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Corbin Fisher - Update

August 24, 2016

Ryder's Double Load

When I asked them who’d prefer to top and bottom, they each had trouble deciding what they preferred, as they know that the other is well equipped to do either job - so a flip fuck it is!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 18, 2016

Dixon Works Out Tom

The CF gym sees many a work out, but they're usually not as hot, sweaty and wild as the one Tom and Dixon get in to here! It all proves to be too much for Tom, who gets caught off guard when his orgasm comes out of nowhere and he starts spraying the room with cum. Dixon then has Tom wailing and moaning as he fucks him with a furious pace before blasting Tom's hole with his load.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 17, 2016

Hugh Fucks Weston

The chemistry is through the roof! Hugh and Weston grind close and have some hot and intimate sex. Hugh’s topping skills are blowing Weston’s mind. He wonders why he didn’t just go for it sooner but is so glad that Hugh made the move. Neither are in a rush to cum, but with the intensity growing between them, it’s bound to happen! As soon as Hugh sees his friend’s white-hot nut he’s ready to blow!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 15, 2016

Kellan's Tag Team

Tom tells Kellan to sit on his dick and he pumps up into him before he hops up off him and onto Sebastian’s dick for a turn! Then it’s a free-for-all on Kellan, where the two take every hole! Sebastian’s the first to cum. Kellan adds his load as Tom fucks him - then gets a final drenching from Tom seconds after!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 14, 2016

Kent Takes Brayden

This video is about hard, raw sex - pure and simple! Kent eats out Brayden's smooth hole just long enough to get it slick with spit so he can slide his hard cock in to him. From that point on, it's Kent drilling Brayden while Brayden holds on for dear life and whimpers and moans non-stop!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 13, 2016

Nicholas Tops Luke

Luke teaches Nicholas about his favorite new past time, but Nicholas I more interested in poking something else! First his face, then his hot ass, flinging his balls against Luke as he goes as deep as possible. The fuck furiously and Luke doesn’t let him stop for a second, working that power-bottom on Nicholas’s swollen cock. Luke cums hard and it’s written all over his face. Then it’s all smiles and games for the rest of the day.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 10, 2016

Matt Dicks Kenny

When Matt picks up the pace, Kenny’ cries out. Underneath him Matt stares at his cock sliding in and out of Kenny’s hole. Switching to doggystyle, Matt starts slow but then speeds up and plows the full extent of his rod into Kenny! Taking full control, Matt lays Kenny down, drapes his leg over his shoulder and grips it to power drill Kenny until he cums. Kyle lays claim to Kenny’s hole - shooting his load into it and pushing in his seed with some final thrusts!

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 08, 2016

Jayden Gives It To Quinn

The blowjob he gives Jayden reminds us why he’s regarded as the best dick-sucker on campus! He comes up for an impassioned kiss and the whole time I’m staring at Jayden’s plump lips - which Quinn puts to use shortly thereafter! Quinn’s cock points straight up as Jayden crams his veiny rod up into him. Quinn rides Jayden and his rock hard cock slams into him as Jayden is overcome by the sensation and look of Quinn’s perfect ass.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 02, 2016

Luke Seeds Hugh

Hugh’s wonderfully toned body is on full display as he goes to work, grinding and sliding up and down Luke’s hard cock. Flipping to the side, the kissing continues. Luke changes the tempo around and it’s obvious that Hugh loves it. Luke fucks Hugh in doggy style and then they switch to missionary so that they can get the full view of their bodies and expressions.

Corbin Fisher - Update

July 31, 2016

Nash Unloads on Tom

The guys kiss and Tom Admires Nash’s chiseled body, cock, and hole! Nash sits on Tom’s face and Tom goes above and beyond in getting Nash rock hard and incredibly horny so that he’s ready to fuck - from above and below, he puts his mouth to work! It’s not like Tom wasn’t getting something out of it, and it’s clearly written all over his face while Nash has his way with his tight hole.

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