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Corbin Fisher - Update

April 17, 2018

Dane Submits to Elian

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and buddies Elian and Dane are relaxing in their sweatpants while playing video games together. Dane leans over to cover Elian’s eyes to prevent him from scoring, but he only succeeds in one sense - Elian puts his arm around Dane and then the two share that tell-tale look of two guys who have already fucked. Elian kisses Dane, and Dane’s hand goes to Elian’s massive, muscular thigh, before he ends up briefly on his knees before Elian simply picks him up and carries him upstairs like he weighs nothing! Elian doesn’t even bother disrobing Dane, he just pulls down his sweats and helps himself to the tasty snack that is Dane’s bubble butt.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 15, 2018

Barron & Brady Flip Fuck

What’s better than a little flip-flopping? Newbie Brady gets the lucky privilege of fooling around with veteran Barron. These two both have just the right amount of muscle and hair to pull off that sexy, scruffy look and they have instant chemistry together. After some mutual oral, Brady gets Barron’s legs in the air and dives right in to eat him out, alternating between tongue-fucking him and sucking his big dick. Once Brady has Barron nice and loosened up, he slips his nice cock inside him all the way to the hilt, to deal out a long, sensual fuck.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 13, 2018

Thomas Takes Conrad

You can never have too much of a good thing, and in this scene that thing is lean, hairy muscle! Conrad and Thomas look pretty similar, with their dark hair, scruff, and big dicks, and this similarity works so well when they’re paired together. Both of them look great as they make out and suck on each other’s necks, before Conrad drops to his knees and gives Thomas’s dick and balls the attention they deserve. As much as Thomas likes having Conrad’s talented lips and tongue on his member, he’s not going to waste an opportunity to suck Conrad’s notoriously-thick, uncut cock, letting Conrad fuck his face on the bed.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 08, 2018

Dane, Elian & Rocky Fuck Around

It’s past time that we’ve had us a good old-fashioned three-way here at CF, and Elian, Rocky, and Dane are eager to please! Dane is quick to point out that Rocky and Elian have nice dicks and is even quicker to get on his knees and suck them both with such enthusiasm that it’s a wonder the two of them didn’t blow a load right there! Elian is more than eager to get another taste of Dane’s hot, tight ass, while Rocky sucks off his thick cock, before Dane fucks Elian’s mouth while fingering himself!

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 06, 2018

Quinn Feeds Tyler

We've seen Quinn get fucked like a champ on numerous occasions, so episodes like this are always a welcome reminder of how great a top he can be. Quinn has to be one of the most sexual guys at CF, and that's a big part of what makes him so hot to watch while he's getting fucked. His sexual energy and enthusiasm are just as evident and just as strong when he's on top, though - not to mention the fact that he has himself a big, thick dick that was made to plow some fellow CF stud hole! While he could be one of the more shy and quiet types at CF, Tyler is anything but while he's on the receiving end of an energetic fuck from Quinn here.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 04, 2018

Barron Blows Timothy

Timothy’s in for a special treat today - or is it Barron that’s in for a special treat? It’s hard to say. This is Timothy’s first oral experience with another guy, and his huge, hard cock is definitely ready for it. For his part, Barron can’t help but gasp when he gets on his knees and Timothy’s massive cock flops out in front of him. We hope that you’re ready for some cock worship, because Barron’s considerable talents are only matched by Timothy’s willingness to fully use his hot mouth. These two keep eye contact as Timothy relishes in this new experience.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 02, 2018

Colt Pounds Barron

Barron and Colt both have big cocks and a lot of muscle, so you know that when we wind these two up and let them go, sparks will fly. Colt sucks Barron off, before taking full advantage of Barron’s hot mouth, face fucking him and slapping him in the face with his dick, before he bends him over and slides right into his tight ass. After a long hard fuck, Barron waits with his tongue out and mouth open, eager to swallow Colt’s hot load, and Colt manages to hit Barron right in the face while still down between his legs!

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 31, 2018

Elian & Troy Hook Up

Elian is quickly becoming one of our rising stars here at CF and one of the things we love about him is how willing and eager he is to be both a dominant top and a power bottom, depending on who he’s paired with. In this scene, watching his big cock slap up against his abs while he rides Troy is a sight to behold - he loves every second of getting pounded and seems like he’s on the edge the whole time! For his part, Troy, our All-American football jock, knows how to show a guy a good time and really plows hot, Latin stud Elian all over the bed until they’re both covered in hot cum.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 29, 2018

Max Dicks Rocky

Max and Rocky are both lean, muscular, hung, and down to fuck! Rocky is eager to get on his knees and suck Max’s big dick, before Max shows off his deep-throating skills and swallows Rocky down to the root! As tasty as Rocky’s thick cock is, Max can’t resist diving in and eating out his tight ass, until Rocky’s wet, needy, and ready for a hard fuck. Max pushes his massive cock all the way inside him and takes him straight to pound town, first on his back, and then bent over the bed so that he can get it in as deep as possible, much to Rocky’s moaning delight.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 27, 2018

Elian Rides Colt

Colt and Elian are on each other the second the camera’s start rolling. We’re not just talking some idle pecks either - their chemistry is intense from the go as they make out and rub on each other’s strong bodies. Colt is impressed by Elian’s cock and treats it to a good dick sucking. Watching Colt gobble down Elian’s girth, I’m reminded that Colt isn’t just a powerhouse top, but a guy that can also give cock the royal treatment! Then it’s Elian’s turn. Colt expects nothing but the best after the quality work he gave to the freshman - and Elian is determined to not disappoint! Boy does this hunk look amazing with a thick throbbing dick in his mouth!

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