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Corbin Fisher - Update

June 13, 2018

Best Buds: Vance & Brodie

There are a lot of really close friendships that develop around here at CF, but it’s been a while since we’ve had two new guys who were already best buds when they started out with us. Vance and Brodie have known each other for over ten years and they’re roommates, and when they’ve been here they’ve been inseparable. Like all really close friends they’ve taken a few showers together, but they’ve never acted on their obvious mutual attraction - until now! These two actually look a lot alike - big, defined muscles developed from daily gym sessions together and just the right amount of scruff on those chiseled jaw lines of theirs - so they look great together.

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 11, 2018

Rocky & Kellan Unload

Video games are a nice, clean hobby, but at CF it’s an activity that always seems to end up sticky and messy, not that we’re complaining or anything. This time Kellan’s the instigator, when he discovers that the vibrating controller has an application that it probably wasn’t designed for and then feels compelled to jump Rocky’s bones. These two leave the joysticks behind and head on into the bedroom to play a much more exciting game! Kellan deep-throats Rocky’s huge cock like a pro, before Rocky chows down on his tight ass until he’s begging to be fucked!

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 09, 2018

Elian Makes Max's Morning

Muscular freshman Elian has spent the whole night getting poked in the ass by Max’s big dick, so when morning comes he’s in no mood to wait for Max to wake up on his own and he rips back the covers to swallow hyper-hung Max! There are few better things in the world than morning sex with Elian, who can best be described as a power versatile - the sort of guy who’s incredibly talented in every possible position he finds himself in. As Elian sucks on Max’s big dick, he’s rock hard and you can actually see his asshole quivering with anticipation of getting fucked!

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 07, 2018

Sawyer Tops Beau

The chemistry between Beau and newcomer Sawyer is intense and immediate; these two can’t seem to keep their hands or their mouths or their tongues or their teeth off of each other! Sawyer can’t get enough of Beau’s tight, ripped body, and we’ve never seen Beau more in love with a cock than he is with Sawyer’s big, thick monster. Beau gives Sawyer the blowjob to end all blowjobs, alternating between making sexy eye contact as he teases the head and letting out just the right amount of gagging noises as he deep-throats and slobbers all over Sawyer’s huge cock.

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 05, 2018

Elian & Rocky Flip Fuck

Rocky and Elian are both intensely talented in whatever position they end up, so we know they’re going to be in amazing every episode they star in, so this time it came down to an arm wrestling contest to decide who got fucked. As you can imagine, Elian’s massive arms gave him a huge advantage over lean Rocky and he easily defeated him twice - not that Rocky is at all broken up after this! Elian is a gracious winner, though, and eagerly goes down on Rocky’s big cock, getting up on all fours and presenting his luscious ass as he made eye contact with Rocky while giving him an expert blowjob!

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 03, 2018

Lane & Kellan

It’s always a big deal when a Dean’s List honoree returns, but it’s a special treat for us (and for Lane, and especially for you!) that The Upperclassman, Kellan, is back on campus! Kellan is intensely charming, endlessly handsome, and his absence has definitely made our hearts grow fonder. Kellan is just as eager dive back into things and he can’t keep his hands off of newbie Lane during our pre-scene interview. Kellan drops to his knees to give Lane an expert blowjob, which Lane is quick to turn into some good, old-fashioned throat fucking.

Corbin Fisher - Update

June 01, 2018

Zachary Rides Elian

Elian is a man who loves extremes. When he’s bottoming he likes to be fucked for all he’s worth and when he’s topping, he’s a dominant force of nature. Lucky for him and for us, Zachary is in an especially submissive mood and he thoroughly enjoys Elian bossing him around and fucking his throat - and that’s just the warm up! Elian eats Zachary out until he’s practically begging to be fucked, and then pounds him mercilessly. “Look at me, boy!” Elian demands, as he’s got Zachary bent over the couch and taking it nice and deep.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 30, 2018

Quinn Swallows Colt

Colt's been on a bit of a bottoming spree as of late, but I don't think anyone has a problem with that at all. Colt certainly doesn't mind, as he's taken quite a liking to it. One of the reasons Colt's become so popular is his eagerness to do any and everything he can to feel good and have fun. Over the years, we've certainly found some guys arrive at CF and are a bit hesitant to not only bottom, but make it obvious just how much they're enjoying it. They will try and hold back, and even come across as a bit reserved, as they're uncertain about all of the new sensations, and almost entirely certain they don't want to make it obvious they're enjoying those sensations.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 27, 2018

Max Plows Lane

Lane has certainly been feeling like the big man on campus lately, adding several notches to his bedpost, but he really hits the jackpot when he hooks up with Max, who’s eager to put him through his paces! These two smoking hot studs are horny and drooling at the thought of getting to make each other cum, and, as soon as the clothes come off, Max is on top of Lane rubbing his huge cock against Lane’s ass! Lane swallows as much as Max’s cock as he can, before Max takes control and starts pounding him silly.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 25, 2018

Devon Feeds Rocky

Rocky and Devon fit together like a key in a lock - both of them are sculpted and toned, but Devon is big and ripped, while Rocky has a taller, leaner build, so they look great together. Devon knows exactly what he wants, and after some intense making out he goes right to his knees to take Rocky’s huge cock down his throat. After a long, hot blowjob, Rocky chows down on the buffet that is Devon’s big, muscular ass, giving him an expert rimjob before plowing him senseless! Rocky gets Devon’s legs up on his shoulders and really goes to down, before bending him over the couch and railing him until he cums all over Devon’s hot ass.

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