting fucked. He loves to top a dude, but clearly he was having a great time in this video. Jerome said Ricky's cock was the perfect size, and also knew how to use it. Jerome had to push Ricky's hand away even after only being fucked a few minutes. Ricky was also having a great time, and yet again, we have a moment where the Top cums a bit too soon. I left it in as an OutTake in the middle of the video. I don't think you will find it too disruptive, and since Ricky only shot a little bit, we could start pretty much from where we left off. They end the video fucking side-by-side, and both guys race to cum. Jerome was hoping to cum first, but Ricky busted before him.

Chaos Men - Update

June 24, 2019

Maxi & Ron Raw

I often say the guys are close to cumming throughout a video, and while most of the guys are good at holding it back, I feel like I have had more than a couple times recently when they didn't quite keep control. This video is one such scene. Maxi and Ron were instantly into each other, and Maxi discovered he loved eating hairy ass during this video. After swapping oral, Maxi dives in to rim Ron's hairy hole. He went after it hungrily, and loved the smell and taste. He told me after the shoot he definitely had an epiphany about hairy guys. Just after rimming him, he slides his cock in Ron's hole, and with the heady scent of musky ass on his face, he started fucking Ron.

Chaos Men - Update

June 22, 2019

Argos & James Raw

Argos and James Dawn are two new guys that I think really have a lot of potential. I think Argos is better at Bottoming, but he sure can also Top. I think the same is true for James. We decided to do a flip fuck, so both guys could have fun getting fucked. They start by standing and making-out. Argos sucks on James' big uncut cock first, and he does a great job. Not his first uncut cock, and he hit the right notes with James. I told James before the shoot that Argos always had a lot of pre-cum. James went to suck Argos, and realized I wasn't kidding around. He rolls the clear liquid around Argos's head, and starts to suck his tasty cock. Some really hot cock-sucking! James fucks Argos first, and he has to go slow and easy on the first insert.

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