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Corbin Fisher - Update

August 07, 2018

Beau & Elian Tag Dane

There’s nothing quite like being the center of attention between two hot studs, especially when it’s Beau and Elian. These two start by taking turns rimming Dane’s hot ass and sucking his thick cock, making out in between to share the taste of him. Then they make use of his sexy mouth while continuing to eat him out, until he’s begging for their cocks up his ass. Beau slides inside Dane first, while Dane gags on Elian’s big dick, while Beau and Elian hold hands to give him that true Eiffel Tower experience he was looking for. Dane’s rock hard as he takes a pounding from both ends, moaning as he slurps on Elian.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 05, 2018

Dick It Out

You’ve been clambering for a rematch between Max and Sawyer, so it’s only fitting that Sawyer’s CF bottoming debut is with Max and his huge cock! These two may look like complete opposites, but they have two things in common: big dicks and a love for rough, athletic sex! Sawyer doesn’t hesitate before getting down on his knees and giving Max a sloppy, wet blowjob. After gagging on Max’s cock for a while, Sawyer gets on his back and these two hung studs sixty-nine for their lives! Once these two are completely worked up, Sawyer climbs up on Max and sits on his massive member, taking a hard pounding just as well as he’s been dishing them out lately.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 03, 2018

Dane Tags Wesley

Dane loves anything with a board - surfing, skating, you name it. He also loves showing off, so he took Wesley with him to the skate park to see if Wesley would be able to catch him coming out of the half pipe. Wesley, being the talented soul that he is, was able to catch him in mid air, before the two of them went back to the house so that Wesley could catch Dane's whole pipe! Skating puns aside, these two have great chemistry because of how different they are physically, but also because of how well both of their laid-back personalities work together. That doesn't mean Dane's not going to push Wesley down on the bed, though!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 01, 2018

Dawson Feeds Colby

It's the perfect way to spend a Central American afternoon! Relaxing inside from the Costa Rican heat, Dawson and Colby start heating things up on the sofa. Colby's boyish face and ripped body are the perfect indoor playground for muscle stud Dawson! Colby gives himself fully to the muscled Adonis fucking him. Their bodies slap together in the afternoon heat, and the jungle birds chirp in the background. Dawson's passion builds until he can't hold back any more – and he feeds Colby a juice sweeter than any papaya! Enjoy your Bonus update from Pura Vida Collection.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 29, 2018

Sawyer Fills Up Dane

There are few sights hotter than seeing blue-eyed beauty Dane take almost all of Sawyer’s meaty cock down his throat, except perhaps seeing his tight ass getting split open by it! Dane’s on his knees and rock hard right from the start of this episode, and Sawyer’s a definite fan of that hot mouth of his. After getting his cock nice and wet, Sawyer pushes Dane down on the bed and eats his gorgeous ass out, tonguing it until the shorter guy is a mess of moans and whimpers. The noises only get more needy when Sawyer slides his monster right up inside Dane, dominating him with a hard fuck.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 27, 2018

Cum Everywhere

It’s a sunny day in the park and Elian is giving Beau some Spanish words - only the essentials, of course, like “awesome muscles,” “hot ass,” and “big cock.” These two All-Stars haven’t ever had the chance to hook-up, but the chemistry between them is instant. Beau is enthralled by Elian’s sexy accent and perfect muscles, and Elian can’t wait to have his way with Beau’s talented ass. One of Beau’s favorite pastimes is choking on a thick cock, so he’s in a state of bliss as Elian gags him with his amazing, uncut cock, and he can’t stop moaning when the younger stud gives his hairy ass a thorough rim job and then finally slides inside him!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 25, 2018

Cain Dives Into Connor

Cain and Connor take a break from the rest of the group and the Central American summer by hanging out at the pool. But cooling off only heats up these two buds even more! These two muscled gods enjoy each others' perfect bodies and big cocks under the bright tropical sun. Connor rides Cain's thick uncut cock both poolside and on a lounge chair. When Cain shoots, Connor swallows that load. They jump back in the pool to cool off again – but it might just make their temperature rise again! Enjoy the, Bonus update from Pura Vida Collection.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 17, 2018

Lachlan Paints Wesley

Lachlan is eager to hit the ground running with his CF education, so we’ve paired him up with Wesley to make sure that he’s in good hands. Wesley is more than happy to mentor this horny freshman, and Lachlan immediately falls in love with Wesley’s lean, muscular body and his talented tongue. After warming getting the star treatment from Wesley, Lachlan goes down on Wesley’s beautiful cock, before sliding inside that tight, hairy ass of his! Wesley is in heaven getting plowed by Lachlan, letting the toned stud have his way with him, as he eases into action here at Corbin Fisher.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 15, 2018

Max & Sawyer Cum Swap

This one is truly a clash of titans, when we let Sawyer and Max loose on each other! These two horse-hung studs are a study in contrasts - Max is smooth and clean-cut, and Sawyer’s ginger mane and beard give him a more rough-and-tumble look, but you know what they say about opposites attracting! Sawyer throws Max down onto the bed, before they begin to make out roughly. Sawyer gives Max a sloppy, wet blowjob, getting all of his big cock down his throat. Not to be outdone, Max deep throats Sawyer’s fat monster member, before taking it up his ass!

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 13, 2018

Sawyer Chills With Brady

You’re going to love watching Sawyer pound Brady’s tight ass with his fat cock. What starts as a little innocent cuddling in front of the TV quickly escalates to a rough, energetic fuck right there on the couch! These two don’t waste any time getting down to business, and soon the sound of Sawyer’s big balls slapping up against Brady’s taint fills the room. “Are you daddy’s boy?” Sawyer asks, with a firm slap to his ass. “Fuck yeah!” Brady moans. After fucking him doggy style, Sawyer gets Brady down on the floor and pile drives him until Brady’s poor hole can’t take it any longer, and he cums all over himself.

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