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Monday March 25, 2019

Declan & Timmy Raw

Timmy actually took some time-off to focus on work and relationship. He got work under control, and was eager to get back in to film some fuck films. I sent him some pictures of Declan, and he was super eager to come in and play. You can tell Timmy is having the time of his life during this video. He was sucking Declan's cock with pure pleasure. I was a little worried that Timmy's cock would be too big for Declan, but the dude takes a cock like a champ. He also returned the favor, fucking Timmy until his cock is dripping pre-cum. I think there is even a moment when Timmy had to shout out to slow it as he was about to cum. After this shoot, Timmy was dazed and giddy from that fucking alone.

Chaos Men - Update

Saturday March 23, 2019

Lorenzo & Ron Raw

Lorenzo is one of the couple guys I turn to when I need help with nervous first-timers. He is always awesome in the Serviced videos, being a key ingredient for their success. I don't want anyone to forget what a great Top and Bottom Lorenzo is. He has great energy in both positions, and today we get to see his Topping skills. Soon to be followed by a video with him and his legs and ass in the air. Ron was also pleased to be working with a pro. The intimacy is off the charts in this one. I am also really pleased that he has eagerly embraced being a Bottom, which of course makes having him shoot his load that much easier. Lorenzo fucks Ron, eager to make Ron's cock leak pre-cum.

Chaos Men - Update

March 19, 2019

Aidan, Antonio & Ransom

Aidan loves to rim guys, so he started this video with some of the hottest rimming action on the site. Antonio squirms around in ecstasy as Aidan takes his sweet time, sniffing, fingering, and licking Antonio's hole. It is very erotic, and it even had Ransom running around the set with a boner. As you may know, he helps me film anything interactive, and neither of us is immune to the sex happening in front of us. Ransom was standing off to the side working a camera, rubbing his cock through his shorts, indicating to me that he had a boner. By the time Aidan is fucking Antonio, Ransom was dripping through his sweats. Antonio spotted this, and made a motion for him to join in and get his dick sucked.

Chaos Men - Update

March 17, 2019

Bentley & Wright Raw

Wright has been on hiatus spending time with his girlfriend and career. He did tell me he has been enjoying ass play, and I asked him if he thought he could cum from being fucked. He said he didn't think so. Wright really was into this video, and I think it is in good part because Bentley was so great. I also think Wright liked sucking on another guy's uncut cock. When Wright is bent over the bed, getting hammered by Bentley, he whispers that he was actually close to cumming. Standing is his easiest position to cum in, and I figured we could come back to that position if we needed to. I was happy we were making progress and might be able to see him nut from getting fucked.

Chaos Men - Update

March 10, 2019

JJ Smitts & Maxi Raw

I asked Maxi what he wanted to do for his first video. Top or Bottom? But he seemed down for both, and I know JJ is always down to flip-fuck, especially if he can finish while be fucked by a big cock. Both guys start by swapping oral, and once again I am impressed by how good Maxi sucks dick. He definitely has a passion for it. He also loves to rim, so he started rimming JJ's hole, and that got him in the zone to fuck JJ. He is a very good Top, despite having to fuck on his tippy-toes. Next, JJ fucks Maxi on his back, and Maxi sure looked like he enjoyed it. His cock got extra bone hard while being fucked. I think for his next video, I would love to see him cum from getting fucked.

Chaos Men - Update

March 08, 2019

Tenzin & Wills Serviced

I had Tenzin start sucking Wills, thinking that he would get turned-on sucking on his cock. But he focused on pleasing Wills, who was enjoying having his dick sucked. He even bossed Tenzin around, using some nice verbal to turn Wills on. Once they start to 69 suck each other, Tenzin stops worrying so much about pleasing Wills, and his own cock hardens. Though it could also be that Wills was playing with his hole. Once Wills starts sucking and then rimming Tenzin's hole, he gets super turned on and his cock begins leaking pre-cum. Tenzin thought that having Wills cum on his face, it would make it cum quicker.

Chaos Men - Update

March 03, 2019

Owen & Ransom Serviced

I thought I would add a little POV to this video. At the last minute, Ransom grabbed his phone and started filming Owen Forte as he serviced his cock. I do of course have all my camera angles to catch all the great action! Owen is just as expressive as he was during his solo, and the POV benefits greatly from his obvious enjoyment. Since Owen brought a dildo with him, I thought we would try our new remote control butt-plug. Ransom slides it in and activates the vibration. He get Owen back to servicing his cock, changing the vibration as sucks his cock. Owen's amazing ass looks even better plugged with a toy! Ransom then slides it out, giving him some relief so Owen would not cum to soon.

Chaos Men - Update

February 27, 2019

Aidan & Blaze Raw

Blaze mentioned he has a new job that is keeping him busy for the next couple months, and is going to take some time to focus on that. Definitely not retiring, but it sounds like his career is taking off. So, I wanted to get him fucked for this video if we aren't going to see him for a while. Ironically, during this video he has an epiphany while getting fucked by Aidan. Aidan hits his prostate just right, and of course AFTER the video Blaze said he was close to cumming and finally realized what all the fuss was about. Full credit to Aidan who really knows how to top a dude! Of course, Aidan enjoys bottoming too, while Blaze knows how to fuck an ass.

Chaos Men - Update

February 23, 2019

Damien & Jerome RAW

Jerome saw Damien Reign on the site, and said he thought he was a hot guy. I told him that so far, Damien has only topped, and that he would need to be a bossy bottom. Jerome of course is totally down to get fucked, and is very polished. I knew while filming Jerome would amp-up Damien's performance. Jerome starts by kissing him while humping him. Damien seems taken aback, but Jerome was relentless. After getting Damien's pants down, some nipple biting, and erotic licking, Damien was getting really turned-on. A switch was thrown in Damien's brain, and he passionately kissing Jerome back.

Chaos Men - Update

February 21, 2019

Cristo & Jerome Serviced

After peeling-off Cristo's shorts, Jerome slides between his legs and jerks his buddy's cock until he is fully hard. He then sucks Cristo's dick, and Cristo looks a bit surprised at how good Jerome was doing. The 69-suck too, and it looks like Cristo can deep throat. Jerome pulls Cristo's head over the side of the bed and starts to face fuck him aggressively. Cristo can take it! I wanted to take advantage of Cristo's ability to cum while on his knees, so he straddles Jerome's chest and easily blows his load into Jerome's mouth, cum sliding down his tongue. Next, Cristo gets on his knees so Jerome can give him a facial. It is a huge sticky load, filling his mouth and coating his chin. Jerome leans forward and they share Jerome's load with a tender kiss.

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