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Chaos Men - Update

Sunday June 25, 2017

Sean & Michael

Michael had no problems topping or bottoming, while Sean, surprisingly, struggled to take Michael's 8-inch cock. Sean will teasingly brag about what a big Bottom he is, but that day, at least initially, he met his match. Michael got fucked next, and he took it like a champ. I love seeing him sprawled on his back, his hairy bush standing-out against his hairless body, and of course seeing his hard cock bounce around as Sean rams him in the ass!

Chaos Men - Update

June 21, 2017

Jason Solo

Jason loves all types of guys, but has a fondness for uncut cock, especially Latin or Black guys. He likes rough, raunchy and dirty sex, so has very few limits He is completely versatile, and will just go with whatever the other guy wants when he is with him. With his amazing cock, I am sure Bottoms eagerly go ass-up for him, while Tops likely want to fuck his perfect hole. His furry body is muscular, and he has some low-hanging balls that continually produce pre-cum which he often milks from his cock

Chaos Men - Update

May 28, 2017

Caspar & Ledger

I knew Ledger would bring his best 'Bossy' vibe to this shoot. Caspar loves a little domination, and Ledger was just the guy to give it to him. Ledger uses his cock to fuck Caspar's face. Next Ledger sits on his face, making him rim his hole. They get down to fucking pretty quickly. Caspar sits on Ledger's cock first, stroking his own hard cock. Next, Ledger fucks him doggie-style, ramming his cock in deep. Finally, Ledger fucks Caspar on his back. I think this is the first time we have caught Caspar popping his load while being fucked. Ledger pulls out and cums all over Caspar's hairy ass, wiping the cum to his hole and juicing his Boy properly.

Chaos Men - Update

May 24, 2017

Barton & Vander Raw

All I want to say is this is a perfect pairing! Two hot Daddy-types going at it with super-charged passion! They flip-fuck each other, and Barton does an amazing job sitting on Vander's thick cock. Those of you who were missing seeing Vander use his cock to pillage a hole will be happy to see it splitting Barton in two. Vander's favorite is to get fucked aggressively, so Barton lets out his Top Beast and pounds him from every angle. This video is charged exciting chemistry, some naughty ass-to-mouth action, and a hot creampie!

Chaos Men - Update

May 16, 2017

Robbie Rivers

Robbie is super polite, very comfortable being Bi, and is pretty much down for everything. He likes to Top, but loves to Bottom. Robbie enjoys having an audience, and really tries to turn on the heat for you guys. He loves what he is doing, but also knows you all want it to be hot. Robbie says he loves to rim guys, and eating another guy's hole turns him on too. For his solo, I gave him some butt toys and he went to town on his ass.

Chaos Men - Update

May 10, 2017


Jalen has a big Italian uncut sausage on him, and with his smaller stature, he looks super hung. It is a super-hot cock, that was constantly dripping pre-cum. He plays with it often, so if you love guys who ooze pre-cum, you will enjoy him playing with it. He says he is Bi, but he definitely seems more into guys right now. For him to cum, I put a series of guys getting creampie'd on the screen, and that totally put him over the top. He shoots out ropes of cum, and looks thoroughly exhausted, yet satisfied with the mess he made!

Chaos Men - Update

May 03, 2017


Phillip is a fantastic looking guy with an amazing smile. And you have to check out his hairy legs and ass. He shaves his chest, so it will make you wonder what a beast he would be if he let it grow in. I know there are lots of guys that love hairy legs, so this is the guy for you! His legs a VERY hairy! He has a nice size cock at just over 7-inches, and he easily got hard for the photos. When it came time to shoot the video, he also was turned-on quickly, but it did take him a bit to get fully up. He talks to the camera a little, and it is super-hot to hear him moan.

Chaos Men - Update

May 01, 2017


Gale is a little dude at about 5'6" and is Bi. For a Bi guy, he really likes big dicks. It is fun a cum shot. Near the end of filming, he inserts a big blue butt-plug. As I pan over him to show how he is sliding it in and out, he suddenly realizes he is going to cum. He panics a little, but I encourage him to just go ahead and shoot his load. This tyke can sure put out a lot of jizz while shoving big things in his ass!

Chaos Men - Update

April 28, 2017

Matthieu & Sean Serviced

After slicking Matthieu's body up with oil, he gets him doggie-style and then thumbs his perfect hole. That got Matthieu's cock fairly hard, so Sean flips him on his back to really attack his dick with his skills. He works Matthieu's cock until it is fully hard, and you can see the shivers run down his body as Sean sucks him like a pro. Sean beats his cock until a load spills out. Matthieu has his legs tensed-up and his body literally vibrates as the powerful orgasm overtakes him!

Chaos Men - Update

April 20, 2017

Lorenzo & Sam

I mentioned to Lorenzo that I would love to see him in a flip-fuck video, and that Sam was a totally versatile guy. Lorenzo said that he had been eyeing Sam on the site, so was eager to work with him. Sam drills his cum in, showcasing Lorenzo's sloppy hole!

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