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Like 'em Straight - Update

May 09, 2017

Wills Returns

When Brendon discovers new talent, he baits the hook with an offer to star in a three-way with a straight couple. It's a mind game, but one Brendon excels in. Wills is on the scent of pussy and he's convinced he'll be the lucky one on a date in the near future. Before he realizes it, Wills has gotten a hand job from the older man and shoots like a cannon.

Like 'em Straight - Update

May 07, 2017

Hard To Swallow: Morris & Brendon

By the time Brendon turns on the camera in this raunchy scene, Morris is naked, hard and pullin' the pork. Perhaps the seduction was a little intense or Morris was camera shy, but with his pants pulled off and his cock in hand, nature takes over. This green-eyed, fair-haired boy casts his eyes on an image unfolding on his smart phone and leaves his fat dick for Brendon to enjoy. His thick, muscular thighs are splayed open giving Brendon unfettered access to the juicy parts. Brendon's tongue dives in for some rimming and a blowjob is a no brainer. We gotcha covered Morris!

Like 'em Straight - Update

April 26, 2017

Hard To Swallow: Wills & Brendon

Wills is in a porn studio for the first time, so he's pushing himself big time. And, oh yeah, he has lobe stretchers that must be awkward at family functions. (tee-hee). This guy is an original and Brendon wants to see what else he's willing to do. He's 23 years old and cute as hell, so it's all good! Watch him jerk his thick cock to climax and be prepared for a sequel. We like Wills!

Like 'em Straight - Update

April 12, 2017

Hamilton & Brendon

Don't let the gentle vibe and quiet demeanor fool you, Hamilton is steering his own ship. Having been seen in ''The Devil Made Me Shoot It'', this beautifully put together dude takes sex in stride as part of the natural order of things. Lean and tightly built, Hamilton makes his own declaration of independence. He loves butt play, but an early experience with his girlfriend convinced him that the hand on the dildo needed to be his. Brendon provides the toy and Hamilton works slowly to insert it into his hairy fuck-hole. Grazing his prostate with each thrust keeps the hottie squirming, until he unleashes a massive load right in Brendon's face.

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 21, 2017

Hard To Swallow: Ken

It didn't take long for Ken to return to the warm, soft lights of the studio after his initial visit just weeks ago. Tempted by the lure of a threesome with a sexy straight couple, Ken sheds his clothes and his inhibitions. Brendon promises him pussy, but gives him head. They start with a photo shoot and end with a photo finish! This furry stud has ONE gorgeous ass. It has the same rusty brown hair that covers his chest and slides down to his pecker. His prick goes up and never goes down till he shoots a sweet shot of jamba juice all over his tummy... Yummy!

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 15, 2017

Trace & Brendon

Trace is a workingman, tree trimmer, blue-collar dude. But if you look real close you'll see he's got a red neck... literally. That's from working in the sun, swinging his axe and felling trees. But the rest of him is white as snow and marble smooth. He's been in the studio before; check out ''Cream Dreams''. You're not likely to forget him and Brendon sure didn't. So when he came calling, we opened the door... WIDE. Trace hardly ever gets head from his girlfriend, so when Brendon wraps his mouth around that fat dick, he's in seventh heaven. A finger up the ass really gets this bronco buckin'. Feel the heat, cause this scene sizzles!

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 07, 2017

Ian Can't Stay Away From Brendon's Throat

For a guy who doesn't want his identity revealed, Ian sure has a funny way of hiding it. Naked, erect, rimmed and sucked in living color, Ian can no longer have any illusions that he won't be recognized. But we go along with his charade because he's so damned hot! Viking hot! Brendon loves a blonde. That fact has never been in question. Ian pushes all of Brendon's buttons, and we can see for ourselves that Brendon pushes right back. He tries to find a way to get that enormous dick down his throat. Brendon tries one way, then another, practically standing on his head to deep throat Ian's love muscle. This big straight stud can't seem to stay away from the studio. The door is always open mystery man!

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 02, 2017

Ken & Brendon

''I love makin' love'', comes straight out of the mouth of this sweet, sweet guy. Ken has what every woman wants; looks, heart, and soul. His reddish hair and tender nature combine to turn us on and say ahhhh at the same time. But he's here for porn, and Brendon can't wait to get him naked. That rusty colored hair covers his chest and dusts his melon cheeks too. His body is naturally toned and beautifully proportioned. This rugged guy doesn't shave his pubes, and that's a plus after all the city slickers we come across. Relax, and watch as Ken tugs one out, applying a finger to his ass as well. He lays a nice load of sperm jelly up onto his belly.

Like 'em Straight - Update

March 02, 2017

Chuck & Brendon

Some guys cower under the glare of the lights and the eye of the camera. Not Chuck! This self-professed nudist loves nothing more than taking it off and getting it on. Porn is a natural next step for him. His smile alone almost negates the need for our studio lights, but we want to be sure no shadow is cast on this beefy hunk. His un-cut dick stirs as he watches the straight porn, but Brendon's hand on the stick really lights him up. Watch as the maestro applies a little lube and a little friction and causes some real heat!

Like 'em Straight - Update

February 22, 2017

Ian & Brendon 2

It's hard to keep a good man down. It takes an even better man to get a cock this size down, but Ian is back and Brendon dominates. Somehow, he still thinks his silence will protect his identity. OK, whatever Dude. Meanwhile, a flask of whiskey helps him buck up his courage. We just love that hairy chest and monster tool. Brendon hits his personal jackpot with this blonde stud. Triple Sevens!! Given permission to make up the rules, Brendon does some serious idol worship. And just like a toddler, everything goes in his mouth. Plus, a finger finds its way up Ian's sweet ass. One man's kink is another man's pleasure. Enjoy.

Brought to you by Brendon Marley, the MASTER of straight guy seduction!

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